Important Life Lessons

One of the many very fun things about motherhood is instilling life lessons. Here’s our little man learning an important one.

All kidding aside, sometimes it feels like there are so many more parenting fails than wins. One recent win is teaching our kiddo that if it doesn’t work out the first time, we can always try again. It is so awesome to here him say that in his toddler voice and see his perseverance instead of object frustration.

Finding My Motivation

I’m fascinated by how people motivate themselves to get things done. I love reading productivity books or blogs like, Getting Things Done,, or Seth Godin. But I often find what works so well for others, really, really doesn’t work at all for me. Sometimes, I’m just not in the right headspace, or sometimes I have other things to focus on, or sometimes things aren’t all that motivating for me.

One thing that works for me is star stickers. Those cheap stickers sold in office supply stores. I have to keep them hidden or they end up pilfered by my kiddo. Those stickers are amazing motivators when I am trying to get workouts in. I don’t even consider them when I am working out, but the satisfaction of putting them on my calendar after the fact is almost palpable.

It started when I was training for my first marathon with Team in Training in 2006. And since then I’ve stickered every training calendar. This summer, I started stickering my calendar. Sometimes I’m amazed at the silly things that just work. I’m happy to say the baby weight is finally off and quite a bit more on top of that! Sweet! I’ll take it.




Also, Go Giants!!

Catching Up

I started sewing these in 2011! I was actually helping out a few friends who wanted to make snack bags for their kiddos. The inners were finished, but I needed to cut the outer fabric, sew up the outer fabric, and sew the pieces together. I had to re-cut the outer fabric twice because I got the measurements mixed up–boo! But I am finally finished and just in time for transporting toddler snacks!

Yay for sewing up the stash, finishing projects, and making something I can use right away and daily!

Here’s where we got the instructions from.


Under It All

I’ve had a bit of a lull in my lingerie bra sewing. I sewed a few bras in the past few years and they just didn’t work for a variety of reasons involving fit and size and cheaping out on materials! If the plush-backed elastic or powernet is itchy, I’m not going to wear it. I’ve started just sewing them for others, because they are mostly fun (that underwire channeling gets me almost every time), and can be a combination of so many different patterns and colors.

I went through my images and am kicking myself for not taking images of some of the more beautiful designs I’ve put together. That and I need to work on styling a bit!

I still love the idea of making bras for mastectomy patients and here are few examples here. The heinous colored ones were just for fitting.

I’ve also tried my hand at drafting from scratch and that went okay, considering I only did it once. I think I could improve drastically on it the more I worked at it.

Bra Draft

I also signed up for a lingerie class this fall, hence the dyed silks earlier (here and here), but the class was cancelled. So I’ve been forced to buck it up and go at it again on my own.

I placed an order for some new elastics and bra strap materials. I am planning to re-measure myself using this guide recommended from the subreddit r/ABraThatFits. That link has much more information about buying RTW bras than making them, but there is some discussion on making them. And use a pattern I have with alterations recommended by Orange Lingerie from her book here.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

In other news, this article was shared by Fashion Incubator and it definitely gives some food for thought. Though, I see one they didn’t discuss that I’m pretty surprised about.


Last Friday night some good friends came over to hang out and play board games. They brought one of the yummiest cakes I have ever enjoyed! She was recently diagnosed with celiac disease and has been having a crazy go of it. So this cake was gluten and dairy free and the only sugar was in the form of maple syrup. Yet it was still two layers with chocolate ganache in the middle and a chocolate frosting. Yummy!

Celebrating a birthday with cake and candles never gets old. I wouldn’t have ever thought to do that, but I’m so grateful for my buddy who did!

Our favorite games are: Cards Against Humanity, Settlers of Catan, Dominion, and Mario Party on the Wii.

I’m thankful for good friends, yummy food, and our random Friday night board game sessions.

I’d bet the recipe is very similar to this, though without coconut sugar and subbing maple syrup for honey.


Back to High School

photo (5)

A week ago, I found myself walking across a local high school campus during school hours. Through an interesting set of circumstances, I was asked to represent the fashion industry on a small panel in a breakout session for high school seniors.

It was an interesting experience as I really wanted to be an encouraging word to them, but then I quickly realized how far removed I was from those students. It was really surreal, like I had to relate how I had achieved something they could relate to before they were interested in listening to my advice. I had a portfolio of my work at my feet the entire time, and didn’t manage to pull it out. I was there to encourage them, but interestingly, I left with a sense of encouragement for myself.

Here’s the main things I was saying to them, and yet also to myself at the same time.

  1. Everyone starts with less glamorous jobs, work hard in them, learn things, and you’ll be surprised in the future how much that job enabled you to grow into more exciting work.
  2. Connect with people. Ask for help. Ask about their work. Learn what you can from others.
  3. Be creative outside of “work.” Whatever that looks like for you–don’t stop doing it!
  4. Everyone’s dream job looks different. Don’t try to fit into the mold that you think you should, but instead embrace the things that work for you. One person on the panel works two jobs-education and in the evenings and summers works in beauty. It is totally unconventional, but she loves it, and most importantly it works for her. Likewise, I love the flexibility that is in my current schedule allowing me to be home most of the time and still work a little bit too.



Today a little man turns two and I start my third year of motherhood. Weird.

I’m amazed each day that we make it through. Some days are full of fun and giggles and some days it feels like all I do is say, “no, no, NO!”

I’m amazed at how much harder changes are for me than him. Here’s a photo of him enjoying his first carnival ride. Mom had to stay behind the gate. He was totally fine.


I’m amazed at his memory. He knows when we are driving past or towards the usual stops: his sitter’s house, his friends’ homes, the park, church. And if we even slightly go in the direction of In-N-Out he starts chanting “double, double and french fries, please!” We probably go once a month so I’m not sure how that started!

He knows which stores pass out stickers and asks for them: Trader Joe’s, In-N-Out, and once at Luckys.

I’m much more grateful for my mama and family. Every bit of help is so appreciated and, wow, does it take a village.

I can look at him one minute and he seems so grown up, then the next minute he is dragging around his bunny lovey and he’s just a wee thing.


The days are long, but man, oh man, are the years short.

Happy Birthday, buddy! Today we’re celebrating with an Elmo helium balloon and some In-N-Out after your two year check up later this week. I am loving the simplicity of our celebration this year and can’t wait to experience the joy those things will bring you.


My mom came to visit last weekend. She only decided to make the trip a week before. I love having my mama around, but I was a bit bummed because it meant I’d only get a week’s worth of anticipation for my her visit. I’m learning that as much as I love special events, trips, visits, etc. The anticipation of an event and preparation for an event are equally, if not more enjoyable. Am I alone in that?

My birthday was Tuesday (and Eric’s 9 year cancerversary–next year the celebration will be insane)! Nothing was planned, except a visit to the dentist (fun!), and it was low-key and totally fine, but definitely less exciting because there wasn’t a “thing” to anticipate.

Am I missing out by embracing the anticipation? Perhaps if I re-frame events (like grocery shopping) and anticipate the excitement of trying a new recipe or enjoying a seasonal fruit (pomegranates anyone?) I can make even those drudgery tasks enjoyable.

Or maybe I make things out to be more exciting in the anticipation than they really are?

Thanks for coming along with this random ride through my stream of consciousness.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Book Club Snafu

Did I mention I started a Book Club this summer? Our first read was Bread and Wine. It was well loved. A collection of essays and accompanying recipes.  As a group we enjoyed the blueberry crumble recipe.

Well, we decided to put the second book up for decision and went with one that was also currently in theaters. The previews made it sound like a funny, light-hearted, funny book. After reading 3 chapters, I was all shades of red and completely embarrassed to have endorsed such a book for light reading. It is one thing to read it yourself, but to suggest that several other women purchase and read a book for light discussion that is littered with what I’d consider X-rated material and um, yeah.

Thank goodness I caught it, ‘fessed up to my ignorance and was able to select an alternative very light-hearted read. We’re now working through Where’d You Go, Bernadette? This is decidely PG, and laugh out loud funny. Much, much, much better.


Have you read anything lately you could recommend for future months? I’m now pre-reading books, because, well, I am trying to learn from my mistakes. Oye!