I tried to come up with a title for a bit, I’m out of ideas so I figured I just start catching you up on what I’ve been doing. On another blog I found this link. I can really feel this right now. I love how it is clothing, wearable, but absolutely creative. And something I could eyeball. I know patterns have a purpose, I’m just feeling a like drawing outside of the lines right now. So hopefully, I can work on a shawl (read: square or rectangle) or something similarly silhouette-less and work on the embellishment and embroidery. I miss the raw fun in creating. If it turns out to a wearable design great, if it doesn’t still great because it is an expression of me. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. I realize this is still vague, but I’m feeling very much more accomplished than with my last entry.

In other news, for my birthday I’ll be getting a site make-over. It maybe a bit belated because my hubby is in school right now and has 2 papers due Friday and tests and assignments coming every-which way. But hopefully soon it’ll be revamped and more KatyRenee style.

Also, I just e-mailed a solicited (as in requested) article to Fashion Incubator. I’ll keep you posted when it goes up!

Peace and Love
^-^ (this is not original, but I love the little kitty ears)

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