Halloween Was Over a Week Ago? And Other Adventures

I love glow-in-the dark eyes that are peeping out on us as we surveyed our carved pumpkins lit with candles for the first time. This little munchkin and her brother were just the excuse we needed to offer to reenact last years’ Halloween chili party and in effect invite ourselves over for the evening.

Here are the pumpkins!


I carved the second one (below). I don’t remember the last time I carved a pumpkin–clearly it had been too long. All I know is now that I’ve graduated to real knives, as opposed to the rounded jagged “safety knife” with an orange plastic pumpkin handle, I could probably carve anything on a pumpkin. Easy peasy!


I can’t take credit for the design–our friends’ 3rd grader was the designer which was just fine with me–I’m definitely in the middle of a huge case of creative block.

Here’s the famous Halloween chili. The picture is a bit gross–but it tasted amazing. The second year in a row for this–I think I see a tradition being born!


We can’t forget the cornbread cake. Yes, there are equal portions cake mix and cornbread mix in this concoction! Delicious!


And they were giving out the best halloween candy ever. Real sized bars of the trick or treaters’ choosing.


Here’s the brother kitty showing it off. Such a cutie. Unfortunately we must be bad luck, because there were very few trick or treaters. 🙁 Maybe a total of 15 or so.

So for the other adventures, we managed to snag a few steals at the REI gear sale this weekend. Here’s a dog tent our friends were setting up to check out. Eric couldn’t resist trying it out.




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