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Well. I’m figuring out how to upload images. I thought I was pretty computer saavy, but I did my fair share of swearing. Geez. Here are some photos of what my sewing space looked like yesterday. In one day a few changes have been made. First, the lovely laptop has been hijacked by my dear hubby. He is a graduate student and his died last weekend. So he’ll use mine during class, and I get it during the evenings. I offered it to him, so don’t feel too sorry for me. Secondly, the small desk, which is actually a tv stand is moving. I will trade it with my dear hubby for the old table he’s using. It’ll probably multiply my workspace by four! Yippee. Hopefully, later tonight you’ll see images of what I’m working on… I still haven’t sewed yet, but I have every intention to sew. 🙂
sewing-space.jpg more-sewing-space.jpg

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