October 14

Well, it came again, October 14. My birthday. The celebration is shadowed in the fact that 2 years ago on this day my hubby was diagnosed with leukemia. Thankfully, he is in remission, but October 14 has forever been tarnished. I’m thinking I’ll start celebrating on another day–any suggestions?

Happy Cancer-iversary baby!

Squash Souffle

I found a recipe for Squash Souffle in the newspaper. Since I picked up a squash several weeks ago at the supermarket–I love fall–and my dear hubby didn’t know what to do with it–he generally cooks (I’m spoiled)–I suggested souffle. Since we don’t have souffle cups and don’t really want to buy any more kitchen crap for our tiny apartment, we’re improvising. It smells amazing. A photo will come soon!! And if it is really good, I’ll include the recipe. Yum!!

We decided against a photo–it isn’t the prettiest thing. Think twice baked potatoes. Here’s the recipe. It was tasty!


I tried to come up with a title for a bit, I’m out of ideas so I figured I just start catching you up on what I’ve been doing. On another blog I found this link. I can really feel this right now. I love how it is clothing, wearable, but absolutely creative. And something I could eyeball. I know patterns have a purpose, I’m just feeling a like drawing outside of the lines right now. So hopefully, I can work on a shawl (read: square or rectangle) or something similarly silhouette-less and work on the embellishment and embroidery. I miss the raw fun in creating. If it turns out to a wearable design great, if it doesn’t still great because it is an expression of me. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. I realize this is still vague, but I’m feeling very much more accomplished than with my last entry.

In other news, for my birthday I’ll be getting a site make-over. It maybe a bit belated because my hubby is in school right now and has 2 papers due Friday and tests and assignments coming every-which way. But hopefully soon it’ll be revamped and more KatyRenee style.

Also, I just e-mailed a solicited (as in requested) article to Fashion Incubator. I’ll keep you posted when it goes up!

Peace and Love
^-^ (this is not original, but I love the little kitty ears)


I pulled out three different projects and was not interested in any of them. One was Eric’s shorts, one was a simple short, short sleeved shirt, and the last was a Vogue dress. Both Eric’s shorts and the dress are Vogue, so they are a little more complicated. That and the first thing I needed to do on the dress is press some darts. Well, that means getting my ironing board out, then my iron. Setting it up, sweating a good deal–I always get hot when I sew. I’m not sure why. So I passed. Then the shirt is okay, but I cut it out last summer. It is even serged. The problem is it needs two tiny pieces of interfacing which also require the iron. Did I mention Sake runs and hides for a long time whenever I get the iron out? She hates the noise of the board going up. Scotch didn’t cooperate either. He laid on the directions.
So, I organized some of the vintage patterns I purchased. The lady said there were 800, I haven’t counted, but there are a lot! I’m hoping to sell them slowly on etsy eventually. But that’s not a super-huge priority. There are several people I’d like to share these jewels with first.
I love this simple shirt. This pattern’s copyright date is 1953. One of my parents is younger than that, one is older. So this pattern is ancient! Just teasing!
I bought several pieces of material when I was in NYC in July. For some reason, I keep telling myself I have to finish the things I started first, then use the new material. I think that rule is going out the window. I bought a nice blue and white silk shirting that I’m thinking might work well for this.
I love the one with the the 3/4 length sleeves. I pulled out the pieces to see what they look like. It is amazing to see how much patterns have changed in the past 54 years! Can you believe this pattern is that old? That’s amazing. It is like touching history. The hubby thinks this style is super-contemporary for 1953.
First the instructions are short.
Next the pattern pieces have no printing. They have cut outs labeling them and showing the seam allowance!
I’m thinking this may be a bit ambitious for my first sewing project back in a while. So, I may continue to fiddle with what I already have started. Time will tell. How do you get going when you get “stuck?”
*Disregard the watermarks on the images. The hubby edited them with a trial software. Once we realized they were watermarked, it was too late to worry about it.

Uh Oh

Here is what happens when the hubby puts on a bit of weight (which he needed to) and I don’t bother to take measurements or do a muslin before cutting a pattern out.
Looking Good
I finished attaching the front pocket and basting it last night. I knew I’d probably have to throw some fabric on the edges (tuxedo-style) to make them fit. Here they are on top of a pair of shorts that fit him well.
Not so good
Did you see how well I matched up the plaids and everything?? They look a little long too, because hubby has short legs. I think I’ll shelve this project for now, since Fall is approaching quickly. At least it’ll be a quick project to finish in the Spring!

Sewing Space

Well. I’m figuring out how to upload images. I thought I was pretty computer saavy, but I did my fair share of swearing. Geez. Here are some photos of what my sewing space looked like yesterday. In one day a few changes have been made. First, the lovely laptop has been hijacked by my dear hubby. He is a graduate student and his died last weekend. So he’ll use mine during class, and I get it during the evenings. I offered it to him, so don’t feel too sorry for me. Secondly, the small desk, which is actually a tv stand is moving. I will trade it with my dear hubby for the old table he’s using. It’ll probably multiply my workspace by four! Yippee. Hopefully, later tonight you’ll see images of what I’m working on… I still haven’t sewed yet, but I have every intention to sew. 🙂
sewing-space.jpg more-sewing-space.jpg


What is a girl to do with a bunch of patterns? I have images of vintage garments running through my head. And really awesome Christmas gifts too. For now, they just sit in plastic bags dying to be used again.
Meanwhile, I’ve also managed to organize my projects. Thankfully I work for a catalogue that sells bedding among other things. Bedding bags work wonderfully to contain project. Projects and Helpers
My sewing helpers Scotch, above, and Sake, below, are helping me out. Looks lovely doesn’t it? It is totally a procrastination method. As long as I move things about back and forth it looks like I’ve done something. Silly Katy.