Lovely Things: Rocking Llama

We have been enjoying the talents in our family. An honorary Nana commissioned this lovely rocking llama for our monkey. He loves it and quickly learned to mount and dismount it by himself! Check out more work by our talented family at her website here. Please note the iphone images don’t do it justice! The image of the llama on her site was taken by Eric, but somehow he wasn’t able to send it to me to use. I see who comes first, or more realistically how incredibly busy he is right now–love you babe.

Also, the “bear” in the shop name refers to Baylor. And can I just say, after many near heart attacks, I was very proud of their win this last weekend. They’ve come a long, long, long way from the football team I cheered as a student ten *gasp I’m old* years ago.

Also, I might need to up my styling/blog look game after checking out those link!

Making Memories

This blog is, for me, a public journal of my adventures.

With my little one, I strive to enjoy the moments as I’m in them, but also keep a record of them because they are quickly forgotten. Taking photos, lots with my phone, and some with a nicer camera, and keeping a journal of snippets and stories, and what the days are like.

We’re finally culling all of the images into a photo book–yay for waiting for coupons. Here are a few gems and why I love them. If you scroll over them you get a partial caption–not really sure what is going on there.

Catalyst: Starting Over

Did you ever have a moment where time stops and you sit back and think, “wow, something big is about to happen.” I remember having one on New Year’s Eve 2012. We were visiting my parents in Australia. Everyone went to bed before midnight struck, but I stayed up and enjoyed the evening by myself sitting on my parents 18th floor balcony overlooking the Brisbane River thinking that something big was going to happen in 2012. Little did I know I’d soon be pregnant and by late October have a little boy in my arms.

I feel like things are in flux again. We are not expecting another child, we have no plans for a move or career changes, but it just feels like something is happening.

Perhaps it has more to do with my season of growth. I’ve been devouring books. Sheepishly, I’ll admit that I’m finally finished (8 years later) The Entreprenuer’s Guide to Sewn Product Manufacturing. If you have any interest in fashion you need to know Kathleen and her blog. She’s a generous gold mine of information on numerous topics.

I am resonating with this quote from

The things we do right are often NOT the right things to do. – It’s always better to go slowly in the right direction than quickly in the wrong direction.  Ask yourself if what you’re doing is moving you closer to where you want to be.  Know that doing the right things is far more important than doing things right.  There is nothing quite so wasteful as doing with great proficiency something that should not be done at all.

I’m re-evaluating my sewing practices which have lately seemed to be disappointment after disappointment. Instead of rushing to meet a ridiculous and unnecessary deadline, I’m embracing the entire aspect of sewing. Muslin fittings sewn well and pressed beautifully. Friends that help to fit and offer critiques and suggestions. Quality supplies.

Much inspiration goes to Claudine and her absolutely fabulous work.

Up first was going to be a muslin of this Pati Palmer shirt, redesigned into a bomber-esque styled jacket with a lining added a la this unavailable Anthropologie gem. Hat tip to Kathleen for her ideas and info on drafting the lining/facing pattern in her book. Still not sure on the fabric for this–I hope to use up my stash, but may need to purchase something. This is still percolating, for sure. I have the muslin cut and half sewn, so we’ll see what comes of it, but I may go back 3 steps and re-work a block fitting shell for me. This could be a never-ending worm hole, though in part because there are so many ways to do it and in part because aren’t we all irregularly shaped with it comes to things?


My Mother

I think I’ve turned into my mother. I’m not sure that is a bad thing. I’d like to think I only follow her positive traits! I’m sure Eric could argue that point, but really, he can argue anything and gets a kick out of doing so.

So here are some of the ways, I’ve turned into my mama:

  • I re-heat day old coffee.
  • I have thoroughly researched and know where to get the cheapest grocery items and at which store.
  • I love an ice cube in my white wine.
  • A clean house is a beautiful thing.
  • We both close one our eyes and flare our nostrils when we laugh really hard.
  • Motion sickness–ick!
  • We both like to send cards and do thoughtful things for others.
  • We like organizing things–though I think she’s better, I’ll say it is because she has more “experience.”

And here are the ways I’m nothing like my mama:

  • I love whiskey, straight–sometimes with an ice cube.
  • Sashimi is yummy!
  • I don’t have perfect vacuum marks on the carpet ever.
  • I’ve lived in the same house for six years–I counted 11 that I lived in as a kiddo and my parents are in the process of moving now!
  • I’m a more adventurous cook and don’t have to follow a recipe.
  • I’m not a gambler, but she finds it entertaining.
  • She’s a great knitter, and I’m just not (yet anyways!)

Here are ways I think my mom has become like me:

  • She is getting more adventurous and is enjoying travel more.
  • Her wardrobe has gotten very stylish–I used to say it was “mom-ish.”

Love ya, mama!


Fall Cleaning

I have too much stuff. I am constantly re-arranging things in the my studio in order to use the workspace. I half-heartedly tried ebay without much success and am debating using Etsy, Craigslist, or a garage sale–anything, really!

Is any one in need of business books, vintage patterns, tie-making materials and a pattern, or any of the other random assortment of lovely things that I no longer have need for? Let me know what you want, and make me an offer. Let’s make some space, not for something new, but just so I can have some blank space. Doesn’t that sound like a win-win?




We took our first trip to the beach with our little man recently a few months ago! He loved the beach so much he bawled in the car on the way home. I loved it too. Slowing down to chase pigeons, run sand through our fingers, enjoy some snacks near the water, and try to jump over the waves was such a treat.


Garage Saleing

We’ve been on a garage saleing kick lately. We venture out on Saturday mornings, just after breakfast and wander the streets. Sometimes we stop and follow the signs posted at intersections (or even ones I saw earlier on my run), sometimes we follow where Eric’s garage saleing apps lead us. We rarely have anything in particular we are looking for, but it is so fun to wander.

We’ve come upon a lot of junk and a few gems. We’ve found lots of train tracks and train cars and various other toys for our little man. Eric is now the proud owner and daily user of two typewriters: a Corona Style Series 1 (1939) and Royal Quiet Delux (1953).

I love our lazy mornings and our family time.


I won a free ticket to Alt for Everyone in May. It is essentially an onlining blogging conference. It was a lot of fun, and informative, though a lot to take in in a short time! I also got a cute goodie bag like if I were to attend the conference in real life. One of the fun inclusions was Olliblocks.

I liked that it made me get my hands messy to “build” them, but without too much work. Our little man likes them too!



I love colors. I don’t know where I picked these crayon up. I have a hunch it was Paris a long time ago. It has been far too long since I’ve been there. I am pretty sure they are Japanese and believe me I am obsessed with Japanese things. From their Pattern Magic books, to other various and equally amazing pattern books*, to their sewing notions, to their pens, even to Hello Kitty and the Sanrio store that was a vacation must visit on our family ski trips when I was a kiddo. These crayons are no different.

You color like a crayon (these are a bit “drier” than a normal crayon). Then use the water brush to add water as needed.

I needed a quick creative vent one naptime, so these are what I came up with. Enjoy!

*When possible, I like to link to the original sources I’ve found for items. It shares other blogs and gives credit where credit is due. None of these are affiliate in nature.

I then hung them up on my cork inspiration board. They weren’t dry so some dripping is happening, but I like it. Here’s a few glances at other inspiration up there right now too.