Minor Set Back

Well, training and fund raising are going well. I made $35 selling Father’s Day Cards!! Woo Hoo!! Sunday I went out for a short run–just 35 minutes–after church. I made it less than two minutes into the run and ended up on the concrete after twisting my foot in a hole. I managed to sprain my ankle. It is a bit swollen and a few pretty ugly purple colors. I hope to start stationary cycling tomorrow–slowly. We’ll see how it goes. It doesn’t hurt too bad to walk. I’m supposed to start drawing the alphabet with my toes and that hurts quite a bit now. Looks like I could use some training on running and not getting injured or avoiding pot holes. During my training for my first Team in Training event, the Nike Women’s Marathon (pre-blog) I managed to trip and break my elbow. I guess I’m just a sucker for the pavement. 🙂




I’m sure glad I managed to do my nails Saturday night. 🙂


Catching Up

I feel like I’m always catching up. Maybe I should stop going places on the weekend so I can instead sit in front of my computer and keep this thing updated. Nah, I prefer traveling. 🙂


Here was our car after we picked-up borrowed sleeping bags and air mattresses. It had been full of cans and bottles to drop off with our recycling friends. They take the bottles and cans we collect and then donate the CRV and recycling monies to MS charity bike rides and Eric’s Team in Training events. They had $500 to donate to Eric’s tri this time!! Unfortunately, Eric got to talking didn’t pass the recylcables off so they had sat in our car a few days. Our trunk smelled like a drunk. It was gross.


Random shots from the weekend. The Avia (shoe company) Wildflower Triathlon was tons of fun. The course was incredibly challenging–lots of hills, some trail running and a steep boat ramp up after the swim into transition. Eric loved it and is already signed up for the Pacific Grove Triathlon in September.


Dane and Blaine from this season’s the Biggest Loser were participating in the long course (half-Ironman) race on Saturday. They looked good. They said they have lost 300 pounds combined since the season started. Amazing!


Here’s are ghett0 tent. It was actually a great tent, but we ended up with an extra tent pole that we just assumed wasn’t needed anywhere–when in fact it went over the entrance to keep water out in case of rain. We improvised with duct tape and trash bags until some let us in on that spare pole’s purpose. I think we’ll be camping plenty as it was great fun, but we’ve sure got a bit to learn yet! Like the tarp underneath should be no larger than the tent so rainwater doesn’t pool under the tent. Thankfully, it didn’t rain too much and only rained on Friday.

I’ve been busting my behind this week to get back into training mode. I’ve been lifting weights, ran once, am swimming this afternoon, and had a crappy bike ride today. The first time I rode in California was AWESOME. It was with a group and I managed to keep up and everything. This ride was terrible. I think I was trying to do too much in the ride. First my gears were being wonky and made hideous clicking noises as they refused to shift. Then it was my first ride with my new bike computer and I immediately realized that my natural cadence was at 65, not anywhere near 85-110 range Eric said it should be in. Add to that my intense fear of hills, and it was not pretty. I haven’t even put my clip less pedals on yet. Oy vey! I will keep working on riding though, because it is definitely my weakest triathlon discipline and I know I can do it. Does anyone have any training websites, books, or anything to suggest?



Soaking Up Saturday

Eric has practice weekend for his triathlon. Which left me car-less and home alone for the weekend. Friday afternoon, I set up a pedicure date with a friend. A few more people decided to come and then we went browsing at the local Home Goods/TJ Maxx. It was a lot of fun. I got home and worked on ripping up some thrifted T-shirts. It only took a year, but I’m finally delving into my Alabama Stitch book projects! That and I am overdue on several baby gifts. Pun not intended, but then lefted left because it is pretty cute. 🙂 As in I have ten babies to get something too!! Thankfully, three are due in May or after. But five of them are from seminary friends, and I’d like to get those wrapped up before we head up to St. Louis!!

I’m also trying to get that darned denim skirt finished. Which I am super excited about, but I always get wrapped up in the next project before finishing the first one. Can any of you relate?? Lastly, I’m working on Eric’s stole for his ordination. I think it is a bit odd that I work on multiple things at once, but realize I do that in a lot of areas–books I read, projects for work, etc.

Here are some stole examples from the church,
and my material laid out.

So in keeping up with my multiple project routine, I’ve been working on other things this morning too, like Finny and Donk’s Craft-a-long. I’ve never participated before, but was very interested in finding a good pizza dough recipe. I’ve tried one other recipe and it was not good.

100_0645Here’s my dough rising.

Since I was in the kitchen anyways and had tomatoes that were rapidly expiring, I also decided to try my hand at this tomato sauce. I switched it up a bit by roasting onions too, and adding minced garlic to the tomato tops. I didn’t have any basil either, but it was still REALLY good.


Roasting in the oven.


The sauce mixed. I improvised with a blender.
Makes me wonder how much food dye is in the sauces I buy!

So after a bit of waiting for the dough to finish rising, here’s my pizza cooking. I added some frozen veggies–I love the Hodge Podge mix from Trader Joe’s and a bit of shaved parmesan and fat free feta in addition to some cheddar jack cheese.


All finished and out of the oven!


Finally dished up! The crust was so crunchy compared to our usual pizza dough. Very good indeed!


This was only a quarter of the dough. So I froze half and am saving the other quarter for post-church pizza tomorrow!

In other news, I went to run club yesterday morning. I was supposed to meet a friend there, but she had to cancel last minute because her daughter kept her up most of the night. We ran 2 miles, did drills mostly involving sprints for about 20 minutes and ran back. My legs started to feel it last night. That continued into today. I was going to get up and walk to the gym (a mere 2 miles each way) for a 7:30 am Group Power class, but because of Scotch’s night time antics and my legs feeling like they might fall off, I skipped out. Do you have any weight lifting resources that you like to use? I like the Group Power class, but the timing is so inconvenient for me.

Here are my gorgeous flowers, still happily blooming even after Scotch’s loving.



I’m a triathlete

Eric spoke at the pasta party–pre-race. He mentioned how because of Team in Training, he is able to be on medication that keeps him alive. Everyone was teary-eyed including him. My mom and dad were in Memphis all weekend cheering me on. It was fun to spend some time with them, even though I was slightly nervy until the race started.

Race day started bright and early with a 3:15am wake-up call. We met in the lobby at 3:45. Got to the park, and off-loaded our bikes and got the tires pumped up and pedals put on.

3:32:32. My goal was 3:30 and I was well on my way to getting there but had a difficult 2nd half of the run. The heat got to me–and I have a pretty nasty sunburn. I did apply sunscreen, but not frequently enough.

Here’s me at the finish line, trying to run without puking. Crazy that despite that, I am already ready to sign up for another race and trying to figure out how to increase my times!

Here’s me before the swim. I didn’t realize I would get a little motion-sick in the water. And the swimming portion is definitely a full-contact sport. Lots of people got kicked in the face, swam over and what-not. Who knew?!?!

Here’s me zooming in on the bike. I rode it in over 16mph, which is 2mph faster than my 15.5 mile race 3 weeks ago!! I got to say hydrating on the ride certainly helps!

Thanks again for all the well-wishes and support.



Happy Cinco de Mayo

Happy May 5. I can’t believe it is already the 5th, that means less than 2 weeks until the big tri! I’m feeling the tug to do two a day workouts. I still haven’t decided for today–I may go swimming later. We did a time trial at the pool yesterday–if I can maintain the pace in open water that I had in the pool, the swim with take 33 minutes! Considering I couldn’t swim when I started this whole thing, I’m completely flabbergasted that I swim that fast now! The coaches have certainly worked their magic. I did swim in the lake on Saturday, but it was choppy and cold, so we went a bit shorter distance than we originally planned. It was in the 50s or 60s and the water was just about the same temp. I am learning to love my wetsuit!!

We find out if Eric is the speaker at the pasta party this week. Also, I made it $1000 over my fundraising minimum. Holy moly!! You can still donate if you want, everything at this point goes straight to the society!!

There are so many projects I want to start on and books to read, but I feel like everything is on hold with the tri and move. So sorry if the blog is a bit dull with my tri reports. I am definitely more nervous about this event–mainly the bike–than I was about the marathon. Who knows if I’ll ever do a century ride. A TnTism is the triple crown. You have to complete a tri, half or full marathon, and century ride to complete the “triple crown”. We’ll see what happens. 🙂

Apparently where we are headed in California is a huge biking community so I plan on getting over this unmerited biking fear. I’ve fallen so many times with my clips now it doesn’t even phase me, so I’m not sure what is causing the fear.


Katy ^_^


So, the blue dress wasn’t finished. I had much more I hoped to get done than I had time–my main focus is the tri right now. I will keep you posted on sewing projects, but I’m not sure how many will be finished in the next few weeks. I have my practice tri this Sunday (400m pool swim, 15 mile bike ride, 5 mile run). May 3 is another lake swim. Then the big day is May 18th!


Demolition Ball and Procrastination?!?!

Yesterday was a full day. I had a group training ride of about 20 miles with a brick thrown on the end–a 6 minute run immediately following a ride. Talk about weird sensations–jello-legs comes to mind. Lead feet too. Then a meeting in the middle of the day and an honored teammate social in the evening. Honored teammate socials give the Team in Training Team an opportunity to meet and interact with the “official” honored teammate. Several people have personal honored teammates as well that can be invited. Eric is our official honored teammate.

The honored teammate social was playing Demolition Ball. Bumper cars, two teams full of competitive people, a plastic ball and plastic scoops, with a play by play announcer has never been so fun. It was amazing. And yes, the round we did girls verses guys we scored the winning point with 8 seconds left. It was legendary!

Now to the procrastination. This week was also full. I was able to sew a futon cover for a friend last Sunday so it started off super-productive. Then hit training, catching up with friends which was awesome–and so needed, allergies hitting–but yay Spring is here, and school meetings for Eric. So sewing and writing were put on hold.

Since this is Eric’s last year of classes, we officially hear of our placement on April 22, but are pretty sure we know where we’re headed–it would involve some serious packing. We’re pleased as punch. That means the next goal is finishing the blue Vogue dress by April 22. You’ll laugh to know I started it a week before the 4th of July holiday 2007 in hopes of wearing it on our vacation. So here goes! It really wants to be worn, but any more than 2 buttonholes scares me.

Progress will be posted soon!


^_^ Katy

News from the NYT

In the NYT today, there is an article on the getting a “runner’s high”. Explain why when I cut my workouts–it is usually with running. Is it because I’ve been there, done that? Yes, I’ve completed a marathon, but I have lots of room for improvement. I’m not pro–my 5 hour 25 minute time will attest to that. Crazily enough, last Thursday I was looking forward to and completed an 85 minute run. Although there were difficult times, it felt really, really good to finish–the runner’s high perhaps? Is it because I get greater pleasure from trying something new and mastering it instead? Hrm. I think in some strange way this phenomenon of not finishing things, like sewing projects, is related. Hrm..

Also, there is an article on Bottega Veneta. I loved, loved, loved their dress from last season–in fact that is one of my UFO dresses. After reading the article I have a lot more interest in finishing it! I think for me, fashion moves too fast. I want to keep up with it all, but I just don’t make time to sew that quickly. So I stop that project and hope like hell I’ll finish the next one before a new idea comes to me. The Alabama Chanin corset is definitely teaching me the joys of slowing it down, and hand-sewing. I wonder if I can hand sew some of that silk–would that even help?

Well, there you have my musings for the day.


^_^ Katy