Warm Weekend

I don’t know what the weather is like in your neck of the woods, but in St. Louis it is gorgeous. Today was in the high 60s/low 70s. So I took advantage of the weather and went running. My legs are complaining today!
I bought the coolest pair of denim slacks yesterday. I have visions of using them to create some baby blue ones with sailor type buttons and some light khaki denim ones. I’ll be working on designs and muslins tonight and have pictures for y’all tomorrow.
In the photo department, I took some pics of me trying on pants. I love the pocket detailing. The pants didn’t make it in my bag, but I plan on incorporating some unique designs like these!
11.jpg and a close-up 2.jpg
Also, I’ve been cooking. I made up a recipe–so don’t ask for too many details. I cut up a few onions, mushrooms, and carrots and put them in the pot with some olive oil and cooked that for a bit. Then, I added a dab of chicken stock and lots of water, a can of black beans, and some frozen artichoke tortellini. Nothing else. It cooked for a bit. Here’s the result. Yummy!!
I also took, downloaded, and exported these images all by myself. I’m proud!

1st Pics

Hi all. I just downloaded my first batch of pics. Not nearly as interesting as I originally remembered, but hey. It is a start!

I organized on Sunday. Now our house is spic and span and we started off the New Year right… Didn’t we? Okay so deciding none of the images I took were worth the effort to upload and since Eric, my IT guy aka hubby, isn’t around to help me figure out how resize the image in iPhoto–am I dumb?**added 1/4–Turns out I’m not so dumb. You have to do it when you export the photos.** There will be no photos. But I promise. Soon.

Also, went to the library today for the 5 or 6th time since November–it is my new addiction. I think I may be a snob or something. I went to pick them up–4–yes, I may not read them all the way through, but I couldn’t decide and the guy behind the counter was not exactly cordial. I’m keeping him in a job, right? Or am I checking out books other people want to? Or is it because I requested them online so I didn’t have to traipse all over to collect them and could instead just walk to the desk. Sigh. I think I take things way to personally. Welcome to my world.


Project Blogway?

I ran across an awesome idea via Final Fashion. Anyone else interested in a swap of sorts–and not the “sewing with a plan” variety of swap. I already have one item on the docket–a cute baby shower skirt for the most consistently stylish person I know. Her website will be up in final form soon–her goal is Feb. 1, but for now, go check it out. So if anyone else is game, I am up for a February project. How fun is this?

Also, I got my very own stylish digital camera for Christmas so more photos of my stuff will be up soon. I think I’m off the baby present kick–until all my gal pals plan for number 2!

I cut out the first muslin–fabric sample–of my dressform. It is a bit large, but it is a huge step and hopefully I’ll be stitching up the final soon! Fun, fun!



I always think what I want to write is silly, stupid, or doesn’t matter. But hey, if my blog ends up being only a journal for me–great. If someone else finds value in it as well, even better. I cannot believe my last post was Nov. 2. Opps! I have been slightly busy, but not THAT busy.
I requested a library card. It is awesome. Why oh why have I forgotten how awesome libraries are? I want to look at a weight-loss book, bingo. Check it out. That saves me at least $20, fairly frequently. What was I thinking going out and buying books willy-nilly? Crazy Katy! I recently read The Collection . Since I’ve interned at a haute couture house, I could relate, slightly. I hate how mis-treated people can be, and why do women always get sexually abused in novels? Does this make for entertainment? Not in my book. Maybe I should put my story to paper–we’ll see. 😉


Hey All! I am alive!! No photos today, but I promise them sometime this weekend!! Tomorrow will be busy. I am going to training for volunteering at a women’s homeless shelter. I hope I can handle it. I’m a little nervous–I’m not exactly the most assertive person.
I found the most amazing site yesterday. The Daily Plate. You sign up and it use it to track your calorie intake, and usage. It is awesome! Hopefully it’ll help me get back on the wagon.
Tonight Eric and I worked on creating a duct tape dress form. I was saving to buy a nice dress form, but $500-$1000 is a lot of money if I can make one. It needs a bit of tweaking, but hopefully I’ll have it in working order soon. Here is the information I used to create the dress form. Enjoy!!

Good News

Hi all:

I finished most of my “to-do’s” and “want-to-do’s” last week. Hopefully I’ll get some photos taken so you can see quite possibly the cutest baby shoes ever!! I’ll be sending them out soon! So if you don’t get a pair and would like one, please send me your address!!

Another drug to fight Eric’s leukemia has been approved! Essentially at some point, his body will no longer respond to medication he is currently on. So now there are 2 other options instead of just one. After he gets through all of the drugs, a bone-marrow transplant is an option, but it is very risky!

I’m debating whether or not to participate in a Team in Training Event this Fall or next Summer. Are you all donated out or can I count on you for more donations for leukemia research? Let me know!

Much Love,
Katy ^-^


I made the pee pee tee pees. They were so easy and fun I may make more!! I haven’t yet started on the baby shoes, but I think serging them will make things easier.

Yesterday when I left work it was cold and rainy. I’m not ready for fall, yet. I’ll never be ready. I’ve decided one of my projects for fall. I hope to make some pants (either jeans or khakis) and fully line them in flannel! Nice and snuggly!!

I found out today I will be going to NYC in January. Hopefully, I will have sewn through my stash from the last NYC trip so I can go fabric shopping again!!

Here are some photos of the projects!! There are 5 tee pees in each and a bag to store dirty/wet ones and wash them in! Enjoy


Hi all. Another week, can you believe it? My article was posted on Fashion-Incubator. It is great fun to share that part of my life with all. Let me know if you have any questions!

I have a goal for this week–well several!

  1. I hope to finish/start some baby gifts. I have 3 in mind with a 4th on hold. They include: baby shoes. This link is just one there are several available on line. The other two are Pee Pee Tee Pees because I’ve been informed it can only help. I better hurry before those babies get too big!! Also I have a since of humor! The one on hold is a baby outfit of some sort for children of some friends (we tend to hang out with an older crowd–maybe because we are so mature)! They are adopting a little girl from Ethiopia, so I am hoping to incorporate some traditional designs. The problem is they don’t yet know when she may arrive, hopefully by Christmas, and what her age is, it could be from 0 months-1 year.
  2. Tomorrow and the following Monday, I am meeting with a group of wives at my husband’s graduate school. They have all recently moved, some young and newly married, some older with kids out of the house. I hated my transition. I couldn’t find a job, my husband was diagnosed with leukemia, our cat that was under 2 died. It just sucked. So I hoping to sit and encourage other people that things can get better, and they are not alone!
  3. I bought a nice stash of fabric in July in NYC for fall/winter sewing. None of it has been used. I want to plan the garments and draft patterns, or use store-bought in essence creating a line. I’d like to pre-wash any fabric–remember that involves a laundromat, and sketch out my line–which can be modified once I start by next Sunday!!

I think that is enough to-dos. They are more want-to-dos which makes getting them done a lot easier!! I still need to figure out my sewing room. We didn’t switch desks and I feel really cramped. There has to be a solution!! Also, much love to my parents. We enjoyed their visit this weekend and the weather was gorgeous!!

Peace and love,


Well Eric (I’m tired of writing hubby and I think using his name won’t affect his privacy too much!) and I walked down the street to Jilly’s Cupcake Bar for lunch. I love living “in the city” close enough to walk to places!!
Eric had the three-cheese quesadilla and I had a spinach salad with shredded chicken, pickled onions, feta, walnuts, and blueberries with the dressing on the side (mango sesame seed). Yum!! The first thing we noticed was on a sign on the register. “We don’t accept tips, however we do accept donations to Siteman Cancer Center.” Eric visited Siteman with the entire family, mom, dad, his parents, and me to discuss a bone marrow transplant with the doctor that helped create Gleevec the drug he is taking. It was a nice facility, but a major-emotional visit. At that time they told us point blank, you won’t be able to have children. Since then research has shown it can be possible, so we may be able to. We’re not quite ready to start a family, but at least that is now in the realm of possibility.
Back to Jilly’s. Of course we tipped (donated) generously. Then out came the story that Eric’s 2 year cancer-versary is today as well as my birthday. They said we could both have cupcakes. Eric chose Bee Sting-vanilla, with honey curd, and lemon–delish!! I chose S’murtle– chocolate with chocolate and a bit of marshmellow cream–delish!! We’ll be back for sure. If you’re in St. Louis, please try it out–you won’t be disappointed!! Unless you go on Mondays–they are closed then! So maybe after all I’ll keep October 14th as my b-day.