I’m an HGTV Junkie and Other Musings

So, I’ve been watching a fair amount of TV lately. TV has never really been that exciting partially because I’ve never had cable. But HGTV is worse than any drug. I watch a show that convinces me I could remove the tile in our new kitchen and re-purpose it as a concrete counter. Did I mention we’re renting and I’ll not be allowed to do that? Still it is fun to dream. We visited the house yesterday. It is fabulous. The bathrooms are so 50s. Bright bubblegum blue tile in the studio and chartreuse and Kelly green in the main house. We love it! It is huge too! Eric’s called dibs on one of the bedrooms to use as a photo studio. It’ll be fun to see it with our furniture and things.

I’ve been working out a bit with my aunt at her gym. I never knew workout equipment could come with a built-in fan and TV. Is it weird I watch HGTV to work out? See–I’m totally addicted. I don’t think any of the gyms I’ve been a part of are that shabby, but I’m beginning to wonder… If only I could get up early enough to beat the heat and get a few runs in. I am so intimidated to get out on my bike and ride the hills around here. They are crazy! Currently, Eric’s brother and a classmate are using my bike to ride in Southern California. They did a few rides up north and confirmed it was very difficult. 

I was at a job interview yesterday. I really like the company and the position–but a few of the interviewees asked me what it is I want to do with my life, and I just don’t know. It feels like I have a million and one options, but I just don’t know. For so much of the last few years, I’ve been in survival mode. Eric and I got engaged spring semester of my senior year. We didn’t start dating until the Thanksgiving before. One minute I was planning on moving to NYC and working in the industry and then bam–I met a great guy. So I thought maybe I’d get an MBA–without finanacial aid it was too scary for me to commit. As each road block came up I stopped being offensive and planning and began to be really defensive. Eventually life was all–Get hubby through school. Deal with hubby’s cancer diagnosis. Provide health insurance ($3000 monthly chemo without insurance is crazy).

So I share all that to say, I’m ready to be in the driver’s seat again. 


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