Bag Contents Meme

I was tagged by Jillian from Inside My Sewing Box to show y’all what is in my bag. I find it funny that her blog is called “Inside My Sewing Box” and she tagged me to show “Inside My Bag.” I am currently carrying an awesome Fossil bag–a Christmas gift from my in-laws. First, here it is full. I had to show y’all the pockets. One holds my cell phone and ipod, the other my new digital camera. Eric took the photos, since my camera is a part of my bag.
Here’s the contents. I have my wallet, some Moo Cards, my digital camera, my glasses case, cell phone, Moleskine, lots of gum–I’m flying tomorrow, nail file, pedometer, tape measure, Aleve, my work ID badge, my ipod should be there (I think I left it at work), headphones, and several pens/mechanical pencil. It is definitely more organized than usual since the purse is new!
00137543.jpg I’d like to tag AfricanKelli.
Like I said, I am flying tomorrow. I’m headed to New York for work. I don’t have a laptop, Eric borrowed and broke mine. Actually, the laptop was a bit old, and had a malfunction but when we figured it out it was dead and past warranty. It is just easier to say that Eric broke it. So, I’m not expecting to have internet access. My projects and posts will be put on hold.
I was able to start on the shower curtain, but didn’t have enough fabric to finish this weekend. It is quite an eclectic project. In other project news, my friend and her pregnant sister loved the skirt. So I’ll be progressing on that.


I am alive. No photos today. I caught a moment and figured better to blog rather than wait for a moment I can do photos and blog. Plus, I’m being super-spoiled at the moment, Eric is fixing my dinner! I am working on a Project Blogway swap with Jillian. So I am working on ideas for her tote. She is starting her own handbag business, so I look forward to what she designs for me. I also feel the pressure to create something great for her that she’ll use and love.
I threw together a few sketches for a friend’s skirt and am working on sketches for Jillian as well. I’m still planning on creating a pattern off of my new pants, but it may get pushed off until the weekend.


I always think what I want to write is silly, stupid, or doesn’t matter. But hey, if my blog ends up being only a journal for me–great. If someone else finds value in it as well, even better. I cannot believe my last post was Nov. 2. Opps! I have been slightly busy, but not THAT busy.
I requested a library card. It is awesome. Why oh why have I forgotten how awesome libraries are? I want to look at a weight-loss book, bingo. Check it out. That saves me at least $20, fairly frequently. What was I thinking going out and buying books willy-nilly? Crazy Katy! I recently read The Collection . Since I’ve interned at a haute couture house, I could relate, slightly. I hate how mis-treated people can be, and why do women always get sexually abused in novels? Does this make for entertainment? Not in my book. Maybe I should put my story to paper–we’ll see. 😉


Hi all. Another week, can you believe it? My article was posted on Fashion-Incubator. It is great fun to share that part of my life with all. Let me know if you have any questions!

I have a goal for this week–well several!

  1. I hope to finish/start some baby gifts. I have 3 in mind with a 4th on hold. They include: baby shoes. This link is just one there are several available on line. The other two are Pee Pee Tee Pees because I’ve been informed it can only help. I better hurry before those babies get too big!! Also I have a since of humor! The one on hold is a baby outfit of some sort for children of some friends (we tend to hang out with an older crowd–maybe because we are so mature)! They are adopting a little girl from Ethiopia, so I am hoping to incorporate some traditional designs. The problem is they don’t yet know when she may arrive, hopefully by Christmas, and what her age is, it could be from 0 months-1 year.
  2. Tomorrow and the following Monday, I am meeting with a group of wives at my husband’s graduate school. They have all recently moved, some young and newly married, some older with kids out of the house. I hated my transition. I couldn’t find a job, my husband was diagnosed with leukemia, our cat that was under 2 died. It just sucked. So I hoping to sit and encourage other people that things can get better, and they are not alone!
  3. I bought a nice stash of fabric in July in NYC for fall/winter sewing. None of it has been used. I want to plan the garments and draft patterns, or use store-bought in essence creating a line. I’d like to pre-wash any fabric–remember that involves a laundromat, and sketch out my line–which can be modified once I start by next Sunday!!

I think that is enough to-dos. They are more want-to-dos which makes getting them done a lot easier!! I still need to figure out my sewing room. We didn’t switch desks and I feel really cramped. There has to be a solution!! Also, much love to my parents. We enjoyed their visit this weekend and the weather was gorgeous!!

Peace and love,

October 14

Well, it came again, October 14. My birthday. The celebration is shadowed in the fact that 2 years ago on this day my hubby was diagnosed with leukemia. Thankfully, he is in remission, but October 14 has forever been tarnished. I’m thinking I’ll start celebrating on another day–any suggestions?

Happy Cancer-iversary baby!