Happy Cinco de Mayo

Happy May 5. I can’t believe it is already the 5th, that means less than 2 weeks until the big tri! I’m feeling the tug to do two a day workouts. I still haven’t decided for today–I may go swimming later. We did a time trial at the pool yesterday–if I can maintain the pace in open water that I had in the pool, the swim with take 33 minutes! Considering I couldn’t swim when I started this whole thing, I’m completely flabbergasted that I swim that fast now! The coaches have certainly worked their magic. I did swim in the lake on Saturday, but it was choppy and cold, so we went a bit shorter distance than we originally planned. It was in the 50s or 60s and the water was just about the same temp. I am learning to love my wetsuit!!

We find out if Eric is the speaker at the pasta party this week. Also, I made it $1000 over my fundraising minimum. Holy moly!! You can still donate if you want, everything at this point goes straight to the society!!

There are so many projects I want to start on and books to read, but I feel like everything is on hold with the tri and move. So sorry if the blog is a bit dull with my tri reports. I am definitely more nervous about this event–mainly the bike–than I was about the marathon. Who knows if I’ll ever do a century ride. A TnTism is the triple crown. You have to complete a tri, half or full marathon, and century ride to complete the “triple crown”. We’ll see what happens. ūüôā

Apparently where we are headed in California is a huge biking community so I plan on getting over this unmerited biking fear. I’ve fallen so many times with my clips now it doesn’t even phase me, so I’m not sure what is causing the fear.


Katy ^_^

Alabama Chanin Weekend Workshop Thoughts

First off, Alabama Chanin recently posted the upcoming dates and locations for future workshops. I highly, highly recommend making it to one of them if you are able.

I really enjoyed the entire weekend. Even the 6-hour drive there and the 6-hour drive back. Since I made it through 4 states, it really felt like I had accomplished something! Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama if you are curious.

Friday Night Reception~Friday night there was a cocktail reception. It was low-key and laid back. We got to meet Natalie, Angie, and the other participants. I took one picture that night. Here’s a coffee table spread from the evening with flowers made from fabric scrapes. Yes, they are that gorgeous in person. The gossip that night was Billy Bob Thorton was in town. I tried to go see him, but the venue was full. I enjoyed my walk around the downtown. It was really cold and even managed to snow on Friday night!


The Stay~While in Florence, I stayed slept at a Bed and Breakfast. I say slept, because I spent very few waking moments there. The time I was there was great. Their breakfast was fabulous, the room was spacious and clean. And it was walking distance from the main few streets in Florence and The University of North Alabama. I got to make the first footprints in the snow that dusted the campus on my Saturday morning run. I love B&B’s but must say I felt slightly odd staying there alone. It is definitely less awkward going down to breakfast if you have someone to go with.

The owner said her daughter called the room I stayed in the treehouse room. I think it must have been added on to the house at some point. It was so restful there. I really did feel like royalty.

Saturday~Saturday was one very, very long day. Not in the terrible it wouldn’t end way, but more in the oh my gosh, I got to do what? And for how long? With really cool people? Really? Wow!

Everything happened at GAS Studios. It is gorgeous. And the owner and his family are gorgeous too–and saying they are hospitable, is a major understatement.

So Saturday and Sunday we worked on our projects and chatted and generally just enjoyed the process and people. We were also spoiled silly by the cooking workshop participants. The food was just amazing and steeped in Southern tradition.

Here’s a ton more photos. These are food related.

These are sewing related.

And here is my finished corset! Yep–it is done and I’m wearing it as I type this.


So all in all I had an amazing time.


^_^ Katy

Locker Room Talk

After my swim this morning, I was rinsing off. Two other ladies, fellow swimmers, were chatting about the people in the pool this morning. They were talking about the guy that did the erratic breast stroke. The other person that didn’t stay in their lane, etc.

Then they started talking about this young college girl–in reality me. They mentioned that she was in the slow lane, but wasn’t that slow. So it looks like I’ve graduated to the medium lanes. Wow, I’ve come a long way in the past few weeks–especially since I had not swam much or with proper form before mid-February! I love encouraging gossip. Plus they assume I’m in college–I’m not, but I take that as a compliment that I still look/act youthful!

Today it is supposed to be gorgeous. I’m looking forward to it.


^_^ Katy

P.S. Going at a steady pace it took me about 10 minutes to swim 450m. I could push that up a few notches.

Happy Easter

It was snowing when I woke up. It certainly doesn’t feel like Easter. My parents came to visit us for the weekend, and my dad is known around the family for bringing bad weather–so he got the blame. It really wasn’t too bad. It didn’t stick. Snow on Easter, however, just doesn’t seem right.

Happy Easter to you all. I feel like life is blasting by me–so it is nice to have a holiday to make me slow down and reflect on things greater than myself.

I just signed up for a “practice” tri. Practice and 5 mile run don’t seem to belong together though. We’ll see. It’ll at least get me used to transitioning–even if the entire event is¬† capped at 250 people.

So, I mentioned my parents are in town. It feels like all we did all weekend was eat. The scale said I’d gained 6 pounds right after dinner tonight. Yikes! Considering I’ve already put on 5 with my training, even though I’m trying really hard not to eat poorly. I’m really not amused. Does anyone have any tips?¬† I’m trying to add weight lifting to the workout plan–but it is difficult considering I already devote at least an hour 6 days a week to running, biking, or swimming.¬† So needless to say, all of my projects are getting delayed slightly. I caught up a lot on my Alabama Chanin corset this weekend.

Here are my goals for the week.

1. Complete all scheduled training–yes I skip every now and again. This is a recovery week, so the workouts are a lot shorter.

2. Work on one Illustrator project with Eric. We just bought Adobe CS3 with his student discount and are both hoping to learn a bit.

3. Finish corset and finally pull together my thoughts about my Alabama Chanin experience.

4. We currently have 3 things scheduled for the weekend coming up, a 1-hour appointment on Saturday, a 1-2 hour lunch meeting on Sunday, and group swim practice on Sunday. We’ve resolved not to schedule anything else! As I write this I realize an invitation to a VIP party before a runway show finale for St. Louis fashion week sits in my inbox. I must stay strong and politely decline. I’m definitely the queen of over commiting.

I hope your week is full of spring-time goodness.


^_^ Katy


First off, this weekend was AMAZING. I had such a wonderful time and met some of the most interesting and caring women! What fun. More on that later. Thank you Natalie!

The lady in NY found a bone marrow donor! Yippee.

Fundraising is blowing my socks off. Seriously!! I’m so awed at people’s generosity. I will be updating the Fundraising Fun post with additional names. There are still several people that I don’t know at all. Thank you all!

This morning’s run was nuts. I didn’t have to bundle up–but it was so dark. Yay Daylight Savings time. I feared tripping. Instead I managed to trip when the sun had already started to come up. I was sprawled out on a stranger’s driveway with a little scraping on my knee and bruising on the bum–how did I hit both sides?¬†Just as the other knee was healing from the bike debacle two weekends ago. Oi vey.

St. Louis Fashion Week is underway. I plan on attending a few of the events–mainly the free ones!

Much love to y’all and I promise more goodies and photos soon!!



Music Moves Me

Last night I planned on attending spin at the YMCA. I had a bit of time at home between work and spin. Eric cooked and did dishes–I¬†am so enjoying his housework help!¬†I caught myself running around the house singing “YMCA.” Even as I pulled the door open to the Y, I was still singing it in my head.

Spin class was lots of fun–it was a little less intense than I’m used to, which was a welcomed break. One of the songs the instructor played was “Yellow” by Coldplay. Every time the word “yellow” was said we had to increase the resistance on our bikes and do a climb (ride standing up for you non-spinners). That was fun. The next song that came on was Cake’s “The Distance.” I was immediately taken back in time to high school. I ran cross-country and that was a popular song with our gang. I lip synched as I remembered the words. I’m sure I looked silly, but I couldn’t really see anyone else with my glasses off, so it didn’t bother me. The last song before our cool down was “Eye of the Tiger.” I love music. It totallly motivates me to train faster.

I did take some photos of the top, but they are still in the camera. Tonight’ll be busy with going to the homeless shelter immediately after work, then getting home, packing and taking a few camera lessons from Eric on his Digital¬†SLR. Tomorrow I am going to spin and run at the Y in the am (6am spinning class!) and then head out of town for my Alabama adventure. I will try to post the images before I head out.

There’ll be plenty of updates when I return Sunday night. They’ve given us sneak peaks into what to expect and I’m beyond excited. I’m going to stay at a charming (by the photos on their site) B&B. I am feeling totally spoiled.


^-^ Katy


St. Louis was covered in snow yesterday. The amount varied greatly all over the city. In the¬†area where I work, 11 inches fell from 8am-5pm. Here’s a look at the parking lot at about 11am. Since the snow plow plowed the parking lot, all of the snow was pushed up to our cars. We had people litterally digging¬†out (with a shovel)¬†a space in front or behind people’s cars so they¬†could get out!


To give you an idea. When I got home and pulled into our apartmentment parking lot, my car door skimmed the top of the snow. This was in a¬†parking space that hadn’t been shoveled.¬†I am more than ready for spring.

Self-care was a hot topic! Please let me know via comments or e-mail if there is anything specific you’d like to discuss.

Monday, since self-care was on the brain, I did great. I read a lot on my library books. I even cut out a shell front for the Balenciaga shirt and attached some fabric. Instead of creating a terrible mental image description–it looks great. Really!¬†I’ll be sure to take a photo or two and share tonight or tomorrow. Tuesday, the snow messed with everything. Like that excuse? Tuesday, I didn’t focus on self-care and I could really feel it.

So what exactly is self-care? Essentially it comes down to taking care of yourself-asinine I know. There is no magic formula. Everyone is different. Do you love having pretty nails? Then you’d take the time to make sure your hands are moisturized and maybe splurge for a manicure regularly. Do you love fresh berries? Then you’d purchase them at the store and enjoy putting them on your cereal. Self-care is self-pampering. I realize it is difficult and can be expensive or time-consuming, but it yields extremely high dividends. So for me on Monday, self-care involved investing time.