One of My Most Prized Possessions

My little monkey seems to be a bit of a budding artist, which means I get to regularly indulge the both of us with creative endeavors. I think I started this little notebook at the end of last year. The first few entries were just me scribbling in crayon and him watching or adding a few marks here and there.

Then I found this fabulous washi tape on Amazon. It came in a ton of bright colors and the monkey loved unrolling it. After an arm length piece came off, I’d rip it up into more manageable sizes and put it in the notebook. The monkey helped sometimes.

Then we went to a few birthday parties and Trader Joe’s and ended up with a nice assortment of stickers. He picks, I peel them off, and he applies them. Usually one on top of another.

Real Life Moment: My mom sent us some stickers. Included were frogs and turtles. He calls both of the stickers frogs. The turtle ones, however, are frogs with hats. Who am I to argue?

If You Give a Toddler a Camera

If you give a toddler a camera, you will get some interesting photos.

Evidence here.

I love these shots that include his little toes!

I’m not sure what is happening here, but this may be his first selfie!

Toddler Shots?


Real Life Moment: His shirt reads “It’s my brother’s fault.” There are no more kiddos that we know of currently, but I couldn’t let a good hand me down go to waste.


I read on April 11, that we were 100 days into the year. Crazy, hun?

I am a lover of all things goal related. I love New Year’s Resolutions, but I think I love reflecting on the previous year just as much.  I love back to school in August. I get giddy when the school supplies come out. I love learning and the anticipation of newness.

So hearing we are 100 days into 2013 seemed like the perfect time to stop and re-evaluate where I’ve been and where I’d like to be. It didn’t hurt that this year, I went through a goal plan that Ms. Lara Casey (Issacson) shared and she was doing a check-in herself.

That and it was also about a month after I attended Making Things Happen.

Yes, I may not have been blogging, but besides chasing a rapidly growing almost mobile toddler-like dude (babyhood really does go so fast), I’ve been quite busy.

And now we’re on the flipside.

Let’s say 2013

  • I love being a mama.
  • Holy cow, Eric, I so wish you had health on your side. Imagine what you/we could do. So sad that it looks like yet another surgery for my hubs coming down the road–this time on his hip.
  • I did an amazingly awesome and rewarding super secret project that I hope I get to continue on and reveal. If not, it was still amazing!!
  • We got a lot of family visits and are so lucky.
  • We have an amazing sitter that loves our little man so much every Wednesday and sometimes on Thursday when mama works.
  • Holy cow I’m out of shape, but have been working out and began running again and have to totally recommend the shreds from Bobbi McCormick and nhershoes. The foods are one thing, but the short workouts are amazing and I do them even though I really, really, really miss my 5:50am weightlifting class and gym, but hubby is so, so, so not a morning person and his hip pain is beyond the point of ridiculous at this point and well… 30/40 minutes or a jog with the jogging stroller is all I have at the moment.
  • My family is awesome and offer so much support.. and even they are tired of the ridiculousness that is the random and debilitating health issues plaguing our family.
  • One of my best buddies and Einstein’s bagel post-8am college course buddy just moved close in town and reconnecting is good for the soul.

And I think this concludes the random started blog posts from April that I’m just now posting. Bless all of you still sticking around. 🙂


StylingIn the midst of a crazy few months, I slowed down to enjoy some window shopping with my little man and a visit from my mama. Life is good.

And this is from May. Right before my surgery for endometriosis and 6 months of chemo shot. Ahh.. perspective.

And can I say that this hat magically appeared in our mailbox a few months later? Awesome!



Somehow, Eric found the few lilies that weren’t destroyed by hail and picked them for me Easter morning. As soon as they came in, I called Scotch over to see what would happen. Immediately he licked them. The sad lilies were put out on the back porch.

Thankfully we were able to share them with a friend.



Wow. Sorry to be such a stranger. My work hours have tripled–yay! The work is lovely, but I’m not the best at time management of my non-work time at the moment. Or perhaps, I put too many things on the “very important” list. Either way, I’m still here.

I think more than the shift in work is the incredible class that I recently took. A little, silly, introduction to the fashion industry course. Over 5 Fridays and 3 Saturdays our class met with 25 people from the Bay Area to discuss their various roles in the fashion industry, and how things are changing, or remaining the same. Very interesting indeed. I am still processing the information.

Here are a few photos of the past month’s antics.

A brief getaway.

Flowers from my honey.

A horizontal wine tasting party of the 2003 Stag’s Leap District. I didn’t make it very far–there were just too many to taste! I think each place setting had 15 or so tastes!

Tasting the oldest wine, I’ve ever had. An 1850 Madeira fortified with Brandy. Wowzas!

Dressing up for “Crazy Day” at school. I went as Eric.




Crap. Crap. Crap.

A friend, a fellow survivor, relapsed. What do you do? What do you say? What if it is Eric next? What if it isn’t okay? What if treatment doesn’t work? What if treatment does work, but causes other issues. Okay this what-if game isn’t fun. There are unlimited “what if’s.” The only  thing I’m certain of is we can take this journey with him and love him as much as we are capable.



Bonding Time

While waiting for my flight to return home, I got to bond with my aunt.
Carol and Cinderella
Here she and Cinderella work on a knitting project. Tinkerbell wasn’t far away.


Her dogs are awfully cute.


Carol is the quilter, as you can see by her footstool and the chest full of quilts in the background. She was reminding me what the knitting stitch SSK meant, because it had been a while since I picked up my knitting. I’m about to finish–gasp–my first sock. I’ve only been working on it since last December. Hopefully sock number 2 won’t take as long.




Among other things, my mom was in charge of the flowers on the table at the wedding I recently attended. I’m a bit biased, but I thought they were lovely.

Obviously some of my craftiness comes from her. She cut out large squares of a sheer material and covered the vases. One rubber band around the neck of the vase held the material in, then they tucked in the excess to make it bubbly–super chic.

The Parents

My parents were lovely too. I was trying very hard to avoid the maximum occupancy sign to the right of my mom’s head, and ended up taking this skewed shot. Fun times. Unfortunately no photos were taken at the wedding besides these. I guess I just got into the festivities and forgot to take photos.



Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 was a hit. It was our first year hosting and cooking and we had a blast.

String Beans

We had sooooo much food. I learned leftovers are good, but there can be too much of a good thing sometimes.


I loved setting the table. So glad I made those darned cloth napkins earlier this year. They came in super handy. And the tablecloth is something I bought in St. Louis–it was going to be a new bedspread. I think I prefer it as a table cloth.


We had a last minute addition of 2 and 2 halves and were able to squeeze everyone in by pushing the couch up to the table on the end. The other random seats we used included our plastic patio chairs. It was fun and I’m pretty sure no one minded. At least they didn’t say if they did.


I think I’ll amend the previous assertion of too many left overs being bad. You can never have too many left over potatoes. I made potato cakes with the leftovers until we ran out. 🙁 Not as good as when my mom makes them for me, but still pretty darn tasty.

Soup veggies

I am amazed at how effortlessly our kitchen cleaned up after the feast. It did take 3 very full dishwasher loads to clean all of the dishes, but it was such a breeze. Thank goodness for everyone pitching in–it makes things much easier and more fun!

OMG cupcakes!!

And our friends came over early to bring us a huge sandwich to share–who thinks of this?? and dress their cupcakes. They painted chocolate on leaves they found and then removed the leaves when the chocolate hardened. They made the acorns by rolling carmel squares and dipping them in chocolate and then chocolate sprinkles. It was the most amazing dessert I’ve ever seen. And it was quite tasty too! We also got some Super Mario time in on the Wii.

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving surrounded by people you love.