Happy Easter

It was snowing when I woke up. It certainly doesn’t feel like Easter. My parents came to visit us for the weekend, and my dad is known around the family for bringing bad weather–so he got the blame. It really wasn’t too bad. It didn’t stick. Snow on Easter, however, just doesn’t seem right.

Happy Easter to you all. I feel like life is blasting by me–so it is nice to have a holiday to make me slow down and reflect on things greater than myself.

I just signed up for a “practice” tri. Practice and 5 mile run don’t seem to belong together though. We’ll see. It’ll at least get me used to transitioning–even if the entire event is  capped at 250 people.

So, I mentioned my parents are in town. It feels like all we did all weekend was eat. The scale said I’d gained 6 pounds right after dinner tonight. Yikes! Considering I’ve already put on 5 with my training, even though I’m trying really hard not to eat poorly. I’m really not amused. Does anyone have any tips?  I’m trying to add weight lifting to the workout plan–but it is difficult considering I already devote at least an hour 6 days a week to running, biking, or swimming.  So needless to say, all of my projects are getting delayed slightly. I caught up a lot on my Alabama Chanin corset this weekend.

Here are my goals for the week.

1. Complete all scheduled training–yes I skip every now and again. This is a recovery week, so the workouts are a lot shorter.

2. Work on one Illustrator project with Eric. We just bought Adobe CS3 with his student discount and are both hoping to learn a bit.

3. Finish corset and finally pull together my thoughts about my Alabama Chanin experience.

4. We currently have 3 things scheduled for the weekend coming up, a 1-hour appointment on Saturday, a 1-2 hour lunch meeting on Sunday, and group swim practice on Sunday. We’ve resolved not to schedule anything else! As I write this I realize an invitation to a VIP party before a runway show finale for St. Louis fashion week sits in my inbox. I must stay strong and politely decline. I’m definitely the queen of over commiting.

I hope your week is full of spring-time goodness.


^_^ Katy


First off, this weekend was AMAZING. I had such a wonderful time and met some of the most interesting and caring women! What fun. More on that later. Thank you Natalie!

The lady in NY found a bone marrow donor! Yippee.

Fundraising is blowing my socks off. Seriously!! I’m so awed at people’s generosity. I will be updating the Fundraising Fun post with additional names. There are still several people that I don’t know at all. Thank you all!

This morning’s run was nuts. I didn’t have to bundle up–but it was so dark. Yay Daylight Savings time. I feared tripping. Instead I managed to trip when the sun had already started to come up. I was sprawled out on a stranger’s driveway with a little scraping on my knee and bruising on the bum–how did I hit both sides? Just as the other knee was healing from the bike debacle two weekends ago. Oi vey.

St. Louis Fashion Week is underway. I plan on attending a few of the events–mainly the free ones!

Much love to y’all and I promise more goodies and photos soon!!



I’m Alive

Hi all:

Not sure why it has been almost 2 weeks since I last wrote. I’m here and alive! I just heard about this lady, Lisa. She has AML, the acute form of the kind of leukemia Eric has. If left untreated, his can morph into AML–please correct me if I’m totally off Eric! She needs a bone marrow donor desperately. Here’s her site and story.

In other news, I will do something crafty this week into the weekend and will blog about it by Sunday evening. Promise!

Also, I need to warn y’all there could be some very disturbing cat photos coming up as well. Our big maine coon, Scotch, is a major diva. Eric has set up a little light box and everytime Eric gets out his camera Scotch is in it posing. He also loves getting his hair blown with the hair dryer and will sit still so you can “put make-up” on him. He is re-donk.

Much love and sorry for the lack of substance in posting.