I Use My Nail Clippers on My Cats

I want to be a minimalist. When I say minimalist I imagine living with a toothbrush and the clothes on my back. I want to be a minimalist, but I also have a lot of things I just can’t part with. Maybe that is why I use my own nail clippers on my cats’ nails. But that isn’t the reason. Though it does help with the minimalist thing.

My husband will chide me for being a neat freak or overly interested in chores. I am. I blame my German heritage and my ability to see clutter or a mess a mile away. I once almost hyperventilated at a bridal shower game when one of the guests colored in marker all over a white table cloth and then left the markers uncapped! The horror. Also, in my defense, my husband may not be the best judge. He can walk past a hamper-full of clean clothes and not even see it is there–for over a year–true story. Or in a moment of inspiration do a load of laundry–unfortunately it has been more often than once, the already cleaned laundry.

So back to my cats and their claws. The only reason I cut their nails to begin with is if I leave them be, I get scratches dug into my skin. I currently have a gash next to my belly button. It was left as a reminder I am often little more than a launching pad for my cat. Also, one of my kitties thinks it is their duty to sleep on my belly every night. As her nails grow, so does my discomfort as she snuggles in and razor sharp claws find their way into my once relaxed body.

It turns out the fancy cat nail clippers caused my kitty’s nails to crush and not cut cleanly. It made a bad situation–long claws–worse–long crushed claws that were still attached.

Thankfully, the solution was simple. I cut my cats’ claws with my own nail clippers.

Weird, I know. But it works for me.


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