Soaking Up Saturday

Eric has practice weekend for his triathlon. Which left me car-less and home alone for the weekend. Friday afternoon, I set up a pedicure date with a friend. A few more people decided to come and then we went browsing at the local Home Goods/TJ Maxx. It was a lot of fun. I got home and worked on ripping up some thrifted T-shirts. It only took a year, but I’m finally delving into my Alabama Stitch book projects! That and I am overdue on several baby gifts. Pun not intended, but then lefted left because it is pretty cute. 🙂 As in I have ten babies to get something too!! Thankfully, three are due in May or after. But five of them are from seminary friends, and I’d like to get those wrapped up before we head up to St. Louis!!

I’m also trying to get that darned denim skirt finished. Which I am super excited about, but I always get wrapped up in the next project before finishing the first one. Can any of you relate?? Lastly, I’m working on Eric’s stole for his ordination. I think it is a bit odd that I work on multiple things at once, but realize I do that in a lot of areas–books I read, projects for work, etc.

Here are some stole examples from the church,
and my material laid out.

So in keeping up with my multiple project routine, I’ve been working on other things this morning too, like Finny and Donk’s Craft-a-long. I’ve never participated before, but was very interested in finding a good pizza dough recipe. I’ve tried one other recipe and it was not good.

100_0645Here’s my dough rising.

Since I was in the kitchen anyways and had tomatoes that were rapidly expiring, I also decided to try my hand at this tomato sauce. I switched it up a bit by roasting onions too, and adding minced garlic to the tomato tops. I didn’t have any basil either, but it was still REALLY good.


Roasting in the oven.


The sauce mixed. I improvised with a blender.
Makes me wonder how much food dye is in the sauces I buy!

So after a bit of waiting for the dough to finish rising, here’s my pizza cooking. I added some frozen veggies–I love the Hodge Podge mix from Trader Joe’s and a bit of shaved parmesan and fat free feta in addition to some cheddar jack cheese.


All finished and out of the oven!


Finally dished up! The crust was so crunchy compared to our usual pizza dough. Very good indeed!


This was only a quarter of the dough. So I froze half and am saving the other quarter for post-church pizza tomorrow!

In other news, I went to run club yesterday morning. I was supposed to meet a friend there, but she had to cancel last minute because her daughter kept her up most of the night. We ran 2 miles, did drills mostly involving sprints for about 20 minutes and ran back. My legs started to feel it last night. That continued into today. I was going to get up and walk to the gym (a mere 2 miles each way) for a 7:30 am Group Power class, but because of Scotch’s night time antics and my legs feeling like they might fall off, I skipped out. Do you have any weight lifting resources that you like to use? I like the Group Power class, but the timing is so inconvenient for me.

Here are my gorgeous flowers, still happily blooming even after Scotch’s loving.



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