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In the quest to put my mark on the babies of the world and offer helpful gifts to their parents I’ve been at it again. I’d like to think that I’ve “grown up” a bit from the pee pee tee pees and booties.. but maybe not. Side note: Whew, I got quite distracted finding that link and reading my older blog entries.

If you don’t recall, ten little ones of my dear friends are here or coming soon! Here are gifts for babies one, two, and three! I tried to be fancy with the photos, but am realizing I need a bit of help. I’m no stylist, and haven’t mastered Eric’s umbrella lights yet. And while my camera is great, it is not good for product shots. Side note: Eric is loving that comment because he’s been trying to convince me to let him upgrade to the Nikon D90 and offered to let me have his current camera. Now he has more ammunition in that debate! Enough with my excuses. Enjoy!

Keep in mind these are all made from recycled T shirts a la Alabama Chanin. And all of the stitching information is a part of their awesome compilation, Alabama Stitch Book. In case it isn’t clear, I heartily recommend that book and perusing the Alabama Chanin website!


100_0693More cuteness.

100_0706Lots of cute.

100_0702Cute close-up.

100_0721Cute details.

100_0720Cute baby sleeves.

100_0713Cute little stitches.

100_0712Aww, how cute!

As you can see they still need snaps, but I’m waiting for next weekend’s notions sale at JoAnn’s so I can afford them all! I’m a bit worried the neck might stretch out too much and I am debating adding a neck ribbing. So what do you think? I was going to work on a tutorial if anyone is interested. I’ve got plenty more to make for babies four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten! And there are sure to be more babies after that too. Let me know.


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