Spring Break

Spring Break is finally here! I’ve been so jealous of everyone else’s break waiting, some times not so patiently, for my own! Day one, we were local tourists up in the city. Our agenda was minimal, check out Britex fabrics–me, and ride a cable car. We were successful!


Our first stop after getting on the BART and heading up towards Union Square was the basement of Macy’s. I had to pee. This was the first of three stops I made, thank goodness I wasn’t dehydrated! Macy’s had several live floral arrangements throughout the make-up sales areas. I loved these flower balls. They were gorgeous.

Next, I spent several minutes browsing Britex while Eric looked for tri shoe laces and checked out the Virgin Megastore going out of business sale. We both left without purchases. I am trying to find material for this Ralph Rucci Vogue Pattern 1073. Here’s a better view. I’ve settled on a stretch sateen fabric, but have no clue on what color I want. Finding anything stretch, 60″ and of a quality I like is proving quite difficult. I’ve got so many other sewing projects in the works, that I don’t mind shelving this for a bit.

We then rode the cable car down to fisherman’s wharf to eat some clam chowder in a bread bowl. We’d never before ridden a cable car or tasted clam chowder in a breadbowl, so the experience was quite fun for the both of us!



Our next stop was walking towards the other cable car line to take us back up Powell to where we could catch the BART. We remembered a wine tasting room in the Ghiradelli square area, and checked it out. We decided to split a bottle and people watch. It was a lot of fun and the perfect way to spend such a beautiful afternoon.




I sure am glad Lent is over so I can imbibe once again–though I must admit I did “cheat” three times. I did stay away from sodas, and plan to continue that. My body definitely is much happier without artificial sweeteners and sodas.

I’m planning on taking a blogging/internet break for the rest of Spring Break week. Enjoy the sunshine and Spring!


The Weekend

Here’s Scotch “helping” Eric get his camera ready for taking photos at the HUNT. I shot the photos while Eric took video.


HUNT was awesome, over 4,000 people came! There were so many cute families and kids that taking photos was a breeze. It took me back to one of my college jobs working as an event photographer.

Saturday night we were invited to go out to eat with Eric’s aunt and uncle to celebrate his being done with semniary. He still has to complete his internship, but he’s just about finished!



They made him a special super-fancy dessert. It says, “Congratulations on finishing Seminary School.”

This morning, I woke up to these!


Pretty flowers from our yard! Yippee.

Happy Easter!


How I Pass My Days


1. Laughing at my cats. Yes, Sake is completely on top of Scotch giving him some loving.


2. Sending some mail. I love the cards I made last Saturday!


3. Baking cookies. This is one of two 5 dozens batches I’ve made for HUNT. There is only one recipe serving left in the  eight-pound bag of chocolate chips I purchased! I hope to get one more batch of chocolate chip cookies and another of batch of snicker doodles before Friday!


4. Avoiding this. I know it shouldn’t be too difficult to set the serger up with three threads instead of two, but I am just not interested in this right now.


5. Getting ready for softball. Our season starts tonight with our first game at 9:15 pm. That is REALLY late for me!


6. I went to a recipe exchange last night. I cooked 5 of the same meal and traded them for 5 different meals! Which means I don’t have to think to hard about dinners these days. Yippee!

7. I’m on a workout roll getting to the gym both Monday and Tuesday of this week! So far, I’ve taken a spin class and weight lifting class. I hope to swim tomorrow if the weather cooperates! Eric and I are seriously considering racing in The Big Kahuna Triathlon! This is a half-ironman race–meaning 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run!

8. Celebrating! Eric passed his certification interview and is done with graduate school!!


How I Pass My Days–Part 5–Funny Thoughts

Fall is so here. I had my first candy corn of the season at the Jelly Belly factory on Thursday. Yummy!

I saw Phil Wickham in concert on Friday night. Some very refreshing music.

As I left for work today, Eric yelled at me, “Don’t go to Target.” I wondered why as I looked down at what I was wearing–khaki pants and a red shirt. I seem to always end up at Target dressed like an employee.

Why is it that I’ve never seen Chinese Handcuffs for sale? Are they only available for purchase with tickets?

If you are curious what it is like being a textile designer, hop on over to Fashion Incubator. I have a new article posted there.

I still haven’t made any decisions on the butterfly silk shirt yet. I don’t want to rush it and do something just to do something. I’ll keep you posted.

Forced U-Turns

I always seem to have these grand plans and when one tiny detail doesn’t work out I tend to just stop and walk away. I’m learning to go with the flow and even enjoy these little hiccups that are always coming at me, at people in general.

While in the city my mom and I shopped at Britex. It was quite fun and reminded me of NYC. I did find the sales people on the sale floor quite helpful, and they seemed to get snootier each floor down. I found a gorgeous cotton/linen mix and a pretty silk print that had colors so similar it was like they were made for each other. I figured I’d make pants or a skirt with the cotton/linen and a top like one I’ve made already.

Here’s a close up of the print. It has butterflies on it!

Before starting the sewing project, I thought I should finish my scrapbooking because it was sprawled out all over my workspace. The problem was I ran out of large 12″ by 12″ paper and with my mom here it didn’t look like we’d be heading to a store to get that. I tried to deal without the paper, then I bought a pack a Target with way more paper than I needed and more cost too.

Yesterday after taking mom to the airport I stopped at JoAnn’s. One day after my coupons had expired. I wasn’t feeling so well and wanted to hit the library too so I left just after I had spotted they had their paper on sale and thought about getting some, but decided I didn’t know when I’d get back to Target so I didn’t. We ended up at Target last night because or tv converter box coupon arrived in the mail. If you don’t have cable or satellite, I highly recommend getting the coupon/box. It is amazing. Every channel comes in crystal clear! I messed with the album a bit last night and just packed it all up because I wasn’t feeling it.

After that, I went through my pattern stash to see if I could work with anything I had. Well, my shirt pattern was gone. I “donated” it with an unfinished shirt to Goodwill. And I wasn’t too sure about a skirt pattern I had. So today, I went back to JoAnn’s. They didn’t have any of their patterns on sale and I looked through all of the books but nothing seemed to work with what I had in mind. The print is very sheer so I needed something I could wear a camisole under.

Here’s the shirt I was going to copy.

I thought the ruffle (which I am holding up in the photo) would help camouflage the butterflies a bit so it was a little less juvenile. So I settled on the skirt pattern and plan to draft a pattern using the shirt I have as a guide. I cut the skirt out without too much “help” from the cats and pulled my machine out. I haven’t used it since we moved.

This means I had the foot, but no cord to provide power to the machine. Oops! I think it is with Eric’s stuff in our back room, but we only have one key and it is with Eric. He has a meeting until 9 or so tonight. Looks like I can start drafting the shirt and maybe cutting it out then I can get to sewing tomorrow.

At least I can share a post with pretty and colorful photos, right? Lastly, here’s my new computer desk. I LOVE it!


Katy ^_^

Lazy Afternoon

I got these sunflowers last week while shopping at Trader Joes. They are the easiest flowers to take care of. They’re still gorgeous!

I’ve been cleaning today. We had Eric’s college friends staying with us last week. They both just got jobs in the area so we were housing them while they found an apartment. Scotch loved the visitors, Sake hid in the bedroom whenever they were around. We tried to keep cat hair to a minimum, but there is only so much that can be done. Sorry, Meredith, if it was too much. You were a great sport about it!

My mom arrives tomorrow afternoon. I’m giddy like a kid high on candy. It is her first visit to California since we’ve become Californians. I can’t wait to show her our digs and the area. So the air mattresses are being relocated. One will go to the study for my mom, the other will be deflated and stored. Until then, the cat’s have decided to play “fort.” It is pretty ridiculous.

Here’s Sake.

Here’s Scotch.

I realize I’ve become that crazy cat lady, but I’ve come to terms with it. 🙂 Meanwhile, in the study I’ve almost finished scrap booking my trips to Paris. This was the summer of 02 and 03. Seems like 5 or 6 years later is a good time to start, right?

I finally checked with the community college about how to get registered for classes. I would like to take some draping, fitting, and possibly some business classes. Seems like I’ve got a bit of waiting to do. You see, classes would currently cost $204 per credit hour plus any fees and materials. But if I wait until I’ve been here a year and a day, they will only cost $20 per credit hour plus any fees. It is worth waiting. In the meantime, I will be honing the skills I have learned and have let get a bit rusty. Flat-pattern work.

School is going well. The kids never cease to amaze and humor me. I love third graders’ enthusiasm for everything.


Katy ^_^

How I Pass My Days-Part 4-The DMV

We decided to get our driver’s licenses today. When we left the house, the wait time was 17 minutes according to the DMV website. How does that explain that we spent three and a half hours there and walked out with one paper license (Eric didn’t have his passport with us) and a partial car registration? Whew. Busy, busy.

In other news. Since I’m realizing that I do not have as much time as I originally thought, I will have to cut back on the goal. Only doing one of my book plans or scrapping the books and coming up with my own plan. I’m not sure what I’ll do yet but will keep you posted.

Eric has had kidney stones for 5 or 6 weeks now. He called the doctor to get in again and see if they can be removed. The doctor’s first appointment isn’t until September 29th!! He left a message with the nurse (it was lunchtime) so we are hoping that they can squeeze him in somehow. Poor guy.

In other news, I went to the Long Beach Quilt Show at the end of July with Eric’s aunt and grandma. We did one of the crafty sessions and I won! Here’s a link on another blog about it. You have to scroll all the way down it was 70s Style Surviving the Runway. My idea was the spinning record. She says second in the blog, but really I got first. Fun times!

How I Pass My Days-Part 3

I spent one and a half hours making lunch. I’m not quite sure why it took so long, but it did. I was making Gazpacho thanks to this post. Ironically, the post is called Something Other Than Sauce. I used waaaaay to much onion and after lunch Eric and I decided it would be a great pasta sauce because it’d cut the spiciness of the onion.

I even used canned tomatoes because they were waaaaaay cheaper than fresh and easier. How in the world did that take me so long? Clearly I was day-dreaming in the process. Day dreaming or stalling. Why? Read on.

I took a job as a part-time aide for the third grade teacher at the church where Eric works. I’m extremely bummed about the lack of a job situation with this move. I am taking it really hard. The aide position will be good for me because I’ll get to hang out with people for a bit during the day. But I’m not sure it is something I want long term. That being said, I’m not sure if anything will make me happy. Sigh.

I took the Myers-Briggs test again–I forgot my previous results. I am ENFJ. It totally describes me perfectly. I know very well how to do for others but I’m terrible at taking care of myself. Why do I find so much importance in “being employeed?”

I definitely have time now–I will only work for 3.5 hours in the mornings when there is school as an aide. So I am forging onward in an effort to get better at self-care with out losing humility. You should have seen the responses to a fellow blogger’s comments on humility!

Anyway, my goals are to complete Body for Life and The Artist’s Way in the next few months. These are my only to do list items. If you’ve ever seen my to do lists–you’ll understand why that is such a big deal. Amazingly, first thing I wanted to do when I got up this morning was to get the title changed on the car and get my driver’s license. Things that need to get done, but that if I focused on first would prevent me from accomplishing my goals and ultimately caring for me.

Anyway, I know this will be a tough thing for me. I’ve made it most of the way through the The Artist’s Way before, but didn’t do half of the questions or projects. I purchased the Body for Life book when I was a freshman in college. Eight years ago! I got a week and a half through the program last fall. Then I quit.

I’d love for any or all of you to come along, I could sure use the support.

Peace and Success,

Katy ^_^

After and How I Pass My Days-Part 2

There you have it. If you knew how much time and thought and shopping went into that table you’d probably be a lot more excited like I am. Let’s just say we’ve easily spent 5 or 6 hours in the last two days, and 3 separate trips to the store.

Things I love about it. The table is counter height so I can work standing up or sitting down. There are two chairs so Eric can work there with me, if I’m not using the entire table, that is.

I have two ideas of things to make. Which means drafting a pattern and sewing. A pleated shirt and a strapless dress to wear like a jumper over a crisp white button-up. Problem is I don’t have a block for my size and I’m kind of hard to fit. Thank goodness for trial-round muslins.

After seeing it all together, I am already figuring out changes. I think that I need to put some things on the walls. I have a big cork board and want to do something fun and girly like painting alphabet letters or something. Seems like a task to be done when my mom visits in September.

Also, I’m thinking it may be time to purge some things. Or at least use up my stash. I seem to love fabric shopping, but then it hides in a plastic tub. I’m sure the fabrics would much rather be styling on my bod. Another purge would be my rickety old first dress form. It was one of my last pre-marriage splurges, so it is definitely more sentimental than anything. I will definitely sleep on it.

In job news, I finished my application. Eric helped with my IT question–seems they didn’t support the web browser I was using. I have a meet and greet with a representative for a master’s program tomorrow. At any given time, there are 5 or 6 master’s programs I am interested in, so seeing as this is the only one I’ve asked for a tour on I think it is at the top of my list.

^_^ Katy

How I Pass My Days–Part 1

I got notification I didn’t get a job this morning. Actually they sent me a letter in the mail that I never received. Hmph. Usually I cry a bit when this happens. Especially when I’ve been looking for a California job since March.

Today, instead, I started applying for another job. At first I tried with a sister company to the job that I didn’t get. Their website was messed up. I’d click on Career and it’d just refresh. It felt like every other link worked, but that one. Just my luck.

So then I went to another company. There was a posting for a technical designer. I had all the experience-pattern making and all. I wrote a fantastic cover letter, and worked through the electronic application. The page where I’m supposed to upload my most recent resume (updated with new address) and my perfect cover letter comes. It doesn’t work. I log off and log back on. It still doesn’t work. I call the corporate office. After being on hold for 10 minutes, I get a representative. I was polite and concise. He can’t help me he says. There is an e-mail address you are supposed to write to he says. I tell him that I have not seen an e-mail address, and can he please just give it to me over the phone. No, he cannot. Why, I wonder. I ask him where to locate the e-mail address. He is silent for several minutes. I think maybe he has hung up. Finally he tells me to go to the “contact us” tab. By then a lump the size of California has formed in my throat.

Look, I’m not an idiot, I think. That is how I found this number. The only e-mail addresses on that page are for customers, not potential employees. I thank him and hang up.

A tear falls. Then another. I am so angry/mad/frustrated/discouraged/lonely/annoyed I don’t know what to do. So I do what any self-loving girl does.

I pull out my Fresh jar of wax. I kid you not. And I go to town prepping my skin while the wax melts in the microwave. And in a few minutes I have the best groomed eyebrows on the street.

I realize it is silly. But it was a great distraction to the frustration I was experiencing. And it hurt less because I was so annoyed.

Plus, one can’t help but smile when they see our green tiled bathroom–right?

Since then, I’ve e-mailed my request to the customer service e-mail the guy on the phone suggested. We’ll see.

In other news, Scotch got shut in the linen closet. Eric was rummaging in there for his biking gear and Scotch wondered in. It is cute, because he rubs on the door. Usually this is done after he’s shut himself in somewhere. When we finally let him out, he just sat there. He wouldn’t get out. I’m wondering if our cats have mental issues.