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I had a brief layover in LA. I almost wrote El Lay–note to self, I need to abstain from Yikes! So I was in LA and got to spend a few hours at the Road to California quilt show. I made one purchase. It wasn’t much. And it was at the first booth we checked out. Funny how you just know.

Usually I’m a bit more  indecisive. Like with what classes I’ll take this spring–the semester has already started–but my undecided class hasn’t. Yep, I’m potentially one of those people holding a spot in a class you really want–when I can’t make up my mind if I actually want it myself. Le sigh. A friend offered the following advice for decision making.

Write down the pros and cons… throw it out and go with your heart!

I think my indecisiveness in this situation is based on my full schedule and the very vague class description. The information would be great–details on constructing pants. But how many pants am I really going to make? Really? I can think of two–one a vintage reproduction pattern I got for my birthday! And maybe making a pattern off of some of the pants that I have loved to death–or at least worn holes in–from my closet.

I have a problem with tangents too.

What I purchased was a bag of dried lavender and some colorful some fabric scraps. Add to that some rice, and a few stitches and I made a super-quick lavender sachet. I used the postcard they threw in the bag as a make-shift funnel.

I love it. Such a fun, and really great smelling trinket. I can’t wait to get one made for my own lingerie drawer, or to use a paperweight–or even a pin cushion. They are awfully pretty to just hide in a drawer.

In honor of a friend’s wedding today, I’ll make one in a brightly printed fabric and send it to a reader. To enter, just leave a comment and I’ll draw one winner on Wednesday, January 27.



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  1. Katy, I love your sachet. I’m glad you had a good time at the show. Did you run into Karen Groves? I really want to Skype sometime soon. Hopefully Monday?

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