I’m Just a Girl

So self-photography is difficult. Especially when the only mirror in our house is in the bathroom. So if I want a full-body shot, I have to stand on the edge of the tub and duck under the shower curtain rod and angle my head just so. It really is a bit insane.

My latest sewing project is this fabulous skirt. I totally love it. I drafted the pattern from scratch–including making a KatyRenee-sized block. Which isn’t nearly as difficult as I would have thought. I’m totally kicking myself for not doing this earlier. What was I thinking?

Pretty Ruffles

Here’s the “gamble shot.” I essentially held up the camera and took quite a few betting one would work out. The skirt is a pretty pink rib with lots of pleats in the front.

Mirror Shot

So please ignore the obvious crazy bathroom ugliness. And the spots on the mirror–I swear it looked clean until I saw the photo. But the skirt is so cute I couldn’t give you a preview before I get someone to take better photos for me.

Check Out Those Skills

Check out those skills. There is an invisible zipper in the side seam and a curved intersection that matches up perfectly. I was quite pleased with myself. And I loved enjoying the party in my fancy new skirt with no one even guessing that I’d made it. Such fun. Thinking about stocking an Etsy store with some of my fashions. What do you think?




Eric’s ordination is coming up quickly. Less than a month, now. The stole is finished!

Now I’m thinking about sewing for myself. Since a lot of Eric’s family will be in town for the event, we’re going to take some family photos. I’ve asked everyone to wear a white shirt and denim or khaki bottoms to a party being hosted on Saturday evening. Ordination is on Sunday. Since my denim skirt is all but sewn, I’ve got bottoms and am thinking I might be able to make a top out of this Italian shirting I bought a while back. I’m debating if it is has too much color, but since I made the photo “rules” up, I can break them, right?


Here’s my sketch. I’m still undecided on sleeves. and how tight this will be–i.e. if it will slip over my head or need a closure.


I hope to knock this out this weekend so I can get started on the dress I will wear next week. Here’s the material I hope to use on the dress. The lace is from Paris! I’ve been hanging onto it to use on something special. It was 50-100 Euro a meter! My mom and I picked it out when I was there in 2003.




Sake decided to sit on the fabric this morning. Lovely, and such smugness. I gently removed her and draped the fabric over the chair. The last thing I need is a snag caused by cat toe-nails.


Scotch wanted his photo taken too. It is only fair, right? He is enjoying the gorgeous day and our opened door.  I’m still working on ideas for the dress. I may use the lace as an accent or as a sheer top over the dress. We’ll see. Here’s where my sketching has taken me so far. I’m not really loving anything, but know it is a start.


In other news, I picked up the most recent edition of Stitch. It is not as good as the first edition. The dress patterns they share are okay at best and one photo/dress looks downright awful in the magazine styling. Ew!

I’m still feeling off today, but have heard the 24-hour flu is making its rounds at our school. Yippee. I don’t feel THAT bad, just off. I think my three-hour afternoon nap today is helping head in the right direction.


I Almost Forgot

The day before my interview, I went to the deYoung in San Francisco. They have an exhibit on YSL running through the beginning of April. We went the first Tuesday of the month, so the museum was free, the exhibit was $10. I definitely enjoyed myself, but was a little underwhelmed at the same time.

It seemed like I’d seen a lot of it before. And I have seen a few of the pieces previously in other exhibits. I was able to actually examine a Mondrian gown at FIT back in 2004 as I was working on my thesis. I’d link to the thesis, but I no longer have an electronic copy as it was one of those files that has been misplaced since we seem to constantly be updating our computers. Definitely, one of the potential downfalls of living with a computer nerd. But there is way more benefit than consequence, trust me! That and I definitely rushed at the end of my thesis and my illustrations were pretty awful, and I never created the outfits, though I had designed several. Hrm… Let’s just say I got a little boy crazy, since Eric and I started dating in November, were engaged by March and planning a wedding for July. Some of my senior projects suffered a bit. Definitely not one of my finest moments.

Back to the YSL exhibit. I was definitely underwhelmed, but I’m not sure why. Maybe it was because my favorite garment was a very classic black tunic, circa 1960. No one else seemed moved by it, but boy was I. The cut was spectacular. Maybe it is because my aesthetic has become much more simple. I definitely appreciated the sewmanship, is that a word? I appreciated the accessorizing and seeing some garments I’d never seen before. I appreciated YSL’s avant garde approach–I can’t imagine a world where a woman in trousers would be considered appalling. But beyond that, I still left being underwhelmed.




Fashion Musings and Thoughts

What is it about fashion shows? Why do they exist? Are they more a fun thing or do they serve any purpose. I wonder. Take for example, the Academy of Art University. They allow their graduate students to show in NYC Fashion Week. Here are their current collections. While, I can see this is amazing exposure for a student, I’m not sure that this is necessary for all lines. What do you think?

Needless to say, it is nice to hop over to Style.com and get an overview of my favorite designers each time there is a fashion week. I obviously love to catch up on Christian Lacroix Haute Couture, though his couture collections are over and finished by the time all of the RTW collections come out. I’m definitely a Ralph Rucci fan and was surprised that Michelle Obama didn’t even approach him for her inauguration wardrobe. Why? I guess I’m wondering if certain gate-keepers like Ikram Goldman will be the new style setters. Here’s a link to the New York Times article on her.

If so, how does one gain favor with the new gate-keepers? Is it not fashion unless your designs are covered in the glossy magazines? What do designers aspire to these days? Red carpets, repeat customers, something else?

I’d like to start a discussion on what people feel like fashion is, what they wish stayed the same, or what has to change. Anything goes.