Super Smash Bros. Brawl

I grew up on the old Nintendo. The original one with the gray gun–not the orange one. My brother and I got it when I was in kindergarten and he was in fourth grade for getting good grades. We’d sit in chairs, his in front of mine, and play Top Gun and fall out of the chairs when we were hit. I got blisters on my thumb from pushing the A button so much. I loved the original Super Mario Brothers. I was able to beat the entire game, after warping in Level 1.2 to Level 4 and then to Level 8.

Ask my BFF. I’d end up at her house playing Ninja Turtles on the Nintendo with her little brother. I liked playing with him because I was older–and a little better at the game. Whatever works, right?

Well, my husband and I now have a Wii. I highly recommend a Wii to anyone. It is a GREAT party pleaser. We recently acquired the game–Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I love that it goes very retro with the characters and sounds all the way back to the original Nintendo days. There are Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Yoshi and more of the original characters. 

Last night we were on the level with Link and Yoshi–being a lady, I let him be Link. I was getting annoyed with Yoshi’s hoppiness. Then towards the end of the level, we think, there were several disappearing platforms you had to jump up and then catch onto a ladder. He couldn’t get Link to jump consistently high enough. So I took his controls and fiddled and out popped Link’s grappeling hook. I suggested he use that. He said it didn’t work. So we tried a bit more and only got more frustrated and turned the game off for the night. Today he tells me he’s looked up how to get past that point. Seems the grappeling hook was the answer.

So, now I’m gloating that I figured out the video game before him. He said it wasn’t a big deal and he didn’t care. But it is a big deal. I was always the less-experienced player that would die first. This is a huge deal.

Enjoying my little victory.



The Slow Life

I really reasonate with this article in the NYTimes.

My college roommate loved Project Alabama. The founder Natalie Chanin, went back to her roots in Alabama and developed an incredibly successful business. They utilized local women to stitch their one-of-a-kind garments. Natalie disagreed when they sent their manufacturing to India and instead focused her attention on a new company.

Today Alabama Chanin, Natalie Chanin’s newish endeavor makes me swoon. I think my roommate understood the benefit of enjoying where you are at. She loved her family’s ranch more than anything. At the time I, however, wanted out, out, out of Texas–could that have been because I was forbidden by a particular parental unit from leaving? I dreamt of the fast-fashionable life in Paris or NYC. Also, I dreamt of becoming the next Ralph Lauren. Did you realize we share a birthday, Oct. 14? But now that I have a bit of life under my belt I’m drawn to the slow movement–I wonder where it’ll lead me next.

Warm Weekend

I don’t know what the weather is like in your neck of the woods, but in St. Louis it is gorgeous. Today was in the high 60s/low 70s. So I took advantage of the weather and went running. My legs are complaining today!
I bought the coolest pair of denim slacks yesterday. I have visions of using them to create some baby blue ones with sailor type buttons and some light khaki denim ones. I’ll be working on designs and muslins tonight and have pictures for y’all tomorrow.
In the photo department, I took some pics of me trying on pants. I love the pocket detailing. The pants didn’t make it in my bag, but I plan on incorporating some unique designs like these!
11.jpg and a close-up 2.jpg
Also, I’ve been cooking. I made up a recipe–so don’t ask for too many details. I cut up a few onions, mushrooms, and carrots and put them in the pot with some olive oil and cooked that for a bit. Then, I added a dab of chicken stock and lots of water, a can of black beans, and some frozen artichoke tortellini. Nothing else. It cooked for a bit. Here’s the result. Yummy!!
I also took, downloaded, and exported these images all by myself. I’m proud!


I tried to come up with a title for a bit, I’m out of ideas so I figured I just start catching you up on what I’ve been doing. On another blog I found this link. I can really feel this right now. I love how it is clothing, wearable, but absolutely creative. And something I could eyeball. I know patterns have a purpose, I’m just feeling a like drawing outside of the lines right now. So hopefully, I can work on a shawl (read: square or rectangle) or something similarly silhouette-less and work on the embellishment and embroidery. I miss the raw fun in creating. If it turns out to a wearable design great, if it doesn’t still great because it is an expression of me. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. I realize this is still vague, but I’m feeling very much more accomplished than with my last entry.

In other news, for my birthday I’ll be getting a site make-over. It maybe a bit belated because my hubby is in school right now and has 2 papers due Friday and tests and assignments coming every-which way. But hopefully soon it’ll be revamped and more KatyRenee style.

Also, I just e-mailed a solicited (as in requested) article to Fashion Incubator. I’ll keep you posted when it goes up!

Peace and Love
^-^ (this is not original, but I love the little kitty ears)

Uh Oh

Here is what happens when the hubby puts on a bit of weight (which he needed to) and I don’t bother to take measurements or do a muslin before cutting a pattern out.
Looking Good
I finished attaching the front pocket and basting it last night. I knew I’d probably have to throw some fabric on the edges (tuxedo-style) to make them fit. Here they are on top of a pair of shorts that fit him well.
Not so good
Did you see how well I matched up the plaids and everything?? They look a little long too, because hubby has short legs. I think I’ll shelve this project for now, since Fall is approaching quickly. At least it’ll be a quick project to finish in the Spring!

Sewing Space

Well. I’m figuring out how to upload images. I thought I was pretty computer saavy, but I did my fair share of swearing. Geez. Here are some photos of what my sewing space looked like yesterday. In one day a few changes have been made. First, the lovely laptop has been hijacked by my dear hubby. He is a graduate student and his died last weekend. So he’ll use mine during class, and I get it during the evenings. I offered it to him, so don’t feel too sorry for me. Secondly, the small desk, which is actually a tv stand is moving. I will trade it with my dear hubby for the old table he’s using. It’ll probably multiply my workspace by four! Yippee. Hopefully, later tonight you’ll see images of what I’m working on… I still haven’t sewed yet, but I have every intention to sew. 🙂
sewing-space.jpg more-sewing-space.jpg