After checking out blogs like Chez Larsson and  Three Men and a Lady, I get inspired. Like Chez Larsson, I hope to graduate from my hodge podge mis-match of random sized and shaped plastic containers for uniform ones. At the same time I have a rather limited budget. And I’m constantly amazed by the used furniture deals Michelle is able to find and what she is able to do with them over at Three Men and a Lady.

Needless to say, it isn’t often that I’m inspired and have the necessary tools on hand for instant gratification of my often ridiculous schemes. So while flipping through the most recent Vogue magazine, I was struck with an amazing decorating project. I giggled with giddiness as my idea hatched into a full-blown plan. Eric knew that he was expected to groan with worry over what I might do. So he obliged, making the process so much more fun.

I decided the kitties needed some motivation so I decorated their food area. Ta da!


I must admit I still giggle every time I walk by. The cats haven’t seemed to notice the picture–typical. Here’s another view.


That is amazing isn’t it?



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