Last Friday night some good friends came over to hang out and play board games. They brought one of the yummiest cakes I have ever enjoyed! She was recently diagnosed with celiac disease and has been having a crazy go of it. So this cake was gluten and dairy free and the only sugar was in the form of maple syrup. Yet it was still two layers with chocolate ganache in the middle and a chocolate frosting. Yummy!

Celebrating a birthday with cake and candles never gets old. I wouldn’t have ever thought to do that, but I’m so grateful for my buddy who did!

Our favorite games are: Cards Against Humanity, Settlers of Catan, Dominion, and Mario Party on the Wii.

I’m thankful for good friends, yummy food, and our random Friday night board game sessions.

I’d bet the recipe is very similar to this, though without coconut sugar and subbing maple syrup for honey.


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