Uh Oh

Here is what happens when the hubby puts on a bit of weight (which he needed to) and I don’t bother to take measurements or do a muslin before cutting a pattern out.
Looking Good
I finished attaching the front pocket and basting it last night. I knew I’d probably have to throw some fabric on the edges (tuxedo-style) to make them fit. Here they are on top of a pair of shorts that fit him well.
Not so good
Did you see how well I matched up the plaids and everything?? They look a little long too, because hubby has short legs. I think I’ll shelve this project for now, since Fall is approaching quickly. At least it’ll be a quick project to finish in the Spring!

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2 thoughts on “Uh Oh”

  1. You can always shorten the length!!
    But… the waistline/size is pretty funny (I say that with lots of love!).
    But they look good – you’re awesome at matching the plaids!! Wow!
    I can’t even do that in a quilt! haha

    Good job, KT!

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