Did you hear about the woman that had a spider living in her ear for 5 days. Eww… To jump on the bandwagon, I too once had a spider in my ear. I was in either 3rd, 4th, or the first half of 5th grade. I know this by the house where I lived at the time.

I was laying on my side on the floor in the family room probably watching something on television. Our family room in that house was lined in dark wood on the walls and ceiling. It was also two stories high. Very gothic looking. I felt a tickle in my ear (the one that was up) and went to itch it. I ended up squishing a spider. I don’t think I have ever moved so fast. I jumped up and did the wipe it off dance–like if you walk into a spider web.

It was pretty gross. Thankfully, the spider bits all came out.

After that I had a reoccurring nightmare of a large spider coming into my bedroom. I always woke up just as I was killing it–by dropping my illustrated “My First Dictionary” on the creepy crawly. It is funny because most of my dreams now involve me saving the world a la Jason Bourne. I’m never really afraid or scared, I just kick butt and take names. I looked up one person’s interpretation of superhero dreams. Apparently it means,

To dream that you are a superhero, represents your above-average talents, ideas, and other hidden abilities that you may not realize you possessed.”

How awesome is that? Or not, maybe I need to be more self-aware of my talents.

Spiders still gross me out a bit. I’ve had to overcome my fear because Eric’s fear is greater. I thought he was going to crush my hand off when Shelob came onto the screen in Lord of the Ring. There was a similar response when Aragog arrived on the scene in Harry Potter.

All that to say, having a spider live in your ear for five days is very much an eww…

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