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New Love

I have a new love. She came into my life on Valentine’s Day, so I guess it is meant to be. There’s been a bit of learning curve and adjustment, but we’re getting along swimmingly and I think our relationship will last for a very long time.



I won a free ticket to Alt for Everyone in May. It is essentially an onlining blogging conference. It was a lot of fun, and informative, though a lot to take in in a short time! I also got a cute goodie bag like if I were to attend the conference in real life. One of the fun inclusions was Olliblocks.

I liked that it made me get my hands messy to “build” them, but without too much work. Our little man likes them too!


Coming soon, a new look and new posts. Who knew having kids was so much work? Thanks for hanging in there with me.



Someone told me that in parenthood, “the days are long, but the years are short.”

So true! I can’t believe Little Man will be 6 months on Saturday!

Written in April and still true…



I read this article that says 1 in 3 moms struggle to pay for diapers. Holy cow!

Well, Mr. Man is growing like a weed. He’s been in the “big boy” carseat for over a month. We’re venturing into size 4 diapers! He eats three large meals of solids daily. And he’s been on the cusp of crawling for weeks. He’s been great about showing us what’s up with baby-proofing. The rug I found for his room, visible here, got the boot because he sits and pulls it apart. Little bugger.

StylingThis photo is from early May. We were window shopping at Baby Gap. I love their stuff, but not their prices! Maybe he can get into modeling for them?

In other news, I’ve ventured into cutting my own hair. I’ve wanted to for a while now, but have been a bit of chicken. I have a friend that cut and maintains her own pixie cut. She coached me and it worked out way better than I expected. And it is a cute style that suits me. Yay. Double win!

The summer visitors (aka grandmas and grandpas) are lined up and ready for visits. Swimming “lessons” are coming up and we’re in the process of checking out a few baby gyms because Mr. Man has so much energy!! We’ve started going for runs once or twice a week, usually if he wakes up extra early. I can’t say enough about my lovely gifted Bob stroller. It is so awesome. I think it might be nicer than our car! I’m finally venturing back into pre-pregnancy clothing and it feels great. Though, I hate how darn long these things take.

I’m working on these cute things for Mr. Man.

Yesterday, Eric spoke to a group about how much the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society has done for us and to encourage fundraising. Mr. Man and I went to support him. Eric held the babe for the rest of the event (about 30-45 minutes). He acknowledged that he finally gets what I’ve been saying about church being difficult with a little man. Mr. Man is pretty darn well behaved, but there is no way he wants to sit still for an hour plus. I’m thankful for a playroom that he can “talk” and tool around in. But hearing and absorbing a sermon doesn’t work well. Thank goodness for podcasts.

I’m still trying to get a hang on doing stuff during naps besides collapsing on the couch in exhausting and whimpering when nap time ends up being super short (30 minutes). Eric’s mom laughs and says, “Yep sounds like Eric.”

Here’s some photo goodness.


Did you ever notice the tagline for my blog? “Do one thing everyday that scares you.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

I really want to embrace it, but quite frankly I am a scaredy cat. I can come up with every excuse to let myself float through life–some are often quite valid. But floating through life leaves me with a nagging sense of emptiness.


**This is me in early October at my baby shower. I was drinking water, not alcohol.**

Motherhood has enabled me to be a bit more brave. In February, I got this harebrained idea to attend Making Things Happen. What does harebrained even mean? So on a whim, and perhaps one too many glasses of wine on Valentines, I decided I was going to North Carolina in the middle of March. Okay, it wasn’t really a whim. I’d made spreadsheets of the potential costs figured out flights and whatnot and applied for a scholarship I didn’t end up winning, but deciding to actually go was still very much outside of my usual methodology. Eric was onboard and willing to try his hand at full-time daddyhood for a few days. I made arrangements and was set to go. If nothing else, I figured, I would at least get a bit of mommy vacation.

After I registered for Making Things Happen, I kept myself up all night with tummy issues from the anxiety of going away and facing my fears head on. I was scared. Petrified would be an even more accurate description. What the hell? Didn’t I want this?

So here I was electively deciding to leave my “comfortable” existence, and wee baby, and I was making myself sick. Makes perfect sense, right? But in spite of the uncomfortableness I knew I wanted to change. I was tired of sitting in the “I’m gonna, when…” and then not doing it. You know?


The cats still think they rule the roost. Now that junior pulls tails they are learning that they only rule the roost when he is asleep!

This is where the story gets interesting. I went and spent two long days with some pretty awesome people. I learned so much about myself. Things like what is currently working, and what is not. I heard a lot of sweet southern sayings. I even indulged in some southern specialities like: pimento cheese, biscuits, sweet tea, and fried okra. Yum!

Then, I came home to dirty diapers, a bored kiddo, bottles to wash, and the hum drum of everyday. I braced myself for the disappointment I expected in realizing that in spite of all my desire and hope, the things I wanted to change were never going to change and perhaps I’d wasted the resources, time away from my family, and effort I wholeheartedly put into my Making Things Happen experience.

Amazingly, that isn’t the case. This isn’t to say I came back my perfect weight, making my ideal income, and all of my worries went away. None of that happened. But I did come back a little less afraid of the things I once feared, and with an amazing group of accountability and encouragement to keep me moving forward on the things that matter most to me.

Be sure to check out my updated About Page.

This week was our Spring Break. There were no beaches or fruity drinks for us, but we did have a lot of fun including:

  • Planting our garden–so excited about the pumpkins and ranunculuses (ranunculi?)!
  • Feeding the little one solids–he loves everything so far!
  • Taking a mom-night-out to take a birthday girl dancing for her birthday. Turns out dancing doesn’t happen until after midnight if you go mid-week and after midnight I am worthless these days. That and dancing really doesn’t happen in the suburbs. Fun memories were made and that’s what counts.
  • Distracting a teething little one–holy cow I think we have 4 coming in!
  • Lots of walks. (see above)
  • Story hour at the local bookstore. This is totally more for me than junior. I’m glad he amuses me.
  • Cleaning out cabinets and then installing locks. I think we might have a crawler soon!
  • Cleaning out my fabric stash and gifting a ton of pieces to a friend that just got her first sewing machine. I feel like I’m nesting about 5.5 months late.
  • A very untraditional Easter dinner at a hibachi grill with Eric’s aunt, uncle, and grandma.
  • Movie/documentary/tv show marathons with Eric.
  • Seeing a lot of Eric. Lent is a busy time for a pastor. Here he is on the Thursday before Easter.

Lent 'nough said

I hope you and yours had a Happy Spring and Great Easter.


Well, what do you know–through the crazy circumstances of the day baby boy’s last nap had him waking up later than normal. This gave me the opportunity to make it to church! I’m not sure I heard that much of the sermon, as he was so cute and I stared at him most of the time, but we went and I did catch a few snippets.

Back to the calculated act of kindness–Valentines. They were a success and I didn’t plan how many I’d make, but I had exactly enough. Or maybe I just stopped giving them out when I ran out. Either way–yay! I think they made a few people smile!


I hope you and yours have a Happy Valentine’s Day too.


Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent is next week–February 13! Things are already proving to be different for me as I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to make it to a service on Wednesday as baby bed time and awake time come into play. This makes me sad.

My blogging friend, Kelli, sent the following email out a few days back and now I have some new ideas on how to embrace the season that work within my scheduling constraints. Here are her words–feel free to join in!

Hello! For the last few years, I’ve organized a campaign during Lent. Calculated Acts of Kindness (CAOK) was created as a way to intentionally do kind acts during these 40 days, which starts next Wednesday, the 13th.  I know many of you are not Christians, and are probably thinking, “What is this crazy woman roping me into now?” Kindness isn’t specific to faith. If anything, the one thing I think all people can agree upon is that the world can, and should, be a kinder place

A little kumbaya? Yeah. But, if not us, than who?

So — you are officially invited to participate in this year’s COAK campaign. Commit 13 acts of kindness during Lent and if you are so inclined, record them here to encourage others:


Feel free to invite others to participate, and go wild! (These acts don’t have to cost a thing, more than your effort. Hold a door open. Wave at someone in traffic. Pick up litter. Etc.) 

I am just crazy enough to think this world will be a better place come Easter. 

So what do you think? Are you in? I am.

My first step–making Valentines from the baby for our friends and neighbors.

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