Careful What You Wish For Part Two of Two

I love IBKC, how can you not? I’ve always thought how fun is that? I’m sure my cats would be okay with having little kittens around.

I was right, it is fun.

I was also wrong. Sake moved to the garage for a few days when the kittens arrived. She was pissed. Then she realized they were limited to the perimeters of their pop-up tent and she came back into the house. Silly cat.

Kitten are messy, loud, and needy. But I still love them. Even when they throw up and start acting weird and you realize you have to call in the big guns and take them to a professional–which causes lots of worry, and also requires a shot, and a new, more complicated food routine. I guess it requires a massive run-on sentence too!

And don’t they have the coolest digs ever? Yep, we’re knee-deep in kittens over here, and loving every minute of it. We’ve found a new home and after they hit the magic two-pound mark, get fixed, and recover off they’ll go.

Christmas Recap

Happy 2011. Christmas at our house looked like this. I’m pretty sure gifts of catnip or bubbles weren’t given, but one never knows.

We had some visitors. Things usually looked like this.

But sometimes it looked like this.

After our visitors left, our cats did this. They were sad.

The cats liked to inspect our presents like this. The string was elastic so on a few occasions one of the cats let go and the other cat got a faceful of ribbon.

We took a family photo that looked like this.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2011.



Scaredy Cat

This is what happens when I use the vacuum.

Into the corner farthest away from the vacuum. I took this photo 20 minutes after finishing–she hides for a good long time. Silly girl.

She’s sitting on Eric’s guitar bag. Must be like a security blanket.



Having Fun

Eric and I like to break out into random wars. Nothing serious–it usually involves throwing soft objects at each other like socks. Last night we ended up doing the same with toilet paper rolls. As I was picking up the rolls strewn about our house this evening, I came across a funny sight.

Here’s Exhibit B.

Looks like the kitties decided to play with the toilet paper too! Fun times indeed.




Scotch has earned the nickname “Needy.” Now I have photographic proof of what I mean. I’d been drafting a pattern, cutting, serging, and stitching all day. Apparently Scotch felt a wee bit neglected. I finished a seam on my machine and was getting things pinned for the next step when Scotch did this.

Needy Exhibit 1

Um, yeah. You think I talk about the cat a bit, but I don’t think you get it–he is in my business 24/7. Unless he is having Scotch Time–his alone time generally from the hours of 9am-10am.

Needy Exhibit 2

He was soooo not moving either. His butt is wider than the machine and he’d stand up every minute or so to stretch and immediately settle back in. Crazy cat.

Needy Tail Closeup

I thought his tail hanging down was a bit cute. At this point he’d been sitting on the machine for about 15 minutes. He was determined. I wanted to get back to sewing–I had a party to get to and wanted to wear my new skirt–and Scotch was looking a bit worn. That couldn’t be comfortable on his behind.


I bribed him with “his” blanket. It didn’t take much effort, just bringing the blanket it and setting it on my table and patting it a time or two. He jumped down, ran over and immediately took a nap. Clearly he is not made out for tree sewing machine sitting.




After checking out blogs like Chez Larsson and  Three Men and a Lady, I get inspired. Like Chez Larsson, I hope to graduate from my hodge podge mis-match of random sized and shaped plastic containers for uniform ones. At the same time I have a rather limited budget. And I’m constantly amazed by the used furniture deals Michelle is able to find and what she is able to do with them over at Three Men and a Lady.

Needless to say, it isn’t often that I’m inspired and have the necessary tools on hand for instant gratification of my often ridiculous schemes. So while flipping through the most recent Vogue magazine, I was struck with an amazing decorating project. I giggled with giddiness as my idea hatched into a full-blown plan. Eric knew that he was expected to groan with worry over what I might do. So he obliged, making the process so much more fun.

I decided the kitties needed some motivation so I decorated their food area. Ta da!


I must admit I still giggle every time I walk by. The cats haven’t seemed to notice the picture–typical. Here’s another view.


That is amazing isn’t it?



Halloween Was Over a Week Ago? And Other Adventures

I love glow-in-the dark eyes that are peeping out on us as we surveyed our carved pumpkins lit with candles for the first time. This little munchkin and her brother were just the excuse we needed to offer to reenact last years’ Halloween chili party and in effect invite ourselves over for the evening.

Here are the pumpkins!


I carved the second one (below). I don’t remember the last time I carved a pumpkin–clearly it had been too long. All I know is now that I’ve graduated to real knives, as opposed to the rounded jagged “safety knife” with an orange plastic pumpkin handle, I could probably carve anything on a pumpkin. Easy peasy!


I can’t take credit for the design–our friends’ 3rd grader was the designer which was just fine with me–I’m definitely in the middle of a huge case of creative block.

Here’s the famous Halloween chili. The picture is a bit gross–but it tasted amazing. The second year in a row for this–I think I see a tradition being born!


We can’t forget the cornbread cake. Yes, there are equal portions cake mix and cornbread mix in this concoction! Delicious!


And they were giving out the best halloween candy ever. Real sized bars of the trick or treaters’ choosing.


Here’s the brother kitty showing it off. Such a cutie. Unfortunately we must be bad luck, because there were very few trick or treaters. 🙁 Maybe a total of 15 or so.

So for the other adventures, we managed to snag a few steals at the REI gear sale this weekend. Here’s a dog tent our friends were setting up to check out. Eric couldn’t resist trying it out.