Warp Speed

It feels like days are flying by. Here’s the low-down for the past few. I’m trying out some new skins for WordPress. I hope you like the new style.

We went for a walk yesterday. I’m obsessing about purple and greens. Like these beauties.

No news on Eric’s test results. Still waiting…

I got a physical at the doctor–it’d been a few years. I am totally healthy, which is something to celebrate. The doctor did say I could stand to lose 10 pounds. So far so good. We joined a gym and I’ve made it to two 5:50 am classes so far. Eric and I go two nights a week too. Here’s a delicious salad I made. Eric is being a sport. It means he’s lost his nightly wine-buddy.

We purchased our first Christmas tree today. It is a wee thing. Here’s the trimmings. We hope to get it up soon. I realize that is WAY early, but I’m beyond excited. We’ve never really had room for a tree before. We chose a blue theme.

An added bonus is the fact that we have a fireplace and mantle! Here’s the current look. I hope to make it festive too!

Jill created a Flicker group for our photos with the draft a long. I will post my progress later this evening. I plan to spend the rest of the day (it is already 3:30!!) drafting and working on sketches to apply for graduate school. I also want to use them in a portfolio I intend to send blindly to a few fashion companies around here. I’m not sure if I’ll do the school thing, but I do want to have everything ready so I can.

If you need a laugh, check out Cute Overload. I don’t think I can repeat this video too many times. Amazing.


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  1. I learned a trick when working at a gift shop in Minnesota: When decorating a tree use 10 times as many lights as you need to make your tree look bigger, brighter, to hide any flaws (not a problem with a new tree, but maybe in the future), or to disguise the fact that there aren’t a whole lot of branches (depends on the tree). The first time we had a tree that was bigger than 2 feet tall, I used 1200 lights. No joke. The tree was used and damaged on one side and the branches were sparce. Sure couldn’t tell when it was glowing. It lit up the whole room. We bought a tree after that Christmas was over to have for this house. It is a much too large tree, but I didn’t realize that at the time. Last year I used over 3000 lights. The tree looked amazing! I can’t wait for Advent (We meshed traditions for Christmas: David brought his tradition of decorating on the first day of Advent to our marriage)!! It is time consuming, but totally worth it!! And lights are cheap!

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