Which cup should I drink from?

So I was working with some watercolor pastels on a project for work. Yes, I realize that I’m extremely lucky to have a job that allows occasional watercolor time. I’m trying to feel out a design that has been requested by a buyer. It is lots of fun to do, but comes with a unique hazard. My water cup for painting is right next to my cup of iced tea. I’ve almost grabbed the dirty paint water to drink several times. Silly Katy.

The iced tea has a lid.


In other news, I’d lost 3 of those pounds I’d gained over the weekend by this morning so no worries. Plus I can see and feel the muscles forming from my training on my arms, back and legs. So I realize that I’m not totally going nuts gaining weight, but I still wish the scale would go the other way too. And I know that my being a bit more disciplined it should. 🙂

I was able to fit one last hurrah in with my mom this morning. I took her to spin. I’m not sure if it was her thing, but it was fun to introduce her to something new. And, since Eric has the day off from school and therefore no night class we’ll get to have some fun tonight. Normally I go to “group spin” on Monday nights. But since I went this morning, I’m resting tonight!

On the agenda tonight is either watching another episode of Band of Brothers. I love the series–and was surprised I enjoyed it. After much asking over a significant period of time–months, years maybe–I finally agreed to watch an episode. The backstory is I have had some awful history teachers so I took as few history classes as I possibly could. Which means I generally feel kind of slow when people talk about historic things. I have trouble differentiating WWI and WWII. The sad thing is I really, really enjoy history. I loved visiting chateaus in France and hearing about the history. I enjoy it a lot.

We could also play some Wii or work on an Illustrator project. Time will tell. Of course I have some other Katy-only projects to tackle as well. Since I got less than 5 hours of sleep last night–and I normally am content with 8, but more often 10 or more–it could be an early night.

In closing here are a few pictures of Scotch, well being Scotch.




^_^ Katy