Sewing Days

Every now and again I am able to schedule a sewing day complete with a bit of childcare. The creative break does me good. Here’s a top I made on one day. The fabric was “run” so I got it for free. I was able to cut the sleeves with the “run” down them and the shirt didn’t have any mars. A cute, pretty quick top (I just eyeballed/drafted a pattern) is what I’d call a successful day!

I got a few great wears out of the top, then the fabric grew and/or I shrank, so I passed it on to someone else to enjoy.

Catching Up

I started sewing these in 2011! I was actually helping out a few friends who wanted to make snack bags for their kiddos. The inners were finished, but I needed to cut the outer fabric, sew up the outer fabric, and sew the pieces together. I had to re-cut the outer fabric twice because I got the measurements mixed up–boo! But I am finally finished and just in time for transporting toddler snacks!

Yay for sewing up the stash, finishing projects, and making something I can use right away and daily!

Here’s where we got the instructions from.


Under It All

I’ve had a bit of a lull in my lingerie bra sewing. I sewed a few bras in the past few years and they just didn’t work for a variety of reasons involving fit and size and cheaping out on materials! If the plush-backed elastic or powernet is itchy, I’m not going to wear it. I’ve started just sewing them for others, because they are mostly fun (that underwire channeling gets me almost every time), and can be a combination of so many different patterns and colors.

I went through my images and am kicking myself for not taking images of some of the more beautiful designs I’ve put together. That and I need to work on styling a bit!

I still love the idea of making bras for mastectomy patients and here are few examples here. The heinous colored ones were just for fitting.

I’ve also tried my hand at drafting from scratch and that went okay, considering I only did it once. I think I could improve drastically on it the more I worked at it.

Bra Draft

I also signed up for a lingerie class this fall, hence the dyed silks earlier (here and here), but the class was cancelled. So I’ve been forced to buck it up and go at it again on my own.

I placed an order for some new elastics and bra strap materials. I am planning to re-measure myself using this guide recommended from the subreddit r/ABraThatFits. That link has much more information about buying RTW bras than making them, but there is some discussion on making them. And use a pattern I have with alterations recommended by Orange Lingerie from her book here.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

In other news, this article was shared by Fashion Incubator and it definitely gives some food for thought. Though, I see one they didn’t discuss that I’m pretty surprised about.

A Return to Sewing

So about the sewing/creating/pattern-making I love so much. Not much has been going on lately. My time has been filled with my month of celebrations for Eric’s 5 year post-diagnosis. I walked a half marathon on Oct. 3. Last Saturday we cheered on the Fall Team in Training team at their practice triathlon, and I ran 5 miles while cheering on the participants. This Sunday I am doing the Nike Women’s Half Marathon! Yahoo! Nothing is planned for the rest of the month–but I’m sure I think of something.

My To Do’s for today include working on fitting a pant pattern I got for my birthday last year and hanging out over dinner with a friend. She even had to get a baby-sitter for the occasion, so I feel super special! Notice my two Big Kahuna necklaces–a lei and some shells and my scary-looking tiki charm decorating my space.


I’m Just a Girl

So self-photography is difficult. Especially when the only mirror in our house is in the bathroom. So if I want a full-body shot, I have to stand on the edge of the tub and duck under the shower curtain rod and angle my head just so. It really is a bit insane.

My latest sewing project is this fabulous skirt. I totally love it. I drafted the pattern from scratch–including making a KatyRenee-sized block. Which isn’t nearly as difficult as I would have thought. I’m totally kicking myself for not doing this earlier. What was I thinking?

Pretty Ruffles

Here’s the “gamble shot.” I essentially held up the camera and took quite a few betting one would work out. The skirt is a pretty pink rib with lots of pleats in the front.

Mirror Shot

So please ignore the obvious crazy bathroom ugliness. And the spots on the mirror–I swear it looked clean until I saw the photo. But the skirt is so cute I couldn’t give you a preview before I get someone to take better photos for me.

Check Out Those Skills

Check out those skills. There is an invisible zipper in the side seam and a curved intersection that matches up perfectly. I was quite pleased with myself. And I loved enjoying the party in my fancy new skirt with no one even guessing that I’d made it. Such fun. Thinking about stocking an Etsy store with some of my fashions. What do you think?



The Blame Game

I realize I’ve been MIA for a bit.

I could blame Sake. As you can see, she thinks she is my main priority.


Look at how intense she is! That face is typical Sake indeed.


I could mention I was busy with the last days of school and volunteering at Maker Faire. I got to paint a few signs for Maker Faire and was pleased to be complimented. They said, “you certainly are a real artist.”

I finished my ambitious sewing. Here’s the shirt. It was fabulous. Though I’m not sure if I would recommend circular scallops on the back princess seams. If I stood just right, and the scallops popped straight out, I looked a bit lizardish!


Sorry it is a bit wrinkly. It went great with the denim skirt. The skirt however, kept growing on me because of the 3% lycra I thought was a brilliant idea at the fabric store. So I sent it home with my mom–I hope she wears it.

I finished the dress.


The necklace is something my dad randomly picked up for me 6 weeks earlier. Weird that it is orange too. I was a bit disappointed not to use the lace–but I’m not sure there was any good things to do with it this time. It is definitely on my radar for a future project.

I could also blame my mom. She stayed in town for a week. But we just did fun things–so it really isn’t her fault I haven’t been around.

I could blame my infinitely more exciting social life. We’re averaging 4 dinner parties a week both at our place and out. Fun, fun indeed. And those cloth napkins are getting a lot of use. I love them!

I could blame Team in Training. I am signed up for a new event–and you should totally donate! But that is fun too.

I could blame my summer art camp. The location change actually worked in my favor as I now have 5 weeks to teach instead of just 3! Camp doesn’t start until Monday, and while I have been working on preparing this week–it seems much more of a fun thing than a chore. Here’s my class rules.


I could blame my volunteer sewing projects. I just finished this cover to keep dust out of the sound board at the church. And volunteered to sew at least 24 vests if not double that for a childrens’ musical camp that is performing in mid-August. What was I thinking??


I could blame the quilt kit I got back in Long Beach last July at the quilt show. But really, I’m excited to be working on it. It’d be awesome to finish soon–or at least before we (Eric’s aunt, Eric’s grandma, and I) go back to Long Beach this July for the quilt show. Here’s all of the squares I’ve finished and the ones left to do.



I’m onto the last block. I have 6 of those to sew, then sewing all of the blocks together, and a row of smaller squares on the border. It is pretty fun, except I am finding the squares don’t line up so well. I’m not sure if my cutting was off, or if I am bad at making quarter-inch seams. It isn’t terrible, but a little annoying for an anal gal.

I could blame the cherry chocolate chip ice cream I made. It was fabulous and lasted all of two days in our house. If you’re looking for a recipe, I’d recommend this one.

So really, I suppose I can only blame myself. I’ve been doing a lot, just not blogging about it. I hope you all are doing well too!


Finishing Projects!


I started working on sewing the skirt after school today. It was an emotional day at school. I didn’t know long division could cause so many tears. But the kiddos persevered and they are so excited that they can now divide. Hopefully they realize how much learning their multiplication tables will help them with math and they will work on those too!

After three hours of sewing, I’m done! I’m not thrilled with parts of the waistband, and think I will need to readjust the hook and eye on the waistband (for a third time), and hem it. I’m close enough that I’m calling it done. I didn’t think it would take me three hours of sewing. Though the last hour was spent hand stitching the waistband on and sewing the hook and eye.


I relied on this textbook from school for help inserting the lapped zipper. I’ve never sewn one in the way they showed, but it worked absolutely beautifly.

Here’s the cutest part–the back pleat.


I also really like the front pockets. (Don’t look at how far off the side seam and waistband side seam are…)


Now off to work on drafting the “white” top!

I suppose that I must mention a few more things. I stupidly bought denim with some stretch, so the skirt is a bit big. Scotch “helped” way too much. I need to figure out a way to keep him off the sewing table. Let me know if you have an idea. I can’t shut the door because their litter box is in the closet in my studio. Maybe we need to find a new place for that.



Eric’s stole is almost finished. I put in of the back burner to make one for our artist-friend, Karl. Here’s a website of his work. Also, the picture above our mantel was made by Karl.

I’ll let the images tell the story. Some of the motifs are from Eric’s stole.


With fusible backing motifs positioned on the stole.


The peeled of backing in the garbage.


Fusing them in place.


Stitching around the appliqued motif


Close-up of the stitching.


Happy Karl. The motif is water droplets,
inspired from his Wellwater work.