Careful What You Wish For Part Two of Two

I love IBKC, how can you not? I’ve always thought how fun is that? I’m sure my cats would be okay with having little kittens around.

I was right, it is fun.

I was also wrong. Sake moved to the garage for a few days when the kittens arrived. She was pissed. Then she realized they were limited to the perimeters of their pop-up tent and she came back into the house. Silly cat.

Kitten are messy, loud, and needy. But I still love them. Even when they throw up and start acting weird and you realize you have to call in the big guns and take them to a professional–which causes lots of worry, and also requires a shot, and a new, more complicated food routine. I guess it requires a massive run-on sentence too!

And don’t they have the coolest digs ever? Yep, we’re knee-deep in kittens over here, and loving every minute of it. We’ve found a new home and after they hit the magic two-pound mark, get fixed, and recover off they’ll go.

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