How I Pass My Days-Part 3

I spent one and a half hours making lunch. I’m not quite sure why it took so long, but it did. I was making Gazpacho thanks to this post. Ironically, the post is called Something Other Than Sauce. I used waaaaay to much onion and after lunch Eric and I decided it would be a great pasta sauce because it’d cut the spiciness of the onion.

I even used canned tomatoes because they were waaaaaay cheaper than fresh and easier. How in the world did that take me so long? Clearly I was day-dreaming in the process. Day dreaming or stalling. Why? Read on.

I took a job as a part-time aide for the third grade teacher at the church where Eric works. I’m extremely bummed about the lack of a job situation with this move. I am taking it really hard. The aide position will be good for me because I’ll get to hang out with people for a bit during the day. But I’m not sure it is something I want long term. That being said, I’m not sure if anything will make me happy. Sigh.

I took the Myers-Briggs test again–I forgot my previous results. I am ENFJ. It totally describes me perfectly. I know very well how to do for others but I’m terrible at taking care of myself. Why do I find so much importance in “being employeed?”

I definitely have time now–I will only work for 3.5 hours in the mornings when there is school as an aide. So I am forging onward in an effort to get better at self-care with out losing humility. You should have seen the responses to a fellow blogger’s comments on humility!

Anyway, my goals are to complete Body for Life and The Artist’s Way in the next few months. These are my only to do list items. If you’ve ever seen my to do lists–you’ll understand why that is such a big deal. Amazingly, first thing I wanted to do when I got up this morning was to get the title changed on the car and get my driver’s license. Things that need to get done, but that if I focused on first would prevent me from accomplishing my goals and ultimately caring for me.

Anyway, I know this will be a tough thing for me. I’ve made it most of the way through the The Artist’s Way before, but didn’t do half of the questions or projects. I purchased the Body for Life book when I was a freshman in college. Eight years ago! I got a week and a half through the program last fall. Then I quit.

I’d love for any or all of you to come along, I could sure use the support.

Peace and Success,

Katy ^_^

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2 thoughts on “How I Pass My Days-Part 3”

  1. I am here for your support. And thank you for your kind words!
    I’ve done Body for Life and had gazpacho for lunch. We are tied, my friend. Tied!

  2. Hi Katy,

    I would love to join you on this challenge. I feel like we mirror each other in so many ways right now! I want to be able to push myself harder and learn more about drafting, plus I’m trying to get my husband and I to eat healthier. How can we work towards helping motivate each other?? We should do another challenge! This time it could be drafting a piece of clothing…it’s something I want to do but I keep putting it off, my skills from school are starting to dwindle!

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