Eric’s ordination is coming up quickly. Less than a month, now. The stole is finished!

Now I’m thinking about sewing for myself. Since a lot of Eric’s family will be in town for the event, we’re going to take some family photos. I’ve asked everyone to wear a white shirt and denim or khaki bottoms to a party being hosted on Saturday evening. Ordination is on Sunday. Since my denim skirt is all but sewn, I’ve got bottoms and am thinking I might be able to make a top out of this Italian shirting I bought a while back. I’m debating if it is has too much color, but since I made the photo “rules” up, I can break them, right?


Here’s my sketch. I’m still undecided on sleeves. and how tight this will be–i.e. if it will slip over my head or need a closure.


I hope to knock this out this weekend so I can get started on the dress I will wear next week. Here’s the material I hope to use on the dress. The lace is from Paris! I’ve been hanging onto it to use on something special. It was 50-100 Euro a meter! My mom and I picked it out when I was there in 2003.




Sake decided to sit on the fabric this morning. Lovely, and such smugness. I gently removed her and draped the fabric over the chair. The last thing I need is a snag caused by cat toe-nails.


Scotch wanted his photo taken too. It is only fair, right? He is enjoying the gorgeous day and our opened door.  I’m still working on ideas for the dress. I may use the lace as an accent or as a sheer top over the dress. We’ll see. Here’s where my sketching has taken me so far. I’m not really loving anything, but know it is a start.


In other news, I picked up the most recent edition of Stitch. It is not as good as the first edition. The dress patterns they share are okay at best and one photo/dress looks downright awful in the magazine styling. Ew!

I’m still feeling off today, but have heard the 24-hour flu is making its rounds at our school. Yippee. I don’t feel THAT bad, just off. I think my three-hour afternoon nap today is helping head in the right direction.


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