Coming Along


The skirt is serged! Switching the serger to 3-thread took all of 5 minutes. It was ridiculously easy–except I had unwanted help. Poor Scotch, he ended up pouting in the linen closet because I refused to allow him on the table. I’m seriously considering moving my sewing to the outside room–our unofficial guest room. It is smaller, but cat-free! Eric isn’t thrilled about this idea, because it also currently serves as his at home office.


What is serging without a little mess.

I’ve stocked up on snaps and am working on two more onesies! I also have a request for a sundress instead of a onesie. These combined with Eric’s stole will keep me busy this weekend.

Happy Easter!


Stitch Magazine

I got an e-mail a while ago, much longer than I’d like to admit because since it arrived I haven’t been sure how to link to the information contained therein. I have since realized it is as easy as clicking on the link at the top of the e-mail titled, “Click to view this message in your browser window.” So, here is the fun interview with Stitch’s editor.

And, I am look ing forward to the mid-May arrival of the second issue of Stitch magazine. Here’s a brief synopsis of what it is included this time around.


My Babies…

In the quest to put my mark on the babies of the world and offer helpful gifts to their parents I’ve been at it again. I’d like to think that I’ve “grown up” a bit from the pee pee tee pees and booties.. but maybe not. Side note: Whew, I got quite distracted finding that link and reading my older blog entries.

If you don’t recall, ten little ones of my dear friends are here or coming soon! Here are gifts for babies one, two, and three! I tried to be fancy with the photos, but am realizing I need a bit of help. I’m no stylist, and haven’t mastered Eric’s umbrella lights yet. And while my camera is great, it is not good for product shots. Side note: Eric is loving that comment because he’s been trying to convince me to let him upgrade to the Nikon D90 and offered to let me have his current camera. Now he has more ammunition in that debate! Enough with my excuses. Enjoy!

Keep in mind these are all made from recycled T shirts a la Alabama Chanin. And all of the stitching information is a part of their awesome compilation, Alabama Stitch Book. In case it isn’t clear, I heartily recommend that book and perusing the Alabama Chanin website!


100_0693More cuteness.

100_0706Lots of cute.

100_0702Cute close-up.

100_0721Cute details.

100_0720Cute baby sleeves.

100_0713Cute little stitches.

100_0712Aww, how cute!

As you can see they still need snaps, but I’m waiting for next weekend’s notions sale at JoAnn’s so I can afford them all! I’m a bit worried the neck might stretch out too much and I am debating adding a neck ribbing. So what do you think? I was going to work on a tutorial if anyone is interested. I’ve got plenty more to make for babies four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten! And there are sure to be more babies after that too. Let me know.


Testing Out Tofu

I didn’t realize how cheap tofu is! I think it was around $1.25 for all this tofu! Crazy. I really wanted to make this recipe, but I couldn’t find coconut at Trader Joe’s. So I asked around and was too impatient for a response and made it my way. I dried the tofu between some paper towels and coated it in Soy Vey Very Very Teriyaki.


Here’s the Teriyaki bottle. Yum, it is local to San Francisco too.


I popped them in the oven at 425 degrees for 30 minutes. Thank God, I read the part about putting Pam on the cookie sheet.


Um, yeah. It is as bad as it looks. Thankfully, the tofu came up fine and tasted okay, but the cookie sheet is nasty. I’m hoping the dishwashing fairies have pity on me and that soaking this in water and dish soap will loosen up everything. We’ll see.

Sarai, sent me this tofu suggestion. I definitely plan on trying this out.

In other news, I’ve been devouring Shane Claiborne’s books. I read Irresistible Revolution last week and finished it yesterday. I started Jesus for President, but haven’t gotten too far. I’ve made it to the gym two afternoons in a row, and been heading to bed earlier because of it.

I’m also determined to get moving on some of my UFOs (unfinished objects). There are too many to count. Here is the lay out for the denim skirt muslin. Yay!


Not much to look at, but closer to a skirt! Also, my parents are finally coming to visit in March. They had tickets to come in December, but my grandfather’s stroke happened. I’m excited to introduce my dad to my new home and work on further home decorating with my mom. There is also the obligatory visit to the Winchester Mystery House. Eric has already opted out of this. He says it is all just too mysterious. I love it. What a fun, crazy, silly story and weird house to go with it.

Since I started knitting socks on the unplanned trip to Texas in December, I figured I needed to get them at least to the point where I can work on the heel with my mom in town. She’s a pro–having made 2 or 3 pairs already. I got out my knitting for the first time since I’ve been back tonight. I’ve never knitted at home. I’m quickly realizing why. There is nary a moment when the yarn isn’t flossing Scotch’s teeth, or he’s using a knitting needle like a toothpick. What a nut. It is too cute, but not conducive to knitting. Here’s how far I’ve come so far.


I’m relieved that I remembered how to knit/purl okay. I’ll just have to figure out how to knit without Scotch’s “help.”

I’m enjoying a glass of wine, but not the hiccups I’ve had for the past thirty minutes. I haven’t given something up for lent in a long time. This year, I plan to forgo alcohol and sodas. Should be interesting–It always is.


Katy ^_^


100_0504Here they are. I made 9 in all. I didn’t measure them, just divided the fabric as best I could so 9 worked out. Plus, just this week Eric noticed the garbage disposal made a funny sound, and pulled out a decimated wash cloth. I’m sure we’ll find a use for the extra one.

I’m grateful for the accountability of the blog, because the repetition got a little, well, repetitive. But, I persevered and finished them all. Promise. I also definitely noticed a marked improvement in my skills, by the time I got to sewing napkin number 9.

On the first one I sewed, I didn’t do fancy corners. I picked a poor thread choice, and used an old needle–it was not a happy combination. I fixed those mistakes and the corners were kind of fun to do. Here’s a shot of one.


I love the colors in the cloth. It is yarn dyed. I’m embarrassed to admit that it took me at least 36 hours of brain-wracking to remember that term. Maybe I need a little refresher from my college textiles lab. The colors are quite vibrant and there are even a few metallic threads running through as well. I know the family is planning on coming over next weekend to christen Eric’s Christmas present–a new grill. So we’ll definitely try them out then.



Cleaning, Cooking and Cloth Napkins

Here’s the Cleaning Part

I must be becoming a little Martha Stewart. Here’s a new year’s resolution to mark off the list. I went through my undergarments. Which may sound racy, but tights with no stretch left and slips from when I was eight don’t really count as racy. For some reason I hoard these things. Probably because I wear tights/hose and use slips rarely. But I shove them all in this little plastic drawer thingie and it isn’t pretty. Here’s the after shot. Yay, I feel much better about what I have.


Here’s the Cooking Part

My friend Tiffany came over and we made jam-filled, heart-shaped cookies. Yum. She is definitely a pro at the cookie cutting.

100_0499100_0502They taste as good as they look. I wrapped up all the hearts to sell at a bake sale benefitting the kitties I help care for on Tuesday nights. That leaves some bars for the person I borrowed the cookie cutters from, and some for us. Yum!

Here’s the Cloth Napkin Part

I’m working on a simple sewing project. The fabric is cool, because Eric picked it out when we first got married. He wanted me to teach him how to sew and was going to make me a skirt. Since it has been over four and a half years, he decided I could use the fabric in another way. I’m making some cloth napkins. I’ll post a photo when I finish. I found this site, and want to try this for the corners. Looks so simple, but we’ll see.



I “Heart” This

I know I’m cheesy. I keep looking at the Improv comedy class listings, but there aren’t any classes in the foreseeable future. Bummer.

Here’s the heart I referred to in my previous post. It has a place on our mantle with other things that are special to us.  I LOVE having a mantle! This is our first place with a mantle. 100_0491

And because it looks like I’ve always been Type A. Here’s the back. Yep, I dated it. Looks like I’ve held on to this for the past 15 years! I’m not looking to give it up anytime soon.


In other news, I’m working on my skirt draft from back in November. I’m going to do a simple dark denim skirt with a back slit. The preliminary pattern is finished in the back. I just have a few more things to do and then a preliminary mock-up (called a muslin, b/c of the material often used).

Here’s the sketch.


It isn’t too dramatic, but I’m realizing that is my style. Simple.



Sewing Date

Yesterday, I had a sewing date with Eric’s aunt, and her “adopted” niece. I was named after an aunt and uncle that weren’t biological–so I’m hoping you all understand those types of aunts. They might as well be family they are so close.

While embroidering several motifs on a zip-up hoodie, I helped make “fuzzy men,” yes that is a technical term, for a jean jacket. They turned out super-cute.

Here’s the back. Essentially you sew on strips and make your own chenille. Below is the jacket front.

Here are the supplies before sewing.

And of course, our favorite helpers!


Katy ^_^

Sewing Space Re-Vamp

I’ve been busy putting finishing touches and finishing Christmas gifts. They are already wrapped–I forgot to take photos. I promise I will get better at that.

Remember the photo jewelry from a while back? Well it was causing all sorts of fits last night. I managed to spill the goo all over my workspace and then had to wash my hands 800 times to get the feeling of them being super-glued to go away. This morning when I got up I was brushing my hair pre-shower. Opps! There was a chunk of hard plastic in my hair. Eric suggested I just use conditioner in the shower–he didn’t realize what was up right away. Thankfully, it wasn’t a big area and it was around my face, so I just have a few more layers. I’m most thankful the cats didn’t get covered in the goop. They like to be in the middle of EVERYTHING. Maybe I’ll have to start shutting them out of the studio…

I rotated the desk in my studio and now it works sooo much better. I have a dedicated area for the machine and a large area for cutting, layout, general putzing around. Here’s the new look.

I was working on the scarf from Stitch. It is not as cute as the photo–though they look exactly the same. I think the issue is I purchase polyester, not silk. Gotta love trying to help out the ole budget. Oye vey. I also made a tissue holder–but alas it was wrapped and is awaiting being shipped at the moment. Needless to say, I enjoyed many of the projects in Stitch. It also makes me realize how visual I am. I still have issues with the directions–i.e. they don’t make sense until the 20th time I read them. I guess diagrams are my friend. I look forward to the next issue.

In other news, I finally–just now–managed to link my Twitter and Facebook accounts. Thanks much to Lauren, aka Stellaloella for her help. And this blog for the visuals.

A week ago Tuesday, the third graders let me tag along on their field trip to Lawrence Hall of Science. They studied slime in relation to liquids, gases, and solids. It was my first trek to Berkley and I’m in love. Check out the view from the building.

Well, I’m off to see if I can salvage any of the photo goop mis-hap and then off to see an a cappella group caroling, lunch, and checking out Christmas lights tonight!


Katy ^_^