Scotch has earned the nickname “Needy.” Now I have photographic proof of what I mean. I’d been drafting a pattern, cutting, serging, and stitching all day. Apparently Scotch felt a wee bit neglected. I finished a seam on my machine and was getting things pinned for the next step when Scotch did this.

Needy Exhibit 1

Um, yeah. You think I talk about the cat a bit, but I don’t think you get it–he is in my business 24/7. Unless he is having Scotch Time–his alone time generally from the hours of 9am-10am.

Needy Exhibit 2

He was soooo not moving either. His butt is wider than the machine and he’d stand up every minute or so to stretch and immediately settle back in. Crazy cat.

Needy Tail Closeup

I thought his tail hanging down was a bit cute. At this point he’d been sitting on the machine for about 15 minutes. He was determined. I wanted to get back to sewing–I had a party to get to and wanted to wear my new skirt–and Scotch was looking a bit worn. That couldn’t be comfortable on his behind.


I bribed him with “his” blanket. It didn’t take much effort, just bringing the blanket it and setting it on my table and patting it a time or two. He jumped down, ran over and immediately took a nap. Clearly he is not made out for tree sewing machine sitting.



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