It Is That Time Again..

Eric will soon be participating in his 4th triathlon. He’s had to downgrade to a shorter, albeit not short course, due to his health. Despite the set-backs he is very excited about the event.

He wanted this on the back of his jersey, so I whipped out an old training jersey of my own, cut off a sleeve, painted on his requested text,  and attached it to his race jersey. The blue lines are disappearing ink, so they will go away. I plan to outline it all in black too.

I can’t wait to see him cross the finish line. As he’s always said,

“I always get emotional at the end of each race, because I believe that each race completedis a victory for me a defeat for leukemia.”

Here, here!

Running Away

I feel like running away. Eric went to the doctor yesterday. He goes 4 times a year to monitor his CML. He texted me to let me know things would be slow. It took over 2 hours because the office was so busy. It takes 2 to 3 weeks for his detailed bloodwork to return. But there will most likely be changes in the drug he takes.

His body isn’t responding as well as it could to the drug he is on. I’m not talking about the side affects–they are pretty bad too. But the leukemia isn’t as under control as they would like. This means a new medication–which thankfully exists. It is scary though. The unknown. The changes. How it might affect him physically or otherwise. Sometimes it feels like it’d be easier just to run away. Then I really think about it and I realize it isn’t easier.

I’m working hard on not worrying about it. Until then, I think I’ll go for a swim and work some of my frustrations out while trying to improve my swim stroke.



How I Train

I’m lucky I don’t have to figure out what to do each day to prepare myself for the upcoming triathlon. I have a detailed training schedule.

I love star-ing the days I complete a workout. My first event I even stickered them all! A little help like that offers a ton of motivation. We have six workouts a week, but my body often needs and extra day of rest. It is a delicate balance figuring out  when to workout and when to take a break.

One lesson I’ve definitely learned is I work out harder and longer when I am with a buddy or group of people. This works great because 2 of our weekly workouts are with the team.

Don’t forget you can always donate here!



Why I Train

Just so you know I’m training for a triathlon. It will be in Santa Cruz, CA this fall. It is my longest race yet, a half-Ironman. I’m nervous and excited. I’m fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society so please donate to the cause! In addition to being a ton of fun and helping me stay and sometimes get into shape, I train for our honored teammates.

I’d like to introduce you to the Summer Tri Team Honorees. We have 10 official honorees and many more personal honorees on our team. I have the opportunity of being the Honoree Captain this season and work hard to make our honorees feel like a part of the team. Several of them are participating with us at the event. The honorees come to many of our practices and are such a motivation for the team.

Go Team!


Catching Up

I feel like I’m always catching up. Maybe I should stop going places on the weekend so I can instead sit in front of my computer and keep this thing updated. Nah, I prefer traveling. 🙂


Here was our car after we picked-up borrowed sleeping bags and air mattresses. It had been full of cans and bottles to drop off with our recycling friends. They take the bottles and cans we collect and then donate the CRV and recycling monies to MS charity bike rides and Eric’s Team in Training events. They had $500 to donate to Eric’s tri this time!! Unfortunately, Eric got to talking didn’t pass the recylcables off so they had sat in our car a few days. Our trunk smelled like a drunk. It was gross.


Random shots from the weekend. The Avia (shoe company) Wildflower Triathlon was tons of fun. The course was incredibly challenging–lots of hills, some trail running and a steep boat ramp up after the swim into transition. Eric loved it and is already signed up for the Pacific Grove Triathlon in September.


Dane and Blaine from this season’s the Biggest Loser were participating in the long course (half-Ironman) race on Saturday. They looked good. They said they have lost 300 pounds combined since the season started. Amazing!


Here’s are ghett0 tent. It was actually a great tent, but we ended up with an extra tent pole that we just assumed wasn’t needed anywhere–when in fact it went over the entrance to keep water out in case of rain. We improvised with duct tape and trash bags until some let us in on that spare pole’s purpose. I think we’ll be camping plenty as it was great fun, but we’ve sure got a bit to learn yet! Like the tarp underneath should be no larger than the tent so rainwater doesn’t pool under the tent. Thankfully, it didn’t rain too much and only rained on Friday.

I’ve been busting my behind this week to get back into training mode. I’ve been lifting weights, ran once, am swimming this afternoon, and had a crappy bike ride today. The first time I rode in California was AWESOME. It was with a group and I managed to keep up and everything. This ride was terrible. I think I was trying to do too much in the ride. First my gears were being wonky and made hideous clicking noises as they refused to shift. Then it was my first ride with my new bike computer and I immediately realized that my natural cadence was at 65, not anywhere near 85-110 range Eric said it should be in. Add to that my intense fear of hills, and it was not pretty. I haven’t even put my clip less pedals on yet. Oy vey! I will keep working on riding though, because it is definitely my weakest triathlon discipline and I know I can do it. Does anyone have any training websites, books, or anything to suggest?



It is that time again…

Team in Training schedules are all over our place, gym bags litter the floor, our garage is a mess of bike parts, replacement tubes and some busted tubes–that darned glass in the tread. This time, however, the athlete is Eric. The Silicon Valley team is a bit different than the Gateway team, but just as awesome. Saturday mornings start with Eric snoozing his alarm at least 800 times. We are both up by 7 because of this. 🙂 He runs, swims, and bikes with the team and gets home around noon. Today he pulled out the grungiest, ugliest sweatsuit I have ever seen after he got back and had showered. Thanks, mom. I think it was something she gave him to keep warm in St. Louis, where we tried to use as little heat as possible. I teased him mercilessly, and he didn’t care. He was spent.

His joints are sore from the medicine before a workout happens. His GI track is always on the fritz and it is never predictable. In the middle of a bike ride or swim, it doesn’t matter. But he loves it. He loves their “hang with the gang” time after Thursday core/track workouts. They talk life over a few beers. I’m really proud of him. I know he hides a lot of how he is feeling physically so I imagine it is worse than I’ve described. But Eric refuses to use it as an excuse. Won’t you please visit his fundraising site and donate something? Even if it is just an encouraging comment. He has this easy to remember url redirected to the site.

I’m sitting out this season, because I found myself being a bit bossy, who knew? :), to him about training regimens and whatnot. I want him to enjoy the experience himself. Who knows, maybe next time well do the Long Course, half-Ironman and eventually we’ll join the Iron Team.



Light the Night

Why is it so difficult to get photos of finished garments? See, I was wearing the outfit on Thursday–and got lots of compliments which are always fun–and still no photos. I had a haircut appointment and being a girl, I thought, why not take photos after my hair is done? Well, then we unexpectedly, but still very excitedly got invited out to dinner. We were about 30 minutes late because of my hair appointment, then Eric had to jet to church for activities and well, no photos.

Friday was amazingly lazy. It was superb.

Saturday was a conference, then Light the Night. Or Night the Light if you ask Eric’s aunt. 🙂 It is a very fun fundraiser. Eric is always so excited he gets to carry a white balloon–because he is a survivor. It is one of the few perks. Sadly half-way through the walk, his balloon flew away. We walked two-miles around downtown Palo Alto. It was neat to see a new area, for me. I was caught off-guard as we walked right past the Facebook headquarters. It feels odd that it happens in a normal-looking office building. Not sure why though.

Here’s some photos.

Eric and his white balloon–yay for Gleevec!!

Walking–the balloons have lights on the inside.

Waiting to Start.

So since this was sponsored by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, they also had information about Team in Training. I’m awfully nervous about this–but I’m pretty sure I’m going to sign up for the next event. The Tour de Palm Springs–a century ride. This be my fourth Team in Training event, and the final leg of my Triple Crown–a marathon, a triathlon, and a century ride. I’m hoping to get Eric to join too. Right now the LLS is short on donations because of the troubling economy. Each company that files bankruptcy, or dissolves is also not making corporate donations. Without those donations, new drugs cannot be developed as easily. Team and Training developed the drug that saves Eric daily–Gleevec.

Enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon. I highly recommend Eric and my favorite Sunday evening show–America’s Funniest Videos. The season premiere is tonight.


Katy ^_^

I’m an HGTV Junkie and Other Musings

So, I’ve been watching a fair amount of TV lately. TV has never really been that exciting partially because I’ve never had cable. But HGTV is worse than any drug. I watch a show that convinces me I could remove the tile in our new kitchen and re-purpose it as a concrete counter. Did I mention we’re renting and I’ll not be allowed to do that? Still it is fun to dream. We visited the house yesterday. It is fabulous. The bathrooms are so 50s. Bright bubblegum blue tile in the studio and chartreuse and Kelly green in the main house. We love it! It is huge too! Eric’s called dibs on one of the bedrooms to use as a photo studio. It’ll be fun to see it with our furniture and things.

I’ve been working out a bit with my aunt at her gym. I never knew workout equipment could come with a built-in fan and TV. Is it weird I watch HGTV to work out? See–I’m totally addicted. I don’t think any of the gyms I’ve been a part of are that shabby, but I’m beginning to wonder… If only I could get up early enough to beat the heat and get a few runs in. I am so intimidated to get out on my bike and ride the hills around here. They are crazy! Currently, Eric’s brother and a classmate are using my bike to ride in Southern California. They did a few rides up north and confirmed it was very difficult. 

I was at a job interview yesterday. I really like the company and the position–but a few of the interviewees asked me what it is I want to do with my life, and I just don’t know. It feels like I have a million and one options, but I just don’t know. For so much of the last few years, I’ve been in survival mode. Eric and I got engaged spring semester of my senior year. We didn’t start dating until the Thanksgiving before. One minute I was planning on moving to NYC and working in the industry and then bam–I met a great guy. So I thought maybe I’d get an MBA–without finanacial aid it was too scary for me to commit. As each road block came up I stopped being offensive and planning and began to be really defensive. Eventually life was all–Get hubby through school. Deal with hubby’s cancer diagnosis. Provide health insurance ($3000 monthly chemo without insurance is crazy).

So I share all that to say, I’m ready to be in the driver’s seat again. 


Katy ^_^


I’m a triathlete

Eric spoke at the pasta party–pre-race. He mentioned how because of Team in Training, he is able to be on medication that keeps him alive. Everyone was teary-eyed including him. My mom and dad were in Memphis all weekend cheering me on. It was fun to spend some time with them, even though I was slightly nervy until the race started.

Race day started bright and early with a 3:15am wake-up call. We met in the lobby at 3:45. Got to the park, and off-loaded our bikes and got the tires pumped up and pedals put on.

3:32:32. My goal was 3:30 and I was well on my way to getting there but had a difficult 2nd half of the run. The heat got to me–and I have a pretty nasty sunburn. I did apply sunscreen, but not frequently enough.

Here’s me at the finish line, trying to run without puking. Crazy that despite that, I am already ready to sign up for another race and trying to figure out how to increase my times!

Here’s me before the swim. I didn’t realize I would get a little motion-sick in the water. And the swimming portion is definitely a full-contact sport. Lots of people got kicked in the face, swam over and what-not. Who knew?!?!

Here’s me zooming in on the bike. I rode it in over 16mph, which is 2mph faster than my 15.5 mile race 3 weeks ago!! I got to say hydrating on the ride certainly helps!

Thanks again for all the well-wishes and support.