I have dresses for the Day Dress, Night Dress contest! I used a New Look pattern and ended up with a wearable muslin. The white version, illustrated with rocket ships and a clock by my boy, is the day dress. The black, with blue underlining, is the night dress. Somehow, I cut the front (or back) on the reverse side of the fabric. I just went with it, so it came out a little less interesting than I had planned. Live and learn, right? This month has been full of sickness, so the best photos I could muster were on the dress form. The dresses fit pretty well to my body both have a bit of stretch in the material. 

Here’s the day look.

Here’s the night look.


I’ve also made a few bowties for friend’s pets. These were fun and easy. I based the design off of Grainline Studio’s free downloadable Happy pattern (for humans). Sake modeled.


In other news, I think I’m in the market for a new serger. I’ve been working with a dealer to service mine, but I think the needle tension is unrepairable.

And some other photos of how blue the under layer is, my textile designer at work, and the art of distracting sewing “helpers.”


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