Kitty Loving

Well, we’ve got some new kitties to talk about. We’ve managed to trap 3 of the 4 kitties that were living in our backyard. Now we just have mama and her super-skittish kitten. They won’t go near our trap and the kitty runs away from everything. I feed them first thing in the morning and at dusk. They are getting more comfortable around us, so I hope that we’ll be able to catch them and work on getting them more socialized, fixed and hopefully adopted–preferably together as they are very close. Anyone in the Bay Area need a few super cool and cute kitties?

Here’s the typical interaction with the outside kitties (named “Mama” and “Baby Kitty”) and Sake and Scotch. Sorry the video is sideways most of the time :/ They like to sleep on our back door mat.



Kitty Loving

I guess my kitties knew I was posting about cats, and not them. I guess their behavior isn’t atypical, I just happened to have my camera nearby. Enjoy the obligatory gotta show cute photos of my own kitties to not show favoritism to the little kitties outside post.

Here’s Sake’s Sunlight Vignette.




Look at those shadows!



Striped back end.



She kind of looks like a jailbird.

The next set is something I found upon returning home after watching our softball team play last night. It is really kind of sick.


Excuse our half-folded laundry. Look at the top left.



They are totally holding hands!


Scotch is a bit embarrassed.


More hand holding.

Well, now that I’ve thoroughly disgusted you with my kitties’ cuteness I promise not to do that again–too soon.



These cuties have been occupying a bit of my time. I’m lucky to volunteer for an awesome organization, Humanimal Connection. Eric and I’ve been slowly making friends with this cat family living in our backyard. Mama is super-sweet. Once she is spayed–hopefully this week–she’ll be available for adoption. She is great–trust me I’ve thought about keeping her for myself, but Scotch and Sake have made it clear they aren’t interested! We’ve caught two of the kittens and the other two are missing. We think (and really, really hope) mama took them somewhere else to “hide” them and they’ll be back soon. The kittens will also be fixed and vaccinated and then available for adoption.









Eric’s ordination is coming up quickly. Less than a month, now. The stole is finished!

Now I’m thinking about sewing for myself. Since a lot of Eric’s family will be in town for the event, we’re going to take some family photos. I’ve asked everyone to wear a white shirt and denim or khaki bottoms to a party being hosted on Saturday evening. Ordination is on Sunday. Since my denim skirt is all but sewn, I’ve got bottoms and am thinking I might be able to make a top out of this Italian shirting I bought a while back. I’m debating if it is has too much color, but since I made the photo “rules” up, I can break them, right?


Here’s my sketch. I’m still undecided on sleeves. and how tight this will be–i.e. if it will slip over my head or need a closure.


I hope to knock this out this weekend so I can get started on the dress I will wear next week. Here’s the material I hope to use on the dress. The lace is from Paris! I’ve been hanging onto it to use on something special. It was 50-100 Euro a meter! My mom and I picked it out when I was there in 2003.




Sake decided to sit on the fabric this morning. Lovely, and such smugness. I gently removed her and draped the fabric over the chair. The last thing I need is a snag caused by cat toe-nails.


Scotch wanted his photo taken too. It is only fair, right? He is enjoying the gorgeous day and our opened door.  I’m still working on ideas for the dress. I may use the lace as an accent or as a sheer top over the dress. We’ll see. Here’s where my sketching has taken me so far. I’m not really loving anything, but know it is a start.


In other news, I picked up the most recent edition of Stitch. It is not as good as the first edition. The dress patterns they share are okay at best and one photo/dress looks downright awful in the magazine styling. Ew!

I’m still feeling off today, but have heard the 24-hour flu is making its rounds at our school. Yippee. I don’t feel THAT bad, just off. I think my three-hour afternoon nap today is helping head in the right direction.


Baby Gift Updates…


I’m not sure if this has ever happened to you, but I picked out some cute fabric, fubbed up a simple little pattern, trying to convince myself a human being could be this small and then thought about buttons and found some lovely doosies that happened to be the exact colors I needed. I’m sure this will most likely never happen again, but there you have it. Things do work out once in a while. And apparently humans do come in this size, because the adorable two and a half month old I met was actually smaller than this!! Maybe I made the skirt length a bit long, like twice as long, but you never know. Her dad is 6’2″ so she has some long legs to live up to. This marks the first baby gift I passed along to a seminary friend.

I didn’t take photos of the other onesies–I know it is insane the amount of time I spent making those little onesies and didn’t take a picture, but still. Let’s just say St. Louis got the best of me. I frantically sewed on the plane and during our brief respites to actually finish said onesies and dress. And we still managed to make it to no less than 7 food-based met-ups with St. Louis friends in two short days and a night. Whew. It was packed and I needed a vacation to recover from my vacation.

So I’ll leave you with a picture story of the process I use to cut apart old T’s.


There you have it.



Today started off by sleeping in. Ah, I love sleeping in. Last night we joined a friend for her birthday bash. We started by bar-b-quing outside of their place. Then we all carpooled up to the city to Mad Pianos (careful the site plays music), a dueling piano bar. It was way too much fun to sing along and enjoy!

Then I was off to where I volunteer to get my kitties’ shots. Lucky Scotch didn’t actually need them and only Sake was stuck with a needle. She was very brave. Scotch, however, continued his shot-getting behavior of being the WCE (Worst Cat Ever).  He hissed at everything and everyone and started up several fights with Sake–they were in the same carrier. Sigh. At least kitten season is starting and I got to check out these babies. That made the trip more enjoyable!


This mama lost her two other kitties.


This mama had the prettiest coloring, a Tortie/Siamese mix!

After kitty duty, I made my way to host a Greeting Card Make and Take. It was so much fun. I got to meet a lot of people, and get to know a few others even better.


Here’s a fancy birthday card.


All the stamps and what-not scattered around.


Lovely photographer shadow and stamps on a test page.

Now, I’m sitting down to watch Slumdog Millionaire. We’re also planning on using the leftover pizza dough from last weekend to make some yummy mushroom pizza.


Comic Relief

I was working in the study/sewing room today. Before I had a chance to get to anything, Scotch demanded some attention. I was absentmindedly petting him and daydreaming. The view out the window is pretty cool. A lot of the calla lilies are blooming. See what I mean?


So I continued petting Scotch. Then I noticed this on his neck!! At first I thought I was just seeing things, but no. I went and checked the bouquet on our table. Yep, all of the easter lilies had opened. Though none of the stamens had any pollen. Wonder why? Look at this!!


I had a bit of fun in Photoshop. Silly cat. By this time, Sake decided she wanted some attention. She’s sitting on my lap here.


Look at the mess on my shirt after all this kitty love!


Um, ew!! And you’ll notice that I was wearing a red shirt and khakis. An outfit similar to the uniform that Target employees wear? Of course I ended up at Target in this outfit before I realized it. Silly-ness. But I did manage to snagged a chaise lounge on sale so we can enjoy our back patio some more!!

Maybe now I can get back to sewing some fun stuff! I have several items that I’m wrapping up! I realize that I always talk about sewing, but I do actually do it too! If you are wondering part of why it takes so long, re-read this post. Also, check out Kathleen’s recent Fashion-Incubator article. There are a lot of steps in the process!


Some of My Favorite Things

100_0478I took a photo of some of things I’m loving right now. One is coffee. I’ve really come to enjoy making a half-pot of coffee, decaf in the afternoons, and keeping warm with it. I love my iPod touch. I was using Pandora, online radio, on it. Such fun! Most of my songs are Sister Hazel. I have loved them ever sense their song “All For You” came out. The framed image, is actually really thin wood, with wood-burnt etching. My dad traveled to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur in the fall. Somehow, my mom didn’t claim this gift, like she did the sundress I was supposed to get, and it was opened Christmas morning. We got my parents a webcam and were able to get it set up in time for us to open presents pre-church. It was nice, except our router kept crashing.

Here’s another photo.

100_0480It is a heart shaped paper-weight. My dad got it for me. I have no clue where–maybe Russia. I have this fun collection of hearts and other trinkets from my dad. I think my favorite is when we did the melty beads together. He used a square shaped form and made a shape of interlocking hearts in black and red. I’ll share a photo later. I was definitely impressed, and I still have it and display it!

100_0483Eric and I went on a youth retreat last weekend. There were 8 and then 7 kids and 4 and sometimes 5 chaperones. It was so much fun. We were near Santa Cruz and went to the boardwalk for some fun on Saturday afternoon. The weather was amazing–77 degrees in January! We were soaking it up.

Lastly here’s my kitty love for the past few weeks. Sake fencing.

Here is Scotch snoring/purring.

I was excited to get to watch some of the inauguration festivities at school. Though, third graders were being third graders and really weren’t that interested. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Michelle Obama’s clothes. I loved her inauguration day wardrobe, and the clothes of her children. Too cute, and it is nice that J. Crew is fairly accessible to most people.