Feeling Sorry…

Not that kind of sorry…

I’m pretty good at feeling sorry for myself. If you have an hour or two we could sit down to some wine and talk about all that ails me. I’ve been trying this technique for a long while now and am realizing it doesn’t work for me.

So, I’m going to try something new. I grabbed two pieces of paper–bright orange for October–an am titling them “Arg…” and “Yippee!!!” See Exhibit One below.

Exhibit One–notice I had to brainstorm some title ideas…

I’m thinking that if something is really bugging me, I’ll write it down on the “Arg…” sheet. Once it is down on the sheet I will let go of it–for good! On the other hand, if something is making me smile super-big I’ll write it down on the”Yippee!!!” sheet.

Besides having a starting point for prayer, the “Arg…” sheet will remind me all the times that things didn’t go my way. I hope see frustrations as diversions in life. I can embrace them or get sidetracked by them. I can let myself slip down that “feeling sorry” road, or I can press on towards what I want. Besides that, I can go back and laugh about the things that were making me soooo frustrated. Usually they are not that important anyways.

I’m fascinated with fashion history and what inspires designers, what causes lines to fail, what causes lines to succeed, etc. My undergraduate thesis is titled “What Makes a Designer Successful?” Designers, like all business-people have very interesting back-stories. None of them has had success with everything. All of them have faced some kind of adversity. So instead hosting a pity party for one, I hope to remind myself that successful designers, and other people have had to face adversity too.

On the other hand, the “Yippee!!!” sheet will enable me to remember all the positive things happening around me.

I’ll see how this works for a bit and then let y’all know! Let me know if you are doing something similar..


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