Here is a photo of one of Eric’s delicious creations this week. He grilled NY Strip Steak, made a curry sauce with Splenda, yellow curry, and soy milk, and added crisp French green beans on top. Yum.

Here’s what the sewing room looked like right before Eric video-taped me sewing. He is planning a Nooma-inspired video for the Wednesday Advent services. I’ll try to post it once the video is finished or after the advent service.

There was a birthday today. So I wrapped up one of those chocolate bars. Yum!

Lastly, I finished my draft. Here’s me taking self-portraits while standing on our bathtub. The skirt is a bit difficult to make out since it is flesh-colored.

I didn’t iron so… But I think it’ll work. I

Also, we finally got Eric’s test results in. They are better than July’s. So we’re celebrating. It is so difficult though. He earned a black belt at 16, and was a varsity wrestler, so he is no stranger to working hard. Yet, he gets winded so quickly when we work out together. It is hard to see how weak his body has gotten. Also, he gets sick a little over half of the time he eats. Which is difficult for him. It is hard to watch. And, when we’re out socially it is difficult to explain that to others.  Sigh.


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One thought on “Updates”

  1. That food looks delicious!

    Great job on getting the skirt done! Go Katy! I’ve been bad once again and have not met our goal, still sewing purses for my upcoming show. I’m going to try and fit it in over the weekend. I promise to get going on it soon!

    I’m glad Eric’s test results came back better than July, it must be so hard for you two. My Aunt is in the advance stages of scleroderma, it’s been so hard to watch her. She can’t hold down food at all now. My thoughts are with you guys 🙂

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