I made the pee pee tee pees. They were so easy and fun I may make more!! I haven’t yet started on the baby shoes, but I think serging them will make things easier.

Yesterday when I left work it was cold and rainy. I’m not ready for fall, yet. I’ll never be ready. I’ve decided one of my projects for fall. I hope to make some pants (either jeans or khakis) and fully line them in flannel! Nice and snuggly!!

I found out today I will be going to NYC in January. Hopefully, I will have sewn through my stash from the last NYC trip so I can go fabric shopping again!!

Here are some photos of the projects!! There are 5 tee pees in each and a bag to store dirty/wet ones and wash them in! Enjoy

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4 thoughts on “Sewing!!”

  1. hi,
    i am wanting to make the pee pee tee pees. how did you make them? can you give me instructions/ possibly a pattern?
    thanks, cristy

  2. What I did was use a protractor to make a circle. I cut the circle in half and use a half a circle for each “geyser cover”. I’ve created my own name, just in case there is a trademark issue. I used my serger to serge the “cone” together, then I serged around the bottom. Let me know if pictures would help.

  3. did you use regular wieght flannel? also did you put the seam on the inside or outside? do you know if the ones that are mass marketed are single or double layer of fabric? maybe a close up picture of one would help. making them for my sister who’s due at christmas. thanks so much!!

  4. I used a scrap of loosely woven cotton. I think regular weight flannel would work fine. If you have doubt, you could always buy a scrap of material to try. I serged the seam and then turned the serged seam to the inside. If you are sewing it, I’d recommend using a zigzag stitch and overlapping the edges, so there isn’t a seam allowance. I’m not sure if it would matter, but it could always rub and cause irritation. I think the mass marketed ones are double layered, but I am not sure of that. Hope they work well for you. It’ll be a few days before I can post a closer-up photo. Good luck!

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