Photo Fun!

So, yesterday was an inservice day. I had the entire day to do as I pleased. Yet, somehow my body decided to get up at freaking 5 am. Wide awake. **sigh** I went to see Confessions of a Shopaholic with a friend. It was too cute. I laughed at just about every line. The clothes were awfully fun too. I especially liked one of her black and white coats.

Then we wondered down the street to Cost Plus World Market, because I’ve been craving some vanilla tea. I got the tea, and some peppermint tea, and some beers for Eric. They were giving them away at four dollars and some change for 8 of them! And I got an apron!


Isn’t it pretty? The apron is the print. It came with the solid pink and striped dishtowels and a hot pad. I’m loving the happy colors!

So, this afternoon when I got off work, I realized I didn’t have keys. This was awfully unfortunate because Eric was out at Winkle and I had no idea when he’d get home. Thankfully, he was almost done and made it home about 30 minutes after me. So to amuse myself, after trying all our doors to make sure they were really locked, I took a bunch of photos in the back yard. Enjoy!





Katy ^_^

Photo Overload

I’m not gonna lie. I took all of the photos in about a 2 minute span–except Sake’s cuteness which occurred about a week ago. The past few weeks have been a rush of visitors and holidays and I don’t think to take my camera out until after the fact. Sorry. Add that to my giddiness about skipping church today. No reason why, I just did it. I guess I get a bit “churched out” too.

Here’s Sake. She’s laying on a pillow my mom made. It says, “Dear Santa, Define Good.” So cute.

Here’s what I’ve been working on lately. PJ pants, and a baby kimono. I was so excited to see Stitch had come out. I was first exposed to Quilting Arts in Long Beach. But, I’m beginning to be really disappointed by their new magazine. First U N I F O R M Studios mentioned an error in her skirt pattern. And I haven’t seen it correct on the Stitch site yet! Then, when I worked on the kimono, besides having instructions that confused me–a pretty advanced sewer, I’m quite sure there was mis-information in the diagrams provided. It not only frustrated me, but I could see a beginner throwing their hands up and saying this is “too hard.” I don’t want someone to be frustrated by little things like that. Please, Stitch, make use of people to try out your patterns. I’d do it myself.

Here’s my babies with Scotch modeling his Santa hat. He isn’t sure of it yet.

Here’s our Christmas decorations. The tree is still on the ground, though I am tempted to hang it up-side-down from the hooks already in the ceiling.

And the mantel is decorated with a green boa. I’d like to say that was my plan all along, but actually the boa was thrown in the Christmas decoration box as we packed to move, and I just set it on the mantel jokingly. And it looks quite cute. 🙂

And only the kitties have a stocking. It was a gift from our upstairs neighbor and her dog, Junior last year. Scotch had the biggest crush on Junior. If Scotch got out, he’d run upstairs and roll around outside of their door. Also, when Scotch would hear them heading out for a walk, he’d run to the window to watch them. Silly cat. 🙂

I hope your holiday seasons have started out Merrily. Here’s to more frequent posting!


Katy ^_^

Warp Speed

It feels like days are flying by. Here’s the low-down for the past few. I’m trying out some new skins for WordPress. I hope you like the new style.

We went for a walk yesterday. I’m obsessing about purple and greens. Like these beauties.

No news on Eric’s test results. Still waiting…

I got a physical at the doctor–it’d been a few years. I am totally healthy, which is something to celebrate. The doctor did say I could stand to lose 10 pounds. So far so good. We joined a gym and I’ve made it to two 5:50 am classes so far. Eric and I go two nights a week too. Here’s a delicious salad I made. Eric is being a sport. It means he’s lost his nightly wine-buddy.

We purchased our first Christmas tree today. It is a wee thing. Here’s the trimmings. We hope to get it up soon. I realize that is WAY early, but I’m beyond excited. We’ve never really had room for a tree before. We chose a blue theme.

An added bonus is the fact that we have a fireplace and mantle! Here’s the current look. I hope to make it festive too!

Jill created a Flicker group for our photos with the draft a long. I will post my progress later this evening. I plan to spend the rest of the day (it is already 3:30!!) drafting and working on sketches to apply for graduate school. I also want to use them in a portfolio I intend to send blindly to a few fashion companies around here. I’m not sure if I’ll do the school thing, but I do want to have everything ready so I can.

If you need a laugh, check out Cute Overload. I don’t think I can repeat this video too many times. Amazing.


Katy ^_^

Catching Up

It has been a bit of an “off week.” Lots of blah-ness going around. Friday afternoon Eric and I headed for Half Moon Bay and drove down Hwy 1 to Santa Cruz. The road trip took about an hour and a half. It was fun. The view was spectacular. We stopped at a historic lighthouse. At the lighthouse, everything North was dark and foggy, everything south was sunny and radiant. I didn’t think about taking photos until after that stop. Here’s Eric driving.

Here’s a photo looking over a cliff toward the ocean. In the middle is clouds/fog and then the sky starts. Amazing, but the photo didn’t do it justice.

Yesterday, was lazy and wonderful. Today, I caught up on some sewing. I have re-purposed thrift store graduation robes into Wise Men finery. Here’s a shot of one of them.

I switched purses. This is one I purchased the summer I worked in Paris. It looks like an old-fashioned doctor’s bag. It is dark green. It makes me have such happy memories!

Well Jill over at Inside My Sewing Box, and I are working on a project. We’d love to have you join along if you are interested. First step, that was supposed to be done a while back is to draft a skirt block. I think we’re hoping to complete that by this Friday, November 14. Next step is to create a skirt from our block. The deadline is Friday, November 28. Believe me, we’ve not been good at deadlines. Jill is preparing for a show, and well, I’m just being lazy. I created a cute icon in Illustrator. It looks quite dated (mid-80s) at least to me, but it is a start, right? I’m having difficulty saving it–so hopefully it’ll be up later.


^_^ Katy

Outdoor Living

Here’s a glimpse into our backyard. I haven’t spent much time out there yet. This little toy car has been sitting outside since we arrived. I wonder who has played with it and how old it is. And lest you forget him, Scotch is peeking outside too.

Thanks to our Gourmet Chia Herb Garden, we’ve got a few herbs growing. I started them and Eric jumped in and ran with them. He’s the son of a florist, grandson of a florist, great-grandson of a farmer, etc. So it is fun to see him re-claiming his green thumb. Prior to the herbs we couldn’t manage to keep a plant alive–so we’re proud of our 3-1 ratio!

Here’s Cilantro, Sweet Marjoram, Dill, and the Chives that never sprouted.

I love our back patio. I want to string some lights–I spotted Christmas things out at Target already–c’mon it is only September!!

Here’s the covered portion of our patio, and the uncovered portion.

Just taking the photos I could envision an awesome party happening out there. Soon!

I think the clothesline is also a cool feature. I remember my great grandmother’s clothesline. We’d climb it and use it a goal posts in soccer games. I hope to use this clothesline more, but after the first experience our clothes were a lot more “crunchy” than I was comfortable with. Does anyone have a secret to this?

There is a bit of dirt back there and we’re hoping to plant some things. My vote is raised beds, but we’ll have to see. There is a lot of shade cover from all of the trees and I’m not sure that plants would get enough sunshine. I think I’m way inspired by Finny’s success in gardening. I need to remind myself that I have only now for the first time not killed a plant and hopefully that’ll keep me humble. 🙂

I’m headed back to the library tonight for a knitting group–I’m a square/rectangular knitter at the moment wanting to be a fancy winter sweater knitter. So I plan to pick up a book on gardening, another on knitting (maybe), something fictional, some magazines, and a cookbook and we’ll see where it takes us.


Katy ^_^


Remember that shirt I loved and was working on completing myself with limited luck? Here, here and here. Well the shirt has been making the rounds in the fashion world. It was shown (not in an ad) on the inside of Harper’s Bazaar in the August issue, and it is being worn well by Keira Knightly on the front of Vogue’s September issue. Looks like I wasn’t the only one smitten by the shirt.

In looking at the photos in the magazines, it looks like silk is heavier than what I was using in my tests. Maybe I’ll resurrect this UFO after all!


^_^ Katy

We’re Moving!

Yesterday afternoon Eric received his intern assignment. We’re heading to California. Redwood City, just south of San Francisco. We’re both super-excited. Eric is a sixth generation Californian and ready to return “home.” I’m looking forward to enjoying the beautiful weather and landscape, meeting new people and finally getting Eric through school.

I’m sad to leave all the great friends we have here, and my fun job, but I know there will be great opportunities in California. Maybe I’ll be a noogler (new googler) soon! We are not set in a timeline yet, but I’ll keep you posted!



ps. Here’s me in the wetsuit!