Life As We Know It Is About to Change Drastically

Our place looks like a bomb went off. We’re in the frenzy of packing. Eric is doing a really, really good job of managing it all since I am working until the day we leave. We can’t afford a lapse in health insurance. This weekend we spent time with very dear friends at Lake James in Northern Indiana. We ate like kings–everything fresh and off the grill, and sat around resting. It was marvelous–but sad. Our friends will return to St. Louis in the fall, then somewhere in the Midwest, they hope, in the Spring. We’ll miss them dearly.

Our evenings have been full of last time visits to favorite St. Louis eateries with our favorite St. Louis friends. It too is sad. Change is difficult. We are getting tired. Generally, I go straight from work to the dinner/friend visits. So I hardly have a moment to myself or with Eric. The kitties attack me each night begging for pets. I think they are a little concerned at the amount of boxes in the apartment. They inspect each box with intensity, so I know we’re safe.

Next week, we’ll have a brief rest in Tulsa, with scheduled massages–yay, and a LASIK touch-up for me. Then, we are off to my college roommates’ wedding in Waco next weekend. A visit to UBC our old stomping grounds and a return to Tulsa to retrieve our kitties from their grandmama. Then we head West. We hope to be in California by Tuesday night, June 10. We look forward to the opportunity, but the planning, packing, and saying goodbyes are difficult too.

St. Louis treated us well. We’ve made some fantastic friends that we know we’ll keep in touch with forever. We’re even already luring them out with the promise of a place to stay, and tour guides through Napa. So we’re not saying goodbye, but instead until we see you again.



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