Finding My Motivation

I’m fascinated by how people motivate themselves to get things done. I love reading productivity books or blogs like, Getting Things Done,, or Seth Godin. But I often find what works so well for others, really, really doesn’t work at all for me. Sometimes, I’m just not in the right headspace, or sometimes I have other things to focus on, or sometimes things aren’t all that motivating for me.

One thing that works for me is star stickers. Those cheap stickers sold in office supply stores. I have to keep them hidden or they end up pilfered by my kiddo. Those stickers are amazing motivators when I am trying to get workouts in. I don’t even consider them when I am working out, but the satisfaction of putting them on my calendar after the fact is almost palpable.

It started when I was training for my first marathon with Team in Training in 2006. And since then I’ve stickered every training calendar. This summer, I started stickering my calendar. Sometimes I’m amazed at the silly things that just work. I’m happy to say the baby weight is finally off and quite a bit more on top of that! Sweet! I’ll take it.




Also, Go Giants!!

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