Today a little man turns two and I start my third year of motherhood. Weird.

I’m amazed each day that we make it through. Some days are full of fun and giggles and some days it feels like all I do is say, “no, no, NO!”

I’m amazed at how much harder changes are for me than him. Here’s a photo of him enjoying his first carnival ride. Mom had to stay behind the gate. He was totally fine.


I’m amazed at his memory. He knows when we are driving past or towards the usual stops: his sitter’s house, his friends’ homes, the park, church. And if we even slightly go in the direction of In-N-Out he starts chanting “double, double and french fries, please!” We probably go once a month so I’m not sure how that started!

He knows which stores pass out stickers and asks for them: Trader Joe’s, In-N-Out, and once at Luckys.

I’m much more grateful for my mama and family. Every bit of help is so appreciated and, wow, does it take a village.

I can look at him one minute and he seems so grown up, then the next minute he is dragging around his bunny lovey and he’s just a wee thing.


The days are long, but man, oh man, are the years short.

Happy Birthday, buddy! Today we’re celebrating with an Elmo helium balloon and some In-N-Out after your two year check up later this week. I am loving the simplicity of our celebration this year and can’t wait to experience the joy those things will bring you.

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