Catching Up


This is how my boys work most of the time. I could not get the photo without Scotch looking like he had some robot-eyes, but you get the idea.

We got new bed linens. The ones I designed!!


**Aside–so I never know if I should caption a photo below it or above it. Any suggestions?** Here are the items out of the shipping box. The solid blue fabric pillows are square-shaped so I had to run to Ikea to get innards for them. I’ve never put square, or European, pillows on my bed before. How fancy!

When I got back from the store, Eric had put all the pieces on the bed, including the bedskirt. How sweet! I stuffed the pillows and set up our own little pillow show. I don’t care. I love it. 🙂 Here’s sake inspecting the bedding packaging. Yes, she got out quickly and I put it away.


And here is our new bed all set up!!

100_04711Lovely, eh? I’m pleased as punch, myself. I loved my job at Soft Surroundings, and realized I had to wait 3 years for it. So, here’s to finding another awesome job–and the waiting that may be involved.

Have you been following the CPSIA debacle? Kathleen, over at Fashion-Incubator is doing an amazing job of keeping up with this. Especially on Twitter.

Also, the stories on Fashion-Incubator about “how I got my start” are incredibly interesting too.

I hope your weekends are restful and full of fun times!



Catching Up

So I unpacked our final box today. Yes, we’ve been in our place since August. We had two boxes of books, journals, and albums left. That and my wedding gown and wetsuit were laying out on empty boxes in the garage–thankfully the gown was in a garment bag.

Here is a small selection of some of the journals I’ve used.

These are all full of my musings. I’m looking forward to getting into the habit of writing more regularly again.

Here’s a sketch from high school. A shirt design for a friend. I made it half-way and never finished. It was pretty stinking cool. I’d done all the hard work as far as sewing–just had some hemming left to do. Here’s to doing, not just saying and thinking; here’s to finishing, not just planning or starting; here’s to persevering, not just coming up with an excuse or way out.

Here’s me getting ready to prep my screen for silk screening. I got a screen printing kit for my birthday, yes in October, from Eric. An expert, and dear friend suggested I seal the wood so it’ll last longer. That and seal a small edge around the silk, too. This will keep ink from squishing out at the edges and ruining a design. I’m using “old faithful” Modge Podge. I love this glue/glaze/product. It works for many different projects.

One coat down. I’ll let it dry and see if it needs another.

In other exciting news, I found a posting on craigslist for free, non-credit classes at a community college up in the city. Looks like I’ve found a new way to spend my Saturday afternoons! The first class I’m looking at–lingerie sewing. This’ll help me knock a few things off the ‘ole resolution list!


Katy ^_^

Sewing Space Re-Vamp

I’ve been busy putting finishing touches and finishing Christmas gifts. They are already wrapped–I forgot to take photos. I promise I will get better at that.

Remember the photo jewelry from a while back? Well it was causing all sorts of fits last night. I managed to spill the goo all over my workspace and then had to wash my hands 800 times to get the feeling of them being super-glued to go away. This morning when I got up I was brushing my hair pre-shower. Opps! There was a chunk of hard plastic in my hair. Eric suggested I just use conditioner in the shower–he didn’t realize what was up right away. Thankfully, it wasn’t a big area and it was around my face, so I just have a few more layers. I’m most thankful the cats didn’t get covered in the goop. They like to be in the middle of EVERYTHING. Maybe I’ll have to start shutting them out of the studio…

I rotated the desk in my studio and now it works sooo much better. I have a dedicated area for the machine and a large area for cutting, layout, general putzing around. Here’s the new look.

I was working on the scarf from Stitch. It is not as cute as the photo–though they look exactly the same. I think the issue is I purchase polyester, not silk. Gotta love trying to help out the ole budget. Oye vey. I also made a tissue holder–but alas it was wrapped and is awaiting being shipped at the moment. Needless to say, I enjoyed many of the projects in Stitch. It also makes me realize how visual I am. I still have issues with the directions–i.e. they don’t make sense until the 20th time I read them. I guess diagrams are my friend. I look forward to the next issue.

In other news, I finally–just now–managed to link my Twitter and Facebook accounts. Thanks much to Lauren, aka Stellaloella for her help. And this blog for the visuals.

A week ago Tuesday, the third graders let me tag along on their field trip to Lawrence Hall of Science. They studied slime in relation to liquids, gases, and solids. It was my first trek to Berkley and I’m in love. Check out the view from the building.

Well, I’m off to see if I can salvage any of the photo goop mis-hap and then off to see an a cappella group caroling, lunch, and checking out Christmas lights tonight!


Katy ^_^