Well, Mr. Man is growing like a weed. He’s been in the “big boy” carseat for over a month. We’re venturing into size 4 diapers! He eats three large meals of solids daily. And he’s been on the cusp of crawling for weeks. He’s been great about showing us what’s up with baby-proofing. The rug I found for his room, visible here, got the boot because he sits and pulls it apart. Little bugger.

StylingThis photo is from early May. We were window shopping at Baby Gap. I love their stuff, but not their prices! Maybe he can get into modeling for them?

In other news, I’ve ventured into cutting my own hair. I’ve wanted to for a while now, but have been a bit of chicken. I have a friend that cut and maintains her own pixie cut. She coached me and it worked out way better than I expected. And it is a cute style that suits me. Yay. Double win!

The summer visitors (aka grandmas and grandpas) are lined up and ready for visits. Swimming “lessons” are coming up and we’re in the process of checking out a few baby gyms because Mr. Man has so much energy!! We’ve started going for runs once or twice a week, usually if he wakes up extra early. I can’t say enough about my lovely gifted Bob stroller. It is so awesome. I think it might be nicer than our car! I’m finally venturing back into pre-pregnancy clothing and it feels great. Though, I hate how darn long these things take.

I’m working on these cute things for Mr. Man.

Yesterday, Eric spoke to a group about how much the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society has done for us and to encourage fundraising. Mr. Man and I went to support him. Eric held the babe for the rest of the event (about 30-45 minutes). He acknowledged that he finally gets what I’ve been saying about church being difficult with a little man. Mr. Man is pretty darn well behaved, but there is no way he wants to sit still for an hour plus. I’m thankful for a playroom that he can “talk” and tool around in. But hearing and absorbing a sermon doesn’t work well. Thank goodness for podcasts.

I’m still trying to get a hang on doing stuff during naps besides collapsing on the couch in exhausting and whimpering when nap time ends up being super short (30 minutes). Eric’s mom laughs and says, “Yep sounds like Eric.”

Here’s some photo goodness.


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