Little by Little

When my kiddo came into my life the one sentiment I heard over and over again was, “the days are long, but the years are short.” I get it. Regularly life feels like a groundhog day repetition of the day before with no change happening. Then periodically you wonder how in the world you where you are in the parenting life cycle. Currently that means figuring out schools for your little baby, who isn’t very little but instead eating everything in sight and constantly growing out of his clothes. 

I feel like I’ve definitely fallen out of the habit of daily creating. I’m being inspired by Alisa Burke’s suggestion of 10/20 minutes at a time. Sometimes it feels like I’m striving and doing without a clear road map, or perhaps that I am expecting “BIG” returns each day for the effort I’m putting in. I’m realizing it isn’t always that way. Little by little I need to move forward and then at the end of a period of time, I will have actually accomplished quite a bit. 

I have an idea on the casual dress part of the day/night dress project that involves repurposing a pile of old tshirts. I plan to enjoy the process on that one and if it works out all the better. I’ve selected a pattern and fabric for the “night dress. A latticed stretch black with an extra layer of nude fabric for modesty underneath. It is essentially a tee shirt dress with a few more design modifications. Time to get cutting!

I warmed up with a few kiddo projects: quivers and a tie blanket.



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