Maybe I Need a Food Processor


I’ve been eyeing a recipe for Energy/Granola Bars for a bit now by Ellie Krieger. Since I don’t have a food processor , I used my trusty blender. Um, I don’t think it works quite the same. Here’s the ingredient line-up.

Someone got into the dried apricots. Hmm…

100_0509The tray on the left I made with the blender. The one on the right, I just chopped the fruit and hand mixed it. The chopped and mixed variety was like home-made granola. Eric approved and has eaten half of it so far.

100_0512Here’s my little serving sized baggies.


My bars weren’t as thick as these, so I doubled the serving size. I really think a food processor would help tremendously. My blender got a bit overheated and was a bit too small for all the goodness. Regardless, of how they look, they tasted really good.




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