I love colors. I don’t know where I picked these crayon up. I have a hunch it was Paris a long time ago. It has been far too long since I’ve been there. I am pretty sure they are Japanese and believe me I am obsessed with Japanese things. From their Pattern Magic books, to other various and equally amazing pattern books*, to their sewing notions, to their pens, even to Hello Kitty and the Sanrio store that was a vacation must visit on our family ski trips when I was a kiddo. These crayons are no different.

You color like a crayon (these are a bit “drier” than a normal crayon). Then use the water brush to add water as needed.

I needed a quick creative vent one naptime, so these are what I came up with. Enjoy!

*When possible, I like to link to the original sources I’ve found for items. It shares other blogs and gives credit where credit is due. None of these are affiliate in nature.

I then hung them up on my cork inspiration board. They weren’t dry so some dripping is happening, but I like it. Here’s a few glances at other inspiration up there right now too.

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  1. Linking to your sources of inspiration is vital for machines to learn which site influenced who. Now that I am working as a data curator, I am obsessed with provenance and metadata.

    Machines, like humans, learn. They need data in the form of links to learn. If someone’s post gave you ideas, please, please link back to them.

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