Lazy Afternoon

I got these sunflowers last week while shopping at Trader Joes. They are the easiest flowers to take care of. They’re still gorgeous!

I’ve been cleaning today. We had Eric’s college friends staying with us last week. They both just got jobs in the area so we were housing them while they found an apartment. Scotch loved the visitors, Sake hid in the bedroom whenever they were around. We tried to keep cat hair to a minimum, but there is only so much that can be done. Sorry, Meredith, if it was too much. You were a great sport about it!

My mom arrives tomorrow afternoon. I’m giddy like a kid high on candy. It is her first visit to California since we’ve become Californians. I can’t wait to show her our digs and the area. So the air mattresses are being relocated. One will go to the study for my mom, the other will be deflated and stored. Until then, the cat’s have decided to play “fort.” It is pretty ridiculous.

Here’s Sake.

Here’s Scotch.

I realize I’ve become that crazy cat lady, but I’ve come to terms with it. ūüôā Meanwhile, in the study I’ve almost finished scrap booking my trips to Paris. This was the summer of 02 and 03. Seems like 5 or 6 years later is a good time to start, right?

I finally checked with the community college about how to get registered for classes. I would like to take some draping, fitting, and possibly some business classes. Seems like I’ve got a bit of waiting to do. You see, classes would currently cost $204 per credit hour plus any fees and materials. But if I wait until I’ve been here a year and a day, they will only cost $20 per credit hour plus any fees. It is worth waiting. In the meantime, I will be honing the skills I have learned and have let get a bit rusty. Flat-pattern work.

School is going well. The kids never cease to amaze and humor me. I love third graders’ enthusiasm for everything.


Katy ^_^

How I Pass My Days-Part 3

I spent one and a half hours making lunch. I’m not quite sure why it took so long, but it did. I was making Gazpacho thanks to this post. Ironically, the post is called Something Other Than Sauce. I used waaaaay to much onion and after lunch Eric and I decided it would be a great pasta sauce because it’d cut the spiciness of the onion.

I even used canned tomatoes because they were waaaaaay cheaper than fresh and easier. How in the world did that take me so long? Clearly I was day-dreaming in the process. Day dreaming or stalling. Why? Read on.

I took a job as a part-time aide for the third grade teacher at the church where Eric works. I’m extremely bummed about the lack of a job situation with this move. I am taking it really hard. The aide position will be good for me because I’ll get to hang out with people for a bit during the day. But I’m not sure it is something I want long term. That being said, I’m not sure if anything will make me happy. Sigh.

I took the Myers-Briggs test again–I forgot my previous results. I am ENFJ. It totally describes me perfectly. I know very well how to do for others but I’m terrible at taking care of myself. Why do I find so much importance in “being employeed?”

I definitely have time now–I will only work for 3.5 hours in the mornings when there is school as an aide. So I am forging onward in an effort to get better at self-care with out losing humility. You should have seen the responses to a fellow blogger’s comments on humility!

Anyway, my goals are to complete Body for Life and The Artist’s Way in the next few months. These are my only to do list items. If you’ve ever seen my to do lists–you’ll understand why that is such a big deal. Amazingly, first thing I wanted to do when I got up this morning was to get the title changed on the car and get my driver’s license. Things that need to get done, but that if I focused on first would prevent me from accomplishing my goals and ultimately caring for me.

Anyway, I know this will be a tough thing for me. I’ve made it most of the way through the The Artist’s Way before, but didn’t do half of the questions or projects. I purchased the Body for Life book when I was a freshman in college. Eight years ago! I got a week and a half through the program last fall. Then I quit.

I’d love for any or all of you to come along, I could sure use the support.

Peace and Success,

Katy ^_^

After and How I Pass My Days-Part 2

There you have it. If you knew how much time and thought and shopping went into that table you’d probably be a lot more excited like I am. Let’s just say we’ve easily spent 5 or 6 hours in the last two days, and 3 separate trips to the store.

Things I love about it. The table is counter height so I can work standing up or sitting down. There are two chairs so Eric can work there with me, if I’m not using the entire table, that is.

I have two ideas of things to make. Which means drafting a pattern and sewing. A pleated shirt and a strapless dress to wear like a jumper over a crisp white button-up. Problem is I don’t have a block for my size and I’m kind of hard to fit. Thank goodness for trial-round muslins.

After seeing it all together, I am already figuring out changes. I think that I need to put some things on the walls. I have a big cork board and want to do something fun and girly like painting alphabet letters or something. Seems like a task to be done when my mom visits in September.

Also, I’m thinking it may be time to purge some things. Or at least use up my stash. I seem to love fabric shopping, but then it hides in a plastic tub. I’m sure the fabrics would much rather be styling on my bod. Another purge would be my rickety old first dress form. It was one of my last pre-marriage splurges, so it is definitely more sentimental than anything. I will definitely sleep on it.

In job news, I finished my application. Eric helped with my IT question–seems they didn’t support the web browser I was using. I have a meet and greet with a representative for a master’s program tomorrow. At any given time, there are 5 or 6 master’s programs I am interested in, so seeing as this is the only one I’ve asked for a tour on I think it is at the top of my list.

^_^ Katy

I’m an HGTV Junkie and Other Musings

So, I’ve been watching a fair amount of TV lately. TV has never really been that exciting partially because I’ve never had cable. But HGTV is worse than any drug. I watch a show that convinces me I could remove the tile in our new kitchen and re-purpose it as a concrete counter. Did I mention we’re renting and I’ll not be allowed to do that? Still it is fun to dream. We visited the house yesterday. It is fabulous. The bathrooms are so 50s. Bright bubblegum blue tile in the studio and chartreuse and Kelly green in the main house. We love it! It is huge too! Eric’s called dibs on one of the bedrooms to use as a photo studio. It’ll be fun to see it with our furniture and things.

I’ve been working out a bit with my aunt at her gym. I never knew workout equipment could come with a built-in fan and TV. Is it weird I watch HGTV to work out? See–I’m totally addicted. I don’t think any of the gyms I’ve been a part of are that shabby, but I’m beginning to wonder… If only I could get up early enough to beat the heat and get a few runs in. I am so intimidated to get out on my bike and ride the hills around here. They are crazy! Currently, Eric’s brother and a classmate are using my bike to ride in Southern California. They did a few rides up north and confirmed it was very difficult.¬†

I was at a job interview yesterday. I really like the company and the position–but a few of the interviewees asked me what it is I want to do with my life, and I just don’t know. It feels like I have a million and one options, but I just don’t know. For so much of the last few years, I’ve been in survival mode. Eric and I got engaged spring semester of my senior year. We didn’t start dating until the Thanksgiving before. One minute I was planning on moving to NYC and working in the industry and then bam–I met a great guy. So I thought maybe I’d get an MBA–without finanacial aid it was too scary for me to commit. As each road block came up I stopped being offensive and planning and began to be really defensive. Eventually life was all–Get hubby through school. Deal with hubby’s cancer diagnosis. Provide health insurance ($3000 monthly chemo without insurance is crazy).

So I share all that to say, I’m ready to be in the driver’s seat again.¬†


Katy ^_^



First off, this weekend was AMAZING. I had such a wonderful time and met some of the most interesting and caring women! What fun. More on that later. Thank you Natalie!

The lady in NY found a bone marrow donor! Yippee.

Fundraising is blowing my socks off. Seriously!! I’m so awed at people’s generosity. I will be updating the Fundraising Fun post with additional names. There are still several people that I don’t know at all. Thank you all!

This morning’s run was nuts. I didn’t have to bundle up–but it was so dark. Yay Daylight Savings time. I feared tripping. Instead I managed to trip when the sun had already started to come up. I was sprawled out on a stranger’s driveway with a little scraping on my knee and bruising on the bum–how did I hit both sides?¬†Just as the other knee was healing from the bike debacle two weekends ago. Oi vey.

St. Louis Fashion Week is underway. I plan on attending a few of the events–mainly the free ones!

Much love to y’all and I promise more goodies and photos soon!!



Artistic Irony

I open up the Artist Way this morning. Week 10: Recovering a Sense of Self-Protection. Sounds interesting, so I read on. 

“For many, work is the block of choice. Busy, busy, busy, they grab for tasks to numb themselves with. They can’t take a half hour’s walk. ‘What a waste of time!’¬† Must-dos and multiple projects are drawn to them like flies to a soda can in the swun. They go, ‘Buzz, buzz, buzz, swat!’ as they brush aside the stray thought that was the breakthrough insight.”

¬†Looking at my weekend list, a few things didn’t really have to be done. I consume myself with busyness which in turn only stresses me out. Makes me angry at Eric, poor dear, because he “isn’t helping.”¬†Busyness also¬†distracts me. I am great at promising other people¬†things will get done and following through no matter what. Why can’t I do the same for me?

¬†Why is it, that I can’t carve out an entire weekend to creativity on my own? Instead I have to drive 6.5 hours to Alabama and attend a weekend workshop?¬†Don’t¬†get me wrong, I am extremely excited about¬†this weekend and¬†have been looking forward to it¬†since I found out about it.¬†I just crave¬†creativity situations¬†more frequently and should be able to set them up for myself. Also,¬†I’ve essentially convienced myself that¬†I need extended periods of time to work. When in reality, I could get a lot more done in my little 15-30 minute spurts. It may be time to get out the egg timer and sequester myself in the study. I’ve got a whole of of creativity bottled in me and need to allow it to come out.

I still think it is ironic. I was very pleased with my detailed list of things I’d done this weekend. Looking at it now, it seems like a detailed list of excuses as to why I’m sabotaging myself.

I shall carry on. And chuckle at my seriousness. Life is too short. This is what is meant in, “Loving God, Embracing Beauty, and Living Life to the Fullest.”


^-^ Katy

PS. This seems to fall into the huge self-care philosophy a friend and I discuss regularly. I hope y’all will keep me honest in taking more time for these things, but ultimately it is my problem and up to me to fix it.